Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD December 5th

Sailor Moon Crystal volume 3 Limited Edition Blu-Ray and DVD set

This past weekend was Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California. This event included Viz’s Moon Panel, showcasing all things Sailor Moon. The bulk of what we usually see at these panels is a recap of existing information but occasionally we get something new. In this case we have gotten details, including box art, of the third Sailor Moon Crystal Blu-Ray and DVD set. The set then became available to pre-order on Right Stuf’s web site. The set looks like the other two we’ve gotten from Viz, with box art reminiscent of the Japanese releases. Since we had less Japanese releases for this season, grouping together 4 episodes per disc instead of 2, we have less postcards included.

Sailor Moon Crystal volume 3 Limited Edition Blu-Ray and DVD set - Suncatcher

The set will include Acts 27 through 38 which, because of the split up Act 27, is actually 12 episodes. Not much in the way of details on the special features but it looks like we’ve got a booklet with art as we did with the other releases. Right Stuf pre-orders will also include a collectible suncatcher because nothing says Sailor Moon like a sun catcher! MSRP for the set is $79.99 US but Right Stuf has the pre-order up for $71.99. Will you be picking this one up?

Sailor Moon Eternal Edition Manga

The other “news” from the panel was about the Eternal Edition Manga which is coming out in January. We got some art of the covers and the colour pages inside but this is mostly information we knew or had inferred from previously available information. It is nice to have confirmation of what we had suspected though. These will look like the Japanese Compete Edition manga versions which came out recently. They have the same new cover art and a lot more colour pages than we’ve seen in previous releases.

Sailor Moon Eternal Edition Manga - Colour Pages

Support the site by ordering the first two Sailor Moon Crystal sets or pre-ordering the Eternal Edition manga using the links below.

Sailor Moon Eternal Edition Manga - Colour Pages

Image source: @NJ_ on Twitter.

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19 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD December 5th

  1. wow 2 good things back to back here, first we get season 4 announced and now a release date for season 3 on disc, sad that we don’t get to see the dubbed version at all before the date unless that’s the next news we get??? is it safe to assume that this set will be with dubbed audio as well as the original audio and any (major) touch ups from the streaming versions like in the past? now we just need to hear that season 4 and 5 from the original and the very high hopes that we get to see the 2 season 4 crystal movies (hope they aren’t bad and stay with the source material) and very high hopes to have the final arc stars before 2020

    • They will be dubbed, but we never got redrawn frames for the third season for the blu ray in Japan. All they actually did was putting the episodes straight to the home media format without any changes.

  2. Looks good, I was hoping for Supers to be announced as well. So we can get to Sailor Stars. They are taking too long between these sets. The worse part is S still had video issues even though they claim to have taken time to make sure things were okay or to fan suggestions. The dub from S also made some errors or changes that were pointless and made no sense.

    Excited for the manga, but I just want more information about season 4 of crystal.

  3. I just hope that both the DVD and the BD have a minimal improvement of the drawing in the parts that need it and export it internationally

    • I really doubt we’ll see that. It would be nice, but since they didn’t change anything in Japan, I don’t see Toei putting any extra effort in now.
      At least for the most part Season 3 was beautifully drawn.

      • Yes, but there were small details, like one or two things from the background of 2 scenes, with white border. One of them in chapter 31 or so I think and 2 in the last scenes. Nor would it be wrong to modernize some of the backgrounds in Chapter 29 and improve the design of the Sailor Mars attack fire. Which is better in Chapter 35.

  4. Well, let’s hope that we’ll hear some news about SuperS this fall. SuperS is my second favorite, my first being S.

  5. Can you imagine that Netflix would take over Sailor Moon Crystal like they did with Castlevania? I think that would be epic! Ah, it is nice to dream about something nice regarded to SMC after those horrendous information about Crystal’s future

    • I feel almost any company besides Toei would handle it better. They just don’t want to put any money in it. I hope the films are good!

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