Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 31, Sailor Pluto – Setsuna Meioh, May 9th at 10:30am Eastern Time

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 31 Preview - Setsuna Meioh

The next new episode of Sailor Moon Crystal will air tomorrow on Japanese TV and be available to stream on Crunchyroll, Neon Alley and Hulu as early as 10:30am Eastern Time. This week on Act 31, Sailor Pluto – Setsuna Meioh, Sailor Pluto returns from the dead! Sailor Pluto didn’t die in the past though. The future version of Sailor Pluto died which makes we wonder if there are two Sailor Plutos hanging around right now or … or what?

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 31 Preview - Hotaru

This week Sailor Jupiter faces off against Tellu of the Witches 5 who fights with the help of evil plants!

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47 thoughts on “Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 31, Sailor Pluto – Setsuna Meioh, May 9th at 10:30am Eastern Time

  1. Well, how many time was Pluto resurrected in original anime? :D two times for sure and was always thanks to “time distortion”…

    • SPOILER!

      In the original, assuming she didn’t die during Silver Millenium, she was resurrected twice.
      Once when she blew up in a helicopter…I’m assuming she died, that was vague. She might have just recharged or something?
      The second time was when Uranus and Neptune killed her for Galaxia.
      How she was brought back the first time is anyone’s guess. Maybe her Star Seed was too strong.

      As far as the manga and Crystal…
      I still don’t understand Pluto…is Setsuna a reincarnation of her from the future Pluto who died from breaking the laws of Time? (which would be odd, being reincarnated backwards in time) or a reincarnation from Silver Millenium that was killed during it’s destruction and eventually becomes the Pluto in the Infinity Arc which in some ways would mean she could prevent her own death, or at least know about it before hand if the others tell her what happened?

      Living outside of time perhaps she is both…

      • I’d say that Setsuna is the Pluto from the future. She has no reincarnation, she is just like Chibi Usa : she is the same person, but she has simply travelled through time. We can admit she received some kind of a “call” (from Neptune and Uranus, or was she sent by Neo Queen Serenity ?), asking her to travel to the past and to come on Earth to wake Sailor Saturn up. I mean, if she has no right to leave the Space-Time Door, why would she have been reincarnated on Earth, during our time, right after her death during the Silver Millenium ? I think she was the only one to be reincarnated directly at the Space-Time Door, to do her job again until the Infinity Arc. After all, the Death Busters are aliens and they have already penetrated our solar system… (BTW, well done, Pluto !) She is now useless at the Space-Time Door, it’s already too late !

        And the in end, we can ask the same questions about Neptune and Uranus : where do they come from ? Do they come from the ground up too or were they entirely reincarnated on Earth, from birth until the age where we meet them ?

        I don’t know if Takeuchi has stated anything clear on these topics.

        In any case, I think the Sailor Moon story has big inconsistencies in general… At the beginning, if I’m not wrong, Takeuchi only wanted the Dark Kingdom Arc, but she was asked to draw more arcs, and to go fast, since the classic anime was produced and aired at the same time. So I think she received a lot of pressure, which led her to leave some inconsistencies and continuity problems in the whole story.

        • I’ve seen sites and I have a book from the late 90’s that states Pluto was born in 1976 (for the first anime and manga, at least) But I have never read anything official from Naoko Takeuchi, other than her day of birth, which could have been any year.

          I think you are right about the inconsistencies.
          The first anime made things even worse by going back one year after the Dark Kingdom Arc ended so that the girls repeated the 8th grade.

          • So in the end we have an answer in this episode about Pluto’s earthly incarnation. I don’t know if you’ve already seen the episode or not, so I won’t say anything more for the moment but really, Pluto’s case is really really weird. There must be some kind of a twisted and inconsistent temporal paradox about her (and, BTW, about Neptune and Uranus too, but also about Saturn) ; in fact, I think it is one of those inconsistencies in the story that Takeuchi never fixed…

            I’m gonna be honest : I never paid attention to that fact about the end of the DK arc.

          • Better said, I had never realized that fact about the end of the DK arc, until you mentioned it. Poor girls condemned to repeat a grade XD …

          • I love all the different theories about Pluto. While I wish there was a straight answer, it’s fun to see and share all the different ideas.

            Based on the fact that Setsuna was completely oblivious to her duty as a soldier and hadn’t awakened yet as one, I think she might have not lived yet in the future (or maybe when she died she was reborn 20 something years prior to the story now- depending on if she remembers chibi usa). I feel like if NQS sent her back, she would have been awakened already as a soldier, yeah? She seems like she’s just a regular person living her life before she awakens this time around.

            Also, did anyone else find the animation just fucking amazing in this episode?? The ONLY scene that was weird was Setsuna floating down wrapped in toilet paper, but everything else looked pretty amazing. I’m still not used to the frog mouths though.

          • I’m sorry Matt, I’m very tired and I’m afraid I won’t be able to talk some more about all those different theories concerning Pluto. It would drive me crazy, haha.

            Just wanted to say that yes, really the animation was great, beautiful and amazing in this episode. My boyfriend (who is a fan of mangas and of Japanese anime in general) watched the episode with me (he had never watched any Sailor Moon anime before), and though he barely understood anything to the story, he was amazed to see the quality of the animation :D .

            Haha yes, Setsuna wrapped with toilet paper… such an awkward moment XD .

      • I think that as a human she was just reincarnated the same way as our regular sailors, but when she awakens as a solder she can remember all her lifes with no time difference, just like a memories about her life. so that’s why she know CHibi and rest of the girls. the human part of her never lived in Silver Millennium, the solder form exist without time borders. and probably this reincarnation of Pluto will be standing at the time door later when NQS will rule Tokyo .
        I guess the whole reincarnation thing is just lie never-ending circle for solders, as soon as they dead, they reincarnating, and if there is a need in a solder with inn them , the solder awakes .

