Details for the Sailor Moon Eternal Japanese Blu-ray and DVD have been revealed

Sailor Moon Eternal poster

The Sailor Moon official site has been updated with details about the upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal home video release which is coming on June 30th, Usagi’s birthday. We previously mentioned that there were a number of versions of this release, including the Limited Edition DVD and Blu-ray releases which are packed with extras. The bare bones versions of both the DVD and Blu-ray do not appear to have any of the extra features but instead simply include the two Sailor Moon Eternal films.

Sailor Moon Eternal Part 2 - Poster

Both the four disc limited edition DVD and Blu-ray have similar features with the Blu-ray obviously having HD 1080p video while the DVD has a standard definition, almost certainly 480p, video. The contents are as follows:

  • Disc 1: The actual movies, both on a single disc, with audio commentary provided by Misato Fuken, the voice of Chibiusa, and Kenji Nojima, the voice of Tuxedo Mask, on both films. Sailor Moon Eternal Part 2’s commentary also features Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, the voice of Helios/Pegasus.
  • Disc 2: Bonus features which includes a music video for the character song “Moon Effect”, a collection of promotional videos for the film, footage of the film’s premiere, a video of an Amazon Trio night, a completion report interview (?), a stage greeting (?) and interviews with Chiaki Kon, the director of the films, and Kazuko Tadano, character designer and animation director of the films. I don’t understand what all of these features will be.
  • CD 1 and 2 are still only described as being the Sailor Moon Eternal drama collection and will include the movie versions of Moon Color Chainon and Moon Effect. This certainly isn’t enough to fill two audio CDs so I think it’s safe to say we don’t have all of the details we could have about these.
  • A special booklet measuring 28cm x 17.5 cm or roughly 11″ x 7″.

Ultimately a lot of these features are very much in Japanese and audio or dialogue centric making them difficult for fans who don’t actually speak Japanese to get much out of. With the movies coming to Netlix weeks before this video release this might not be a worthwhile purchase for everyone!

While I usually order my Sailor Moon videos and CDs from Amazon Japan, this has become impossible lately. This release is not in stock and I don’t know if it ever will be. CD Japan seems to be a popular option with fans. I can’t say I enjoy paying more in shipping and import fees than the actual price of a product. There are also versions with pre-order exclusive bonuses such as figures which are even harder to get outside of Japan. There are proxy services which will allow you to get these. I don’t have much experience with these.

Are you looking to pick up this set? If so, where are you planning to buy it from?

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41 thoughts on “Details for the Sailor Moon Eternal Japanese Blu-ray and DVD have been revealed

  1. I think I’ll hold out for the western release. I really hope we get the extras, but if it means we don’t pay the equivalent Japanese cots, I can skip them.

    I do hope everyone supports the official releases when they can. At this point, I am very much hoping there isn’t a leak.
    I don’t know if I’d have the strength to avoid it and I want my first experience watching these films to be a pure one.
    I may have dabbled in some grainy YouTube clips, but Sailor Moon Eternal, I’ve saved myself for June!

  2. inb4 certain persons start complaining that “this is not in English so why should I care?”, I’d like to say that these first-run limited-edition releases are largely overhyped and overpriced for anyone who is not an avid collector/reseller, and is not meant for the average Japanese consumer anyway. Some overseas collectors with deep pockets will also not mind paying a small fortune for international shipping, especially since border entry in Japan is not possible for tourists right now.

    As for inventory shortages, I’m seeing a lot of availability from other vendors besides Amazon JP that also ship internationally such as

    For me, the main value proposition of any limited-release BR will be tied to the quality of the feature film, and so far I haven’t been impressed by the quality of the animation, which is decent for TV but not nearly good enough for a studio film. I will be satisfied watching it only once on Netflix.

    • Yeah, it’s the same with video games; special editions with a bunch of crap that nobody needs like artbooks, cheap resin figures, or a dlc code for a silly player skin. I’ll be happy with a properly encoded web rip that I’ll find sailing the high seas ;)

      Still though, I hope the movies warrant more than one viewing. I’ve seen the original films many, MANY times lol So I’m hoping these are comparable.

        • I do enjoy art books, but the quality of production has dropped in the past 10 years for bonuses. I remember how back in the PS2 generation there were some truly awesome pack-ins (Dynasty Warriors 5, I believe it was, had an amazing art book, full size and hard cover) and now we are lucky to get a tiny paperback that falls apart upon opening.
          If they would supply actual quality ad ins I’d be more likely to support these oversize releases. I have bought all of the ones for Crystal and the ones for all but the original and R series of the Viz release. They are not great, to be honest, but since you can catch them on sale for about the price of the regulars, I go for those.

  3. FYI, the second audio CD is the movie soundtrack.

    All of the disc 2 features are already on YouTube except for the one-on-one interviews and maybe one of the press junkets.

    • I’ve checked several sources, and I’m not sure where Adam is seeing “Sailor Moon Eternal drama collection” as a bonus feature. Google Translate might be pulling a fast one.

      For a collection of actual Sailor Moon Eternal drama, please see the comments section of the last 4 articles on this site.

        • I see now. Looks like Google Translate is still a bit wonky when it comes to technical terms especially when they are grouped with prefixes/suffixes. Allow me to illuminate.

          [劇伴集] is the original text: [劇伴] means “background music” and 集 means “compilation” but Google Translate doesn’t know how to parse this so it translates all three words individually: 劇 drama, 伴 accompaniment (Google did not translate this at all lol), 集 collection.

          Some other sources for this product listing will use サウンドトラック or サントラ instead but those are longer and less Japanese-y. 挿入歌 is also sometimes used, but chiefly for insert songs with vocals.

  4. I wish they added new scenes, adding more footage to the movie, and redrew some of the animations. To me that would be the best extra or bonus. I could do without a music video. Some of the animation that I have seen could have used a little more work. Overall, I would prefer a blu-ray release or higher quality release if they had such a thing. I like seeing the designs they usually have for the different versions.

    • You’re already sick and tired of Moon Chainon music videos? YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH MOOOOOON FRAGUMENT

      I also enjoy deleted scenes and behind-the-curtain type featurettes, but those segments take time and $$$ to produce as well. We may yet see them in future releases.

      As a lot of people here have said, this movie was less about cinematic art than it was about generating royalties and licensing fees from retail collabs, which is not so different from the nineties anime which purposely added elements not in the manga (like weapons for the Starlights) in order to merchandise toys and accessories.

      For a full length, two-part feature film, the animation quality is middling to fair.
      But for a 2.5-hour toy commercial, the animation quality is amazing!

      • I agree, it doesn’t look bad at all for what it is.
        How many stars would you give what you’ve seen so far? Be gentle, I’m sensitive, but also a fighter.

        • Based on what I’ve seen, I’d rate the animation 3.5/5.

          Some parts are obviously better than others, but you’ll be able to see where the animators took shortcuts: choppy transitions, missing frames, translucent floating eyebrows, uneven textures, oversaturation, etc. Will be interesting to see how many of those things were cleaned up for the streaming/disc releases.

          We may never know what the production budget for both parts was, but I’m guessing it wasn’t high enough to avoid recycling stock footage from Crystal or giving Saturn a mediocre transformation sequence (yup I went there).

          • *GASP*
            We’re not supposed to criticize Saturn’s animations!
            Toei even put out a gag order…or a Silence Wall, if you will.
            (They really didn’t, so please don’t report me to Snopes.)

  5. Fingers crossed for a US release even if it takes a year.

    I wonder how it would be handled.
    I know viz has the distribution rights for the 90s anime. I can’t remember who has the US distribution rights for crystal.

    I know the booklets were very different.
    I imagine they would be made closer to the crystal style with more full page illustrations.

    If anyone buys the Japanese release can you share your experience?


      • I was honestly surprised they released such a spoiler-heavy video officially! I guess since these scenes have been leaked they figured it wouldn’t hurt (and it’s a 25 year old spoiler at that, I guess).

        • The whole movie is already circulating in the bootleg community. And the spoilers will really only be for people who haven’t read the manga, which is a lot of people who still think Eternal is a remake of the 90s anime.

  6. Toei issuing an official HD trailer is actually a pretty smart move since it should redirect some of the traffic away from bootleg clips (that get increasingly grainier as scrubs try to rerecord them instead of copy them). And at this point, there’s virtually nothing to lose since the theatrical run is already over and the streaming release is next week.

  7. No one will see this in time, but tonight’s full moon coincides with a blood moon lunar eclipse that will be visible from the countries along the Pacific Rim.

    I’m going to pretend that the Dead Moon Circus’ ship is using the eclipse to invade the earth right before next week’s Netflix release.

    • I used the eclipse visor I overpaid years ago for and it made the eclipse even harder to see! What a rip-off!
      I did see a pegasus though. They make good eatin’.

  8. OMG YOU GUYS To celebrate last night’s total eclipse, Sailor Moon’s official YT page released the FULL version of the Moon Effect MV for 24 hours (expiring 18:00 JST today). Again, none of this footage is actually new unless you haven’t seen any of the bootleg clips. Enjoy!

    【24h限定FULL】劇場版「美少女戦士セーラームーンEternal」挿入歌「Moon Effect」オリジナルアニメーションMV

  9. For those of you who follow the English Viz dub cast, Netflix Anime YT has a featurette with Sandy Fox (Super Sailor Chibi Moon/Chibi-Usa), Lauren Landa (Super Sailor Neptune/Michiru Kaioh), Erica Mendez (Super Sailor Uranus/Haruka Tenoh) and Veronica Taylor (Super Sailor Pluto/Setsuna Meioh):

    They mostly talk about themselves but there’s some “new” footage (no Saturn).

    A similar featurette with the inner senshi dub cast was released earlier this week:

  10. According to Amazon Japan, there’s a special bundle with a game and PC software…? But it appears to be sold out and unavailable.

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