All three Sailor Moon movies will be released as a Blu-Ray set in Japan

Japanese Sailor Moon movie Blu-Ray set

The Sailor Moon movies are being released on Blu-Ray in Japan. The three film set will also include the Make Up! Sailor Guardians special which played with Sailor Moon R The Movie as well as the Ami’s First Love special which played with the SuperS Movie, referred to in Japan and in this set as the mouthful title “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon SuperS: The Nine Sailor Guardians Unite! Miracle of the Black Dream Hole”. The set itself is being referred to as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The Movie Blu-Ray which as a name doesn’t really make much sense in English since there’s more than one movie included so it’s not really “The Movie” at all.

Japanese Sailor Moon movie Blu-Ray set

Why, you may be asking, should you be spending your hard earned money on this? The set will retail for 15,000 yen, about $130 US, and won’t include any English dub or subtitles. Meanwhile Sailor Moon R The Movie has already been released on an English DVD and Blu-Ray set for a fraction of that price. It seems like it’s only a matter of time, though likely a very, very long time, before the other two films are released as well. The R Movie release looked great on Blu-Ray and we should expect roughly the same quality from this Japanese release as they will actually go back to the film source to make a proper HD version rather than being lazy and using software to upscale standard definition video to HD as we’ve seen with all HD releases of the TV series.

The box art for this release is nothing too shocking. The sleeve has the art for the S Movie while the inner box has the art for the R Movie. This was used for the theatrical poster, the laserdisc and VHS releases back in the day as well as the DVD set of the films. We don’t see the art for the SuperS movie anywhere on here, though the discs themselves will likely have similar art on them. Many fans complained about the quality of the art on the Viz release. How much is nice box art worth to you? Over double the price?

Sailor Moon DVD-Box The Movie

Pictured above is the DVD set released in 2002. This set was titled Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD-BOX The MOVIE and retailed for 15,000 yen, which is the exact same price as this new Blu-Ray set. While these may be expensive keep in mind that DVDs and laserdiscs and any other home video medium has always been incredibly expensive in Japan. The DVD set used a different image for the cover and then had individual cases for each movie which used the original theatrical poster art. I find this approach more aesthetically pleasing and less confusing than having various movie posters as cover art that aren’t related to any single film. The nature of the Sailor Moon movies is that there is no single image that fully represents any of them. Even the cover for the DVD set includes Super Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon as well as Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Pluto who aren’t in the first film as well as older costumes which don’t reflect the updated shoulder pads from the SuperS film.

Source: Sailor Moon Official Site

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20 thoughts on “All three Sailor Moon movies will be released as a Blu-Ray set in Japan

    • No, that’s a misconception. Unless we’re talking about the English dub of the original anime where it’s never mentioned.
      Sailor Venus is the leader and Sailor Mars is second in command. Sailor Moon appears to be leader just because she is the main character and is always shown in the center. She may be a sort of unofficial leader as the princess though. But since Silver Millennium, Venus was leader.

      • Neither anime has done Minako enough justice as team leader- it’s no surprise the misconception is so common. I was seeing red when SMC didn’t give Venus the Beryl kill….

        • Me too. Back when I read the manga for the first time I didn’t understand why Venus was the one to kill Beryl, but after I realized this was a sort of delayed justice and a second chance for the leader of the senshi to do what she’d failed to do in the past, it made sense.
          I was waiting for this moment in Crystal and then they pulled that thing with the necklace and Sailor Moon…ugh!
          It just lost something for me right there.

        • Well, Luke, let me tell you how I see the whole thing. I think the three of you are right, but in a different way.

          You see, all of this works as a subtle hierarchy:
          – the King/Queen/Prince/Princess (here: Serenity, or Endymion),
          – the leader of the bodyguards (here : Venus, or Kunzite),
          – the rest of the bodyguards (here: the Inner Senshi, or the Shitennou).

          The Princess remains the leader par excellence, but she needs to delegate some of her powers, and especially what concerns her protection. That’s why she needs an army chief. Sailor Venus can be seen as an army chief (like Kunzite for Endymion). Of course, Serenity/Sailor Moon remains the supreme leader, but she cannot protect herself without a team of bodyguards, and a”bodyguard in chief” to coordinate the team. Most of the time, the role of the Sailor Senshi is to protect Sailor Moon, so that Sailor Moon is given a free hand to defeat the enemy. Sailor Venus is the one who decides which strategy is the best to keep Sailor Moon safe. That’s why she gives orders to the other Senshi : these orders are about the protection of Sailor Moon/the Princess.

          (Sorry everyone for being – as most of the time – off topic, with such a bad English – as always.)

  1. cool and i read crystal season 4 will be 2 films and i would like to see English dubb of sailor moon crystal season 3

  2. The one good thing is that it will be an proper HD release, hopefully. The DVD box set’s art looks like it could use more work. However, at least it is not confusing like what they decided instead to go with. The movie posters for the sleeve and then a different movie poster for the box? They should have just created new art work or use artwork that was less specific to the movie and then use the posters as part of a booklet, disc art, art card and etc. Too bad they could not put in effort to give us a proper HD version of the tv series. Although at this point with the huge delay for crystal season 4 and it being announced as 2 movies, I should not have expected much.

  3. To be honest, I don’t really like these box arts at all. I liked the redub box art for the R movie. These just make the boxes look like advertisements. The R redub movie box gives that romance feel to it, which is what Sailor Moon is about.

  4. I really really hope we in the United States and Canada would get the same release. PLEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS Viz Please.

    • Wanna know a trick? Well, just buy this set after all 3 Viz versions are released and throw away the Japanese discs, then put the Viz discs in this box. Then you have all 3 Viz films in this box.

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