        Episod was very good, and i’m so glad that this season’s episodes air every week, so much better this way..)

  2. i am literally praying that ur last sentence and the photo used isr eference to the kermit meme, im literally cracking up! you are so witty, and how funny that picture happens to be for this particular episode preview

  3. I look forward to this episode. And I also look forward to a Sailor Moon/Pokemon anime crossover in the future. And, yes, it WILL happen. The original Japanese voice actors from the original anime will reprise the Sailor Guardians, Tuxedo Mask, Luna, and Artemis, while Kotono Mitsuishi reprises Sailor Moon. :D :D :D :D :D :D

  4. Ok so she’ll probably transform and/or kill Tellu…cool and all but can Neptune get some fucking love? Shit

  5. Dead Scream! That shit gave me life. Now THATS how it should be, not like the shit from Episode 19.

    Why didn’t they show a transformation tho! :( damn it fucking damn it.

    Something tells me, that we won’t see one at all now. Just a guess since it’s so deep into the finale almost and the main antagonist, that they’ll probably remain senshi until further notice, which is a damn shame.

    While the inner transformation mix was nice and time saving efficient, I would have much rather seen the outer transform again (with hopefully new music), and special Sailor Pluto’s transformation. I have a feeling many fans will be mad about this…I kinda am honestly.

    Something tells me that we won’t get a Saturn transformation now, since they’re being so lazy about the Outers as it is already.

    • I don’t think Pluto or Saturn transformed in this arc at all, at least not on screen. But they do in the next arc.

      • Yea, I was just reading about that actually…I know Saturn transform sometime during Dream arc but I read Pluto never transforms in the manga, period. I was hoping Toei would gift us that, specially since they don’t follow the manga strictly like that, and do it for the fans…

        • “While the inner transformation mix was nice and time saving efficient, I would have much rather seen the outer transform again (with hopefully new music), and special Sailor Pluto’s transformation. I have a feeling many fans will be mad about this…I kinda am honestly.”

          ” I was hoping Toei would gift us that, specially since they don’t follow the manga strictly like that, and do it for the fans…”

          I totally agree with you and I hope Toei would have done “fan service” here by showing Pluto transforming. However this episode was really good apart from this. We can only hope she will get a transformation in the next episode…

          • Yes, don’t get me wrong, this was an absolutely amazing episode. I was just expecting to see her transform, as I have not read the manga so I didn’t know she doesn’t transform in Infinity, prior to today.

          • I am also hoping that they will give a transformation sequence for Pluto but then again I love the whole episode in general, the animation is so great and amazing that I can’t wait for the next episode. The anticipation is really building up. :D

          • Don’t worry John, I didn’t misunderstand your message. Like you, I really loved this episode, the animation and the story were all great. And like you, I haven’t read the manga (I tried to read the Dark Kingdom Arc, but it seems that the mangas are not made for me), so I didn’t know Pluto had no transformation sequence in this episode, but then I thought that Toei would deviate from the manga by giving her right now a transformation.

        • Hey Aurelia, glad we are on the same page.

          Honestly, this episode might be my all time favorite period. The piano music, the animation and art were out of this world. The scene with Kaolinite and Professor Tomoe were animated amazingly, and the scene after Usagi chases Haruka and Michiru and she is sitting on a bench by the river, I loved that scene. The way they drew and animated the close up of Mako and Ami, it honestly blew my mind.

          • Yeah, the animation was very brilliant and Tomoe and Kaolinite are amazing together ; Kaolinite is surely the most beautiful female character of all the Sailor Moon franchise. I love her flamboyant red hair and her violet eyes (if I remember well, they were red in the classic anime) !

            I also liked to see Haruka dressed like a woman in leather (to me, they were leather clothes) !

            What I liked, also, is the serenity and strength of Sailor Pluto. She has an attack called “Dead Scream”, but the way she invokes the attack, with her deep voice, is very soothing… and deadly at the same time. Very impressive !

          • Yes! Haruka’s outfit gave me fucking life! I believe it was like a leather skirt and leader jacket with heels on. She’s truly gender fluid.

            I highly prefer the whisper version of “Dead Scream” as well, compared to the screaming half ass one we got from episode 19. I can’t wait to see them in full glory and I have not read the manga, but I have a strong, strong feeling we’ll see them next episode, just hopefully they don’t kill one of the inner senshi in the process lol.

            I always hear how dark this season though, guess we shall see.

  6. I know that we all want some more character’s relationship development in season 3 but I think it is taking too much time this season… Almost the whole episode was again about it so there wasn’t much time left for fight with Tellu… I am also again really disappointed of the death… Why they didn’t animate all Witches 5 deaths as much as good as Mimete’s? The last two really remind me the lame deaths of Dead Moon Clan :/

  7. Small thing, but when the girls transformed and they animated it like the outers (naked from neck up) I kindof expected to see the planet symbols on their foreheads.

    • Yes! The episode right after, I noticed that as well.

      To me, that felt like “ok, we did this for the Outers, now we gotta do it for the inners” type shit. They could have at least added the symbols right?

      On a positive note, the overall flow of the group transformation was ridiculously good! It was outstanding

  8. while I loved the shorthand inners transformation it kinda feels forced since for the last few episodes they did nothing but reuse the same stock footage, now on to the outers, its sad we wont see pluto or Saturn(spoiler lol) transform til lