Netflix has released a new Sailor Moon Eternal trailer

Sailor Moon Eternal Netflix Trailer - Young Rei

Netflix has released a few Sailor Moon Eternal trailer which features new clips which we have not seen in other trailers. It also features English voices from the Viz dub cast. The trailer is making the rounds online on YouTube and various Netflix social media accounts. If you log in to Netflix and search for Sailor Moon Eternal you will be able to see three trailers. The third one, “Netflix Original Trailer: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie” is the same one you can see on YouTube though on Netflix you are able to listen to it in English, Spanish, French, Italian or Japanese. Check out the trailer embedded below.

What’s your favourite part of this new trailer?

Sailor Moon Eternal Netflix Trailer - Helios

Sailor Moon Eternal Netflix Trailer - Ami

Sailor Moon Eternal Netflix Trailer - Minako

Sailor Moon Eternal Netflix Trailer - Sailor Moon kneeling

Sailor Moon Eternal Netflix Trailer - Sailor Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

Sailor Moon Eternal Netflix Trailer - Tuxedo Mask and Usagi

Sailor Moon Eternal Netflix Trailer - Weird faces

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78 thoughts on “Netflix has released a new Sailor Moon Eternal trailer

  1. I DONT LIKE that people are now complaining about the dub. moonies are the reason we cant have nice things

    • Personally, I think the dub actors have really gotten into the roles. Especially Stephanie Sheh. She sounds exactly like Usagi in some instances. Of the other dubs I’ve heard for these films, I’d say English is by far a close second this time (with Japanese still being number one.)

        • Me too, she is by far my favorite, I think. I personally always thought Susan Roman did the best from the Dic/CWI dubs, and it looks like Jupiter wins, again!

  2. My favourite clip from the trailer was the Jupiter vs. Quartet/Hawkseye scene where her transformation unleashes a gust of wind!

  3. o my heart be still, rita repulsa is still there im so excited for this and hope that they get this on blu ray disc soon, would buy this with no thought what so ever to get this

      • i whole heartedly agree, just hearing her voice is so soothing, almost wished she was nelehenia but having her as zirconia… well all i can say is i cant wait to hear her reprise this role

        • I don’t know if I’d use the word soothing for her, but it’s definitely one of my all-time favorite voices.
          Maybe if Barbara Goodson will make some Rita Repulsa and Zirconia do ASMR videos, I can judge her on her soothing factor.
          *whispers* “I’ve got such a headache!”

          • true soothing isnt the right word… but she is very iconic as was the actress who played rita may she rest in peace i for the life cant think how to say her name but she was also mystic mother in sentai, so ready to watch this movie that i went back and am currently rewatching the crystal adaptation as well as for the fun of it reading the eternal edition of the manga

          • Oh yeah, Mystic Mother cracked me up when in the English version they made her the good form of Rita.

  4. Hi!
    I suspect that Netflix has dubbed series 1 to 3 in all languages and that they are going to be available at the same time as the movies! Why dub in several languages only 2 films when a lot of people have never seen Sailor Moon Crystal in their mother tongue!?! Hulu didn’t stop SMC for nothing, there is something behind it!

    • I don’t really know what other languages the first three seasons were dubbed into! It would certainly be a lot more work than dubbing a couple of movies!

      • Well SMC don’t exist in french but Netflix dub the last two movies who is the end of the story… like why they doing that if we can’t watch all the series in french? That’s a weird move to do! And we can see that Netflix can afford the price of the dubbing with all the series they own in several language!

          • Merci Adam, ton message me touche :D !

            Also, yes, as indicates the link I’ve given to Byanka, it was first aired on the French pay channel Canal J in 2015, and then, there was a Blu-ray/DVD release in 2016. These editions were made by Kaze. But that is for the French dub. I don’t know what you had in terms of dub/TV airing and Blu-ray/DVD releases here in Québec.

            Anyway, I hope that Byanka is able to get to the French dub of the first three seasons. Based on the typography of their message, I assume that Byanka may be a Quebecer, but I might be wrong of course.

          • I may not be French (no one is perfect!), but I like you, Aurélia. I’d hate to suddenly lose any and all interaction with you!

            Byanka, I love your avatar. Oh, yes! Very nice. :)

          • Thank you guys! You’re great pals as well!

            And I love too Byanka’s dog!

            Also, Joe, perfection is not of this world ;) .
            And, Saint, yes the translation is 100% accurate ;) . Thanks a lot!

          • Actually season 3 has never been dubbed in French so far. Only act 1-26

    • The main cast is returning, but I haven’t heard confirmation that Viz is directly involved, though I suppose it is possible that Netflix hired them to do it.

