Does a Chibiusa and Pegasus Figuarts Zero statue confirm that more episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal are coming?

Pegasus and Chibiusa Figuarts Zero statue

The International Tokyo Toy Show is on now, running from June 9th to the 12th. One thing which has been revealed is this great looking Figuarts Zero statue featuring Chibiusa and Pegasus from the Dream arc of the Sailor Moon manga. This on its own is not odd as we’ve gotten a lot of figures from throughout the Sailor Moon series in the past couple of years, not all of them tied to stories being told in Sailor Moon Crystal. Something important to note though, as noticed by the Moon Sisters Facebook page, is that the sign for this statue refers to it as a Sailor Moon Crystal figure. We are currently seeing the Infinity arc of Sailor Moon Crystal and we’ve had no official confirmation of episodes covering the next story arc, the Dream story arc, which covers the manga chapters which were adapted as Sailor Moon SuperS in the original Sailor Moon anime.

Pegasus and Chibiusa Figuarts Zero statue

This isn’t just branding. The Figuarts Zero statues have had two distinct lines of figures. The Sailor Moon figures are in a style closer to that of the original anime and the Sailor Moon Crystal figures have designs that colours that match those used in Sailor Moon Crystal. It’s hard for me to tell what style this figure is in. The main indicators of a Sailor Moon Crystal specific Figuarts Zero statue are the colours, such as Sailor Moon being a bit more pink in her reds, and some proportions. Without two Chibiusas to compare this figure to there isn’t much to go on. Her dress does not use standard colours. Her legs are hidden so we can’t see their shape. The face does look a bit more like the rounder Sailor Moon Crystal Figuarts Zero statue than the normal Sailor Moon statue. Have a look at both below to see the difference.

Sailor Moon Crystal Sailor Moon Figuarts Zero

Sailor Moon Crystal Figuarts Zero figure

Sailor Moon Figuarts ZERO figure size comparison to the S. H. Figuarts figure

Sailor Moon Figuarts Zero figure

Is this conclusive? Absolutely not. Many things could mean this does not actually indicate that the Dream arc of the manga will be adapted in Sailor Moon Crystal. Perhaps someone just made the sign incorrectly. Note that it says Chibi-Usa and Helios but this is clearly Helios in his Pegasus form. We don’t call something an Usagi figure if she’s in her Sailor Moon form. Perhaps the toy is done in a Sailor Moon Crystal style but does not reflect any plans to actually adapt these particular episodes. Figures take a long time to sculpt and approve. Perhaps when this figure was originally conceived and approved there was no indication of what the future of Sailor Moon Crystal might bring. Perhaps when the figure was planned there was an expectation that the Dream arc would be adapted but since then any number of complications has put a halt to development of those episodes. Perhaps there’s some other scenario I’m not even thinking of that is causing a disconnect between what this figure represents and what we will see in the show. There are a lot of unknowns so we should always wait for official confirmation before jumping to conclusions. That said, we may very well be getting our very first look at Pegasus from Sailor Moon Crystal!

Pegasus and Chibiusa Figuarts Zero statue

The figure is due out in January and will sell for 6912 yen, about $65 US.

Image source: Hobby Maniax (Twitter) via Sailor Moon Italy

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15 thoughts on “Does a Chibiusa and Pegasus Figuarts Zero statue confirm that more episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal are coming?

  1. Yes, I agree with CrescentVenus. If we look at the face alone we see that it is not the Crystal character design. The newer Chibi-Usa looks slimmer. And not to mention Crystal Mercury Zero has only recently come out so they would have jumped the R and S arc for Crystal to release this one. I think this was incorrectly labeled.

  2. I hope this isnt the only NEW figure or item revealed… Very little news on new SH Figuarts or Figuart Zero, or even Proplica has been announced in a while… I hope these series continue

  3. It’s beautiful! I’d love to have it. The Dream arc is my second-favorite arc, so I’m hoping we’ll hear official news regarding it soon.

  4. I’m pretty sure a fourth season of Crystal was guaranteed when they announced the Dream arc musical. They made it this far and season three has been pretty positively received so it would be strange or them to stop now.

  5. Yea, no shit. I already knew more arcs would come after animation / art improved on the Infinity arc. Plus the other figurines of the circus people Tiger’s Eye, etc I can’t think of their names right now, but more power to my point.

    • you mean tigers eye, fish eye, and hawk eye? or the minor plant girls the amazon quartet and nehilina? really hoping they finish up the last 2 arcs here since its what like only 20 chapters for the manga give or take, I want to say that its the last 4 books in the reprints

    • Those Megahouse SuperS/Dream figures weren’t Sailor Moon Crystal themed. They had Stars toys last year and it doesn’t seem to be related to Crystal at all. Agreed that it seems obvious more will come, but we don’t have anything official.

      • Of course. All we can do is dream and speculate. Again, thanks for creating this blog, the URL address says it all. It’s my go to place and not a single day goes by that I don’t check it as of lately. ✊

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