Chris Niosi will voice Pegasus in the new dub of Sailor Moon SuperS

Chris Niosi as Pegasus in Sailor Moon SuperS

This past weekend was San Diego Comic-Con and, as is the case with many conventions which Viz Media attends, there was a Moon Panel. We didn’t get much in the way of new information at this panel but we did learn that the new voice of Pegasus from Viz’s new dub of Sailor Moon SuperS will be Chris Niosi. Chris Niosi is not only a voice actor but he has also done a great deal of fan and professional animation work. Check out his web site or Twitter feed for more of his stuff. Though nothing about Sailor Moon Crystal was mentioned, with the two movies which will cover the Dream arc having been announced in Japan, it seems only logical that Chris would also provide the voice for Pegasus and Helios once those films are released and ultimately dubbed for North American release.

Mike Daniels of the Green Bay Packers

Also of note at the Moon Panel at Comic-Con was an appearance by Mike Daniels, a football player fro the Green Bay Packers. He attended the panel and then posed for photos with some of the staff.

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32 thoughts on “Chris Niosi will voice Pegasus in the new dub of Sailor Moon SuperS

  1. At this point, any news is good news, I guess. I’m interested to see the voices of the Amazon Trio and Zirconia.

    • I expect about ten years seems realistic. And if Chris is still alive/in the business/hasn’t been kidnapped by Columbian rebels and held in a jungle hut eating ants then he might still be the voice of Pegasus.

    • I imagine the timeline will go like this,
      – Crystal Season III in December
      – SuperS Part 1 in Spring/Summer
      – S Movie in Fall/Winter

  2. at least we are getting some info to make us go nuts and foam at the mouth to know that were getting closer and closer to the final arc, nice choice for Pegasus/helios, wonder who the amazon trio will be and if they will keep fisheyes gender correct but since they kept the gay zoicite/kunzite set way back in season 1 and of course everyones favorite cousins lol, I also wonder who the amazon quartet will be voiced by super s to me felt more like a carefree season even tho it was very heavy influenced by chibi usa and the rest were just back burner senshi, at least once this is over we will finally get the stars season for the first time ever in true English dub and to see if they get good actresses to be with deep male voices or actually cast 2 voice actors for the starlights plus I cant wait to hear what they do with the songs if they dub them or just use the literal words like they did for some other songs that personally sound like nails on the chalkboard

    • I’m sure Fish Eye will be kept male, but it’s also possible he will be agender/genderless, since I almost feel that’s what they were going for to begin with. Either way, he is my favorite member of the Amazon Trio, (mainly due to his water connection and blue colors).

  3. I would like Roger Craig Smith, Max Mittelman, and Lucien Dodge to be the Amazon Trio. And I would like Travis Willingham to be Chibiusa’s friend, Kyusuke.

  4. You know, for some reason, when I picture Zirconia and the new English voice, for some odd reason, I’d imagine they’d pull a Frieza on the dubbing. I don’t know why, I just do.

  5. Big news: there’s a clip of Sailor Moon Crystal with dubbed audio being advertised on the net. And at the end, the text says it’ll be released this holiday season. Which leaves one question: when will it hit Hulu?

    • I saw that. Good to have confirmation.
      Also, I feel like the dubbed voices once again match Crystal characters better than they did in SM classic from Viz.

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