        • First of all, Eternal is not airing anywhere because it is not yet licensed for network broadcast. Second of all, Viz Media does not own its own streaming services so it licenses content to partner platforms instead.

          How is it that despite being obsessed with the North American English language dub, you have zero clue how Viz operates? Would it inconvenience you to google something once in a while?

          • You are a bully and you add zero to the conversation, anymore.
            Maybe you should use Google and find a site more to your tastes, Linh? You’ve already been caught impersonating people and have harassed every post that Stephanie has made. Do you really have nothing better to do with your time than troll this site?

            iI you find someone posting an error, it is actually possible to point it out without being rude.
            If you find someone complaining, why not keep scrolling?
            At first, I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt because I thought maybe you were being humorous since we all tease each other from time to time. But you just seem mean spirited.

          • I’ve never impersonated anyone, so I don’t know what that’s about, but also most of the drama doesn’t start until someone like Aurelia escalates by going off on a four paragraph rant tangent about being woke. If I’m a bully, then what does that make you? You’re just bullying a bully, so you can get off your high horse now because you’re not much better.

            As for adding zero to the conversation, Stephanie is the expert on that: most of her comments this year have been complaints or low-effort meme posts. I find it really hard to believe that someone who has been on this site for years would have no freaking clue how the Sailor Moon franchise works outside of Japan, and at that point the trolling is most likely deliberate. I’m just calling it out instead of coddling it, and I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings.

          • Well, thanks for admitting that you are deliberately attacking her.
            Now that that is out of the way I don’t have to wonder if you’re just making jokes.

            No, it doesn’t hurt my feelings. But it might hurt Stephanie’s, which is what I don’t like.
            Stephanie might complain and not have all the answers and I get that it can come off as rude sometimes. But treating someone how you’ve been treating her is not okay.

          • As for the impersonations, I imagined it was you since it started happening around the same time you started leaving rude comments.
            Someone was impersonating her (and they have done others on here that way too).
            If I falsely accused you of impersonation, then I apologize for that.

          • Linh, I do think you’re acting belligerent. Whenever I’m frustrated or annoyed with someone in a forum, I think openly mocking or trying to humiliate someone shouldn’t even be a last resort of dealing with that person. That just shouldn’t be the case.

            Hypothetically, if I couldn’t stand you, I’d simply ignore you—I wouldn’t read over what you typed. And trying to insult your intelligence or trying to make you look bad in front of the others here? Out of the question.

            That’s my input, even if it wasn’t asked!

          • To clarify what I said: “Acting belligerent and mockingly to someone shouldn’t even be a last resort.” What I meant is, it shouldn’t be a FIRST resort, either. It shouldn’t be an option at all.

            I find it weird how big recurring themes about Sailor Moon are “love” and “friendship”, and then there are fans who still consistently act rude toward others. Go figure!

          • “I find it weird how big recurring themes about Sailor Moon are “love” and “friendship”, and then there are fans who still consistently act rude toward others. Go figure!”

            Totally agree with you, Joe.

            Also, we are adults, navigating in a 30 year old fandom. But Sailor Moon still appeals to young people today. Young people that may discover Sailor Moon News and read the great articles Adam provides us. And read the comments, too. And, as adults, we have a responsibility towards the younger generations: show them that they are welcome in our fandom and in any fandom they like, and help them integrate in the fandom(s) in question, and teach them to be respectful of others. And say “no” when they act as bullies. This is not “wokism” (it makes me gently laugh), this is what we call education. We, old Sailor Moon fans, have a duty towards the kids and the teens that may come and go on Sailor Moon News. If we do not react when one of us is bullied here, then, it means that we fail in our educating mission as adults and (future) parents. We are not showing the good example.

          • Linh is right on this one. On every level.

            Although I generally like Saintfighteraqua and Joe’s posts, you two need to calm yourselves. I don’t see any bullying or rudeness, and I definitely don’t see any harassment. Linh has every right to be here so don’t tell her to get off the forum. That’s just nasty.

          • MistyTinkles is a nice name! We may not agree/see eye to eye on this topic, but I’ll always like that handle! :)

          • But whom can I trust? In this world, I couldn’t even trust my own shadow…!

          • We never told Linh to go away from this place. Where have you read that? We aren’t gatekeepers, we have no right to tell who should and should not be on this blog and generally we are very nice, calm, welcoming people, and in years it’s the very first time we stand up to someone here. Just ask yourself why. You reap what you sow. We just ask Linh to stop their rudeness towards Stephanie and then it’s over. Because calling someone a “troll” (as did Linh) under every comment they post for no reason is rudeness, whether you want it or not.

          • Dang Linh, you have unnecessary attitude. Get over yourself. You’ve really put yourself on the geek pedestal.

        • “You’re just bullying a bully, so you can get off your high horse now because you’re not much better.”

          Obviously, you have a point here. But: you are the one who initiated the bullying, and if no one bats an eye and dares scold you for your acts, who would? If no ones tells you to stop, obviously, you will continue, and you may spread your bullying to other people.

          “Bullying the bully” is just a legit reaction to your behaviour. We will stop it and be nice to you, only if you stop yours and start to be nice to the others. We’ve told you multiple times that you cannot do what you want and that you have crossed a line. It’s not wokism, Linh: it’s just the way a civilized society works. Are you going to call “woke” every people that sets you boundaries? By doing so, you look like a child throwing a tantrum. But think: if things escalated, it’s only because of you in the first place.

          Stephanie’s comments may add zero to the conversation, but again, no one cares here. No one has been caring for years. Because the difference between you and her, is that she never hurted anyone in any way.

          Now, I assume it’s up to Adam to do something.

          • I understand the need to address this, but y’all are spending way too much time doing so. The discussion for this same issue takes up over 2/3 of the comments section on every article. Y’all need to stop eating yourselves alive over this every time and chill.

            Maybe just resist the temptation to respond/react to every comment for once? Less Star Serious Laser and more Star Gentle Uterus.

        • Retread? I call that plagiarism!
          Just kidding!

          But yeah, as you two said, I don’t want to be rude to anyone, I just can’t stand seeing people belittle others like has been going on here. I’ve never seen standing up to a bully as being a bully, (or as being “woke”…whatever that even means anymore) but I’d definitely prefer we could just all get along and get back to enjoying Sailor Moon.

          Linh used to post really helpful stuff that I appreciated, and I think it’s great to have people who can offer other information we might not have.

          I’m afraid if this keeps up Adam will decide to make all messages need approval before they are shared, and I don’t want that since one of the big advantages of SMN is that we get real-time responses and can share information quickly with one another.

          • “Linh used to post really helpful stuff that I appreciated, and I think it’s great to have people who can offer other information we might not have.”

            Indeed! I agree and I remember telling Linh about this point, and I too appreciated the information that they provided.

  5. I NEED this ASAP. I can’t wait to buy the Blu-Rays. I’m hoping they do something awesome with the Galaxia Arc as well. (And hopefully that won’t take five years…)

  6. I’ve watched all the Netflix trailers and apparently “Mamo-chan” is still “Mamo-chan” in German, Russian, Italian, Latinamerican Spanish, Polish, French, and Korean.

    • In Spain it seems that Mamo is going to keep his original unlike the original dub, he was called Armando in the original Castilian Spanish dub

      • Interesting. I’ve read that the Euro Spanish dub changed Haruka’s first name to “Timmy” and Michiru’s first name to “Vicky”…wtf.

        The delightful Fairly Oddparents reference aside, my eyes are bleeding.

  7. I cannot wait to finally see this movie. I just hope the next season does not take another 5 years to be released. I wish they stayed with the TV series as it is just confusing since the named each episode with the corresponding manga act. I mean you know they probably followed the manga closely, but yeah. I do not have any issues with the English dub except for them adding the honorifics. Now obviously that makes sense in the Japanese language version, but in English it just is an addition that does not add anything to the English dub. I wish they did it as TV series mainly so they could get some more time to flesh things out. I am also disappointed that they do not have an opening and ending theme song as I enjoy those with the TV series and the commercial break art, etc. There is so many things that make this great, but is disappointing since there are also things missing. From what I have seen I wish if they were going to just give the outers the same exact transformations that they have reused since the 90s they could have at least changed up the backgrounds and drawn the transformations better, but it seems they did an average job and just reused the previous backgrounds. I wish they also did something new for the outers attacks and even in the inners attacks. The only person that has a new take on her attack is Mercury. I cannot wait to see the outers. I wish they did something with Saturn’s attacks and transformation too. It looks decent, but does not seem to be better than average.

    • This movie is a giant commercial for luxury retail collabs, as someone pointed out, and is relying heavily on the nostalgia factor.

      There’s really nothing cutting edge about the animation.

  8. i am one of tthe biggest fans of sailor moon since i was a kid, love that you finally made a remake and brought it back, but the new theme song is sooooo horrible like beyond bad. i rather listen to it in Chinese they should of brought back the original them thong in English. the voices are great really got them good on that part.

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