Sailor Moon SuperS episodes 158 and 159 are now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 158 - Chibiusa kissing Pegasus

As with every Monday two new episodes of Sailor Moon have been added to Hulu and Neon Alley. This week we get Sailor Moon SuperS episodes 158 and 159. A ton of plot is given as Chibiusa switches ages with Usagi, deepens her relationship with Pegasus and keeps it all from her friends.

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 158 - Old Sailor Chibi Moon and Young Sailor Moon

Episode 158, Pegasus’s Secret: the Boy Who Protects the Dream World, is sort of like the plot of a 1988 comedy movie. That year brought us Vice Verse and 18 Again, two movies where the main characters envied each other’s ages and through magic switched bodies! Something like this happens as Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon, bickering in front of PallaPalla, are complaining that the other has it better at their age. PallaPalla uses her magic to grant their wish, and high jinx ensues. Usagi is young which is mostly silly. Chibiusa gets older which to her is a big change. This hasn’t happened since that time she was evil! Oddly old Chibiusa doesn’t look that much like Black Lady which doesn’t make much sense to me. Well Chibiusa is old but it seems Pegasus isn’t all that into her anymore, which is oddly inappropriate. Chibiusa meets him once again in her dream and he gives her the exposition of all exposition. We learn that he’s really a boy named Helios and that his kingdom of Elysion was attacked and that he’s being held hostage by the villain who we still don’t really see. We kind of get more plot now than we have all season. Chibiusa finally goes back to being young again, sparking Pegasus’s interest once more. They go to kiss each other as Pegasus reveals his true form as Helios.

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 158 - Chibiusa kissing Helios

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 159 - Makoto and Rei quizzing Chibusa about the mysterious boy

Episode 159, Chibi-Usa’s Little Rhapsody of Love, is a great comedy episode. Chibiusa’s love of Pegasus is beginning to become obvious to Usagi and her friends, but Chibiusa is never actually seen with any boys so everyone is wondering just who it is she’s infatuated with! Thus begins the inquisition! First Rei and Makoto try to drill her for information, but this just results in Makoto repeatedly assuming it’s her “sempai”. When Minako and Ami try to get to the bottom of it they learn that Chibiusa is in love with someone who is white with a long face. The audience knows this is Pegasus but without knowing this is a horse this sounds like the description of a frightening looking man with a horse face. Chibiusa is at a pond looking at some fish and there happens to be a terribly unattractive man there who everyone decides must be the object of Chibiusa’s affections. Sadly he is not but by sheer coincidence he is being targeted by JunJun so a little battle ensues.

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 159 - And ugly man with a long face

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Sailor Moon SuperS episode 158 - Young Super Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 158 - Old Chibiusa

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 158 - Helios

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 159 - Chibiusa and Pegasus flying

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9 thoughts on “Sailor Moon SuperS episodes 158 and 159 are now available on Hulu

  1. Black Lady was an adult, but if in episode 158 Chibiusa switched ages with Usagi, so she’d become 15 years old, which would still be three years away from legal adulthood. Since at that age you’re still growing into your adult self, I’d say Chibiusa is a few years away from looking like a nice version of Black Lady…whatever that looks like.

  2. It always struck me as a little weird that Cartoon Network had such a big issue with Haruka and Michiru’s relationship it had to be censored but Chibi-usa’s relationship with a talking horse was apparently a-ok. But the best part about these episodes is Watashi-tachi ni Naritakute which is one of the most beautiful Sailor Moon songs. I remember this song was also randomly dubbed in English when it was aired on Toonami. I wonder if Viz will make their own dub of the song or keep it in Japanese.

    • If i remember cloverway made their own lyrics to the song and i believe it was called baby love. I remember they had some older sounding woman singing the song. it was pretty cheesy compared to the original

  3. “Oddly old Chibiusa doesn’t look that much like Black Lady which doesn’t make much sense to me.” Me neither — especially considering that when it happens in the manga, Chibiusa DOES look like Black Lady (with the really long hair and everything). But, the people who made the show forgot that the girls were supposed to be in High School by this point (remember how Sailor Moon S was all about them studying for the entrance exams?), so it’s not a surprise that they would do other things that don’t make sense.

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