Sailor Moon SuperS episodes 134 and 135 are now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 135 - Chibiusa the artist

The two latest episodes of Sailor Moon SuperS, episodes 134 and 135, have been added to Hulu and Neon Alley this morning. This week we get a couple of episodes focusing on some artists first as Makoto’s friend writes a novel about Pegasus and next as Chibiusa deals with a teacher who’s lost her groove.

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 134 - Rei has 3 books for autographs

Episode 134, Makoto’s Friendship: The Girl Who Admired Pegasus, has the Sailor Guardians excited about a new book release by a local writer. As the gang are ready to get autographs we once again see that Rei takes her autographs seriously, bringing three copies of the book to get signed. We previously learned about this obsession way back in episode 21 when she brought a bunch of autograph paper to the animation studio working on the Sailor V movie. The book, which is all about Pegasus, was written by author Tomoko Takase who turns out to be Makoto’s friend. Who knew the Sailor Guardians had friends who weren’t each other? The girls have always been presented as having been lonely prior to encountering Usagi. In a flashback we see that Makoto and Tomoko befriended each other while Makoto was at her old school so this is prior to us seeing her in the series. Her relationship with Tomoko began somewhat like her relationship with Usagi had, as she help protect her from a bunch of bullies, which leads her to read the story she’s writing. I guess Makoto didn’t remember having dreamed of Pegasus as a child at this point, something we later learn all of the Sailor Guardians did but mostly forgot. Tomoko has lost her motivation after seeing a boy she likes with a girlfriend. Chibiusa is shocked at the book, as it’s all about Pegasus who comes and fights with her and sometimes shows up by her bedside, and tells Tomoko about it. Tomoko is targeted and in the ensuing fight sees Pegasus which helps her get her groove back.

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 134 - Makoto and Tomoko

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 135 - Kyuusuke, Chibiusa and Momoko badmouth Morino

Episode 135, Connecting Hearts: Chibi-Usa and Pegasus, is not the most feminist episode. Chibiusa and her friends are painting in a park, and Chibiusa is all about doing crazy crap. She has a moustache, because she thinks artists should have moustaches, which doesn’t say much for female artists! She also draws Pegasus into the landscape because she’s a free thinking hippie who can’t follow the assignment. Her teacher, Morino Sensei, is not happy about this one bit and threatens to fail her for it. Kyuusuke gives Morino a bit of trouble mocking her singleness and blaming her stubbornness for not having a man. Harsh criticism from a little runt. Momoko also appears here and we see that her hair colour has somehow changed from a natural brown to a less normal looking purple. She still has normal looking hair when compared to her friend! When Usagi and Chibiusa run into Morino this triggers and unusual parental reaction in Usagi, who otherwise usually does no such thing. This whole exchange is quite humorous. Ultimately Morino is targeted by Tiger’s Eye, which would make her his oldest target to date. In the final scene of the episode we get a sort of weird scene in which Chibiusa changes in front of Pegasus which makes him blush, insinuating there is some sort of attraction there not typical of a human/horse relationship. There seems to be more to this winged horse than meets the eye!

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 135 - Moroni, Usagi and Chibiusa

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Sailor Moon SuperS episode 134 - Chibiusa sees Pegasus

Sailor Moon SuperS episode 134 - Tomoko sees Pegasus

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9 thoughts on “Sailor Moon SuperS episodes 134 and 135 are now available on Hulu

  1. That picture of Chibi-Usa wearing a mustache and glasses looks like something a Chibi-Usa hater might put on a picture of her as a childish display of hatred.

    • Yes, why not XD .

      But actually I think that Chibi-Usa is really cute with those glasses and this mustache. Since she was a brat in the old anime (at least when she was in her very beginnings), this “mask” really makes her kinder to me.

  2. How was Makoto’s friend able to write a story exactly about Chib-usa’s life? Does she have some sort of psychic power or was it pure coincidence? If she has a psychic power, why hasn’t Rei been able to use her psychic powers to figure out Chibi-usa’s secret? It’s just weird there’s this random author who knows Chibi-usa’s exact situation but the rest of the season just forgets about her completely which is a shame since I enjoyed that episode. The scene where Chibi-usa changes in front of Pegasus is made a lot creepier in the Cloverway dub when they ended up giving Pegasus an old man voice.

    • I think it’s coincidence. If every kid in the world is being visited by Pegasus, then it stands to reason one of them would remember the dreams in some form and have the talent to write and publish a novel about it. It almost sounds like a form of Collective Unconscious (if I understand the concept right), a primordial archetype from the depth’s of mankind’s imagination being brought forth in a form that would be somewhat recognizable to others because it matches their archetypes in certain ways as well.

        • That would be an anecdote, and anecdotes are not considered scientific data, which is why mainstream scientists tend to discount reports of UFO abductions. Also, memory from youth tends to be shaky, especially with dreams. And even if you found a way around all that, you’d need to take a representative sample of the whole world to make your case as a scientist. That’s a lot of time, money, and personnel needed to go out, retrieve, and crunch that data. And for what purpose? To prove that all kids dream of Pegasus? Interesting, but it’s not immediately obvious to anyone willing to back a scientific study why it’s relevant or will bring prestige to them for backing it.
          Nope, Pegasus is safe as can be…from curious scientists, at least.

    • I think it’s something akin to how the artist from the first season could draw images of Usagi and Mamoru because of the Rainbow Crystal shard. I would imagine it has to do with her seeing Pegasus in her dream and not forgetting it like most people do.

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