Meet Mary Long, Roland Parliament, John Stocker and Todd Haberkorn at Fan World in Niagara Falls July 21st to the 23rd

Sailor Moon S episode 95 - Umino and Naru

Good news for Sailor Moon fans both sides of the border! This weekend is Fan World in Niagara Falls. This convention will be held at the Conference & Events Center at Niagara Falls on the New York side of the border but it’s close enough for fans on the Ontario side, which has the nicer falls, to attend as well. This events will include voice actors and voice directors from the original English dub of Sailor Moon! One of the series’ great couples, Melvin and Molly, will be there as Mary Long and Roland Parliament make an appearance. In addition to providing the voice of Melvin Roland Parliament was also voice director for the first 65 episodes of the dub. John Stocker, who was voice director for the rest of the episodes, that being the later half of Sailor Moon R as well as all of Sailor Moon S and SuperS, will also be at the convention. John Stocker also did a few voices in the series including Raye’s grandfather.

Sailor Moon episode 32 - Tuxedo Umino Kamen and Naru

Also in attendance is Todd Haberkorn who voiced Jadeite in Viz’s new dub of Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal. Will any of you be at this convention this weekend?

Sailor Moon episode 13 - Jadeite illusion over the city

Sailor Moon episode 7 - Cross dressing Umino with Naru

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14 thoughts on “Meet Mary Long, Roland Parliament, John Stocker and Todd Haberkorn at Fan World in Niagara Falls July 21st to the 23rd

  1. Everyone, check out Sailor Pluto Figuarts Zero and Super Sailor Jupiter SH Figuarts.I think they did a fantastic job for both of them, they are gorgeous,i love how Jupiters attack looks,and the details on Sailor Plutos figure , they are so beautiful.

    Sailor Pluto Figuarts Zero:

    Super Sailor Jupiter SH Figuarts:

      • I do agree with you, she looks kinda derpy, especially her face.What im impressed from is her attack, i think they did a pretty cool job on that but over all, i can see why you may not like it

    • I’ve been looking forward to see a Pluto Figuart! She is great!!! Too bad her pedestal is green instead of black… Toei and toys industries always mess with Pluto’s main color, and I don’t like that. The same with some Deviant artists and cosplayers… No, Pluto’s fuku is not lavender, nor it’s deep green, it’s black, and her main color is black. However, her aura has to be pink when it comes to animation, I agree with that, because black cannot be animated I guess (just like the navy color for Uranus)…

      If I was not into a big decluttering, I would buy her. Not sure Toei deserves it, though…

      Thank you for the links, Denis!

      • Omg i thought i was the only one that was bugged by this.I dont mind it that much but it still bugs me.I was so happy when the Sailor Pluto SH Figuarts name in the stand was written in black. I thought they would do the same thing for the Zero Figuarts but i guess not.Still, i think Pluto is the best out of all the Zero Figuarts that have been made *covering the stand with my finger*.

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