Sailor Moon Crystal’s English dub is coming to Hulu in November and Blu-Ray in 2016 plus the English voices for the Witches 5 have been announced

Sailor Moon Crystal English dub coming in November

This past weekend Viz Media held their Sailor Moon Panel at New York Comic Con. We got a lot of news about Sailor Moon Crystal. First and most importantly, the dub of Sailor Moon Crystal will be coming to Hulu and next month, some time in November. We previously learned that the dub cast would be the same cast which was used for Viz’s new dub of the original Sailor Moon anime.

Sailor Moon Crystal English Blu-Ray 2016

We have also learned, via a flyer of their upcoming releases, that Sailor Moon Crystal would be released on DVD and Blu-Ray in 2016. The first release is “Sailor Moon Crystal Set 1: The Dark Kingdom Arc” and will include Sailor Moon Crystal Acts 1 to 13. This Blu-Ray set will no doubt include the original Japanese and English dubbed versions of Sailor Moon Crystal, including optional subtitles. We’ve previously learned that Viz’s version of Sailor Moon Crystal will be the updated version used for the Japanese Blu-Ray releases, which had minor changes to the animation from the original streaming version.

Viz English dub of Sailor Moon voice cast for the Witches 5

In casting news we have also learned the voice actors who will be playing the Witches 5, who are 6 of the new villains from the upcoming dub of Sailor Moon S. Now that the Infinity story arc of Sailor Moon Crystal has been announced in Japan, it stands to reason that this same cast will be around to voice these characters once those episodes are dubbed into English. The new cast includes some returning actors who have done other voices in the series. Erin Fitzgerald will voice Eudial. Kira Buckland will voice Mimete. Laura Post, who previously voiced a kindergarden teacher in Sailor Moon R episode 52 and the monster Amaderasu in episode 53, will voice Tellu. Cricket Brown, who previously voiced Usagi’s teacher Haruna, will play Viluy. Johanna Luis, who previously voiced An the Alien also known as Natsumi in Sailor Moon R, will play both Cyprine and Ptilol who somehow count as one of the Witches 5.

Sailor Moon S episode 112 - Mimete and Cyprine of the Witches 5

Source: @TheMatthewPaul on Twitter, @sailor_moon_na on Twitter.

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25 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal’s English dub is coming to Hulu in November and Blu-Ray in 2016 plus the English voices for the Witches 5 have been announced

  1. Very interesting news. Do we know who’s voicing Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Doctor Tomoe and Hotaru yet? I forgot if that was already announced.

  2. well, I would like to know how will Viz deal with relationship between Haruka and Michiru… I think it is unnecessary in 2015 to make them cousins instead of lovers…

    • Don’t worry, Viz Media will not make Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune as cousins, unlike Cloverway, Inc did in the early 2000s from 15 years ago. Viz Media will make them as lesbians, just like the Japanese version. Anyway, I cannot wait for Sailor Moon Crystal English dub, I hope it will be good as the original.

    • They stated back in the initial trailer for the release that all the relationships would be kept uncut. They already kept Zoisite and Kunzite’s relationship as a gay couple in their dub of the first season.

  3. I’m a little confused about the SMC Blu-ray release… when you say that the Viz version is being used on dvd, does that mean we aren’t getting the vastly improved versions that have been released in Japan? What we see on hulu and neon alley with the crap animation is what we’re going to get in the North American Blu-ray release?

  4. I hope that the Sailor Moon’s Crystal English dub won’t be as bad as the French one… Some French fans love it, some others hate it, and I’m part of them, and my ears bled when I watch Crystal in French for the first time…

    So I’ll check the English dub for sure !

  5. I checked the french version and I am surprised by two things:
    1. They are airing the improved bluray version which is great, that means that if SMC will be aired in other countries, they will also use the improved version
    2. They did not cover Moon Pride, I was hoping I will hear finally some official cover of Moon Pride, also wee can see in the opening the official English logo of SMC instead of Japanese one

    I consider the french dub pretty good (I do not know the old french dub of first anime), I think it is much much more better than to me really annoying English dub

    • Concerning the old French dub of first anime, you have two versions of it :

      – the very original, made by AB Productions – a lot of fans grew up with it ;
      – and the new one, made by Kazé for the DVD release.

      A lot of French-speaking fans find that the dub by Kazé is awful, and this is what I find too. For example, the voice of Usagi looks like the voice of an old mad woman…

      If you are interested, I’ll try to find some videos with the original dub, and the new one so that you can compare.

      • Isn’t the original French dub the one where they made Haruka a guy and Michiru was pretending to be his girlfriend to hide their identity or something?

        • Yes, absolutely ! Haruka was turned into a man in the French dub. As a kid, I found it was ridiculous, because “he” was becoming a woman when transforming into Sailor Uranus. It was not only to hide their identity to the other Sailor Scouts, but it was also to hide their homosexuality to the French kids watching the show.

          Also, in the original French dub, Zoisite and Kunzite were made… brothers, to hide the fact that they were actually lovers.

          As a kid, I wasn’t a fool, and knew that they were lovers, because it is not natural for brothers to act like Z. and K. were both acting towards each other. Years later, when my parents decided to have the internet at home, I discovered that I had been right all this time ; that they were lovers and not brothers, and that it was censorship, French censorship actually. I know that in some other countries, Zoisite was turned into a breastless woman (no comment, this is as ridiculous as making Z. and K. brothers).

          As for Fish Eye, he was simply turned into a woman, dubbed by a woman. I had never noticed that fact, until I got the Internet to discover that “she” was, in fact, a man.

          • I forgot to mention that finally, the original French dub – by turning two men of a gay couple into “simple” brothers – managed to introduce the idea of incest in the classic anime… Avoiding the topic of homosexuality to kids by “turning” homosexual and non-incestuous relationships into incest… well, it leaves me speechless.

          • the german dub changed Zoisite and Fisheye to woman but on the other hand they did not change relationship between Haruka and Michiru, they just “toned down” their relationship to be less explicit

          • That reminds me a lot of fan reaction to the DiC dub to me in that the DiC version was heavily edited and Americanized but a lot of fans still have warm and fuzzy feelings towards the DiC voice cast and the English soundtrack.

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