The first English Sailor Moon Crystal Blu-Ray Set will be released August 16th

Sailor Moon Crystal set 1 limited edition Blu-Ray

The first North American home video release of Sailor Moon Crystal is coming August 16th. This set will include the first 14 episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal, which covers the entire Dark Kingdom story arc and concludes with the appearance of Chibiusa. The set is currently up for preorder from Right Stuf for $63 US. It will likely be available for preorder at other stores soon. The set includes the episodes in Japanese and English, with optional subtitles, some extras, a full colour booklet and some art cards.

Sailor Moon Crystal set 1 limited edition Blu-Ray - Art cards

The box art looks like a lot like the Japanese releases and the included cards feature individual cover art for those releases. With the Japenese Blu-Rays including only 2 episodes a piece and costing as much as this entire set, this is quite a bargain for fans who have been enjoying the show. Right Stuf preorder will include an exclusive sun catcher.

Sailor Moon Crystal set 1 limited edition Blu-Ray - Suncatcher

The animation will almost certainly be the updated animation used for the Japanese home video release and English dub of Sailor Moon Crystal, which features minor changes from the original subtitled streaming version.

A trailer to announce this release is included below.

Sailor Moon Crystal set 1 limited edition Blu-Ray - Suncatcher

Sailor Moon Crystal set 1 limited edition Blu-Ray

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9 thoughts on “The first English Sailor Moon Crystal Blu-Ray Set will be released August 16th

  1. It’s kind of odd that the sun catcher features the images of the “Crystal” senshi, but shows the symbols from the 90’s anime (the heart shaped circles).
    I’m glad they included the bonus art!

  2. I had forgotten just how bad Usagi’s English voice actress is until I tried to watch the preview for the DVD. Thank heavens for blue ray ad dual audio options.

      • Sexy baby voice!!!! That sums up my feelings on her voice acting perfectly. That, and the that she raises her intonation at the end of every line, like it is a question. With every line she is asking the director “This good enough? This what you want?”. I know Usagi is supposed to lack confidence at this point int he story, but she isn’t seeking approval with EVERY thing she thinks/says.
        The actress has a long list of credits, so she must be better then this, so I will assume it is poor directing causing her to sound so bad, but then again I haven’t watched anything else she has done (in English any way), On the other hand the other voices that I heard before I couldn’t stand i any more sounded alright….

      • It’s like they realized the dumb Valley Girl voice they used for the 90’s dub was out of style so they grabbed the current trend of girls sounding like this…
        What’s wrong with just making Usagi sound like Usagi now? This isn’t the 90’s people can handle her real personality.
        Usagi should be almost tomboyish sometimes, but still a sweet girl, her voice isn’t beautiful in her civilian identity, it’s not even cute…the closest thing I can think of is Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy, kind of grating but still fun to hear.

  3. Despite living in the UK and I don’t have the right blu-ray player, I still have a multi-region DVD player and still decided to get this set for the extra goodies. The pretty chipboard case, artbook, and postcards. Only problem is the DVDs don’t have any extra features like the blu ray discs do and the artbook had a few pages in the middle that were damaged and blurry printing, almost like they had been through a printer jam. I feel very disappointed that this got passed quality control. I spent lot of money on this collector’s edition and I’m wondering whether to try and get my money back.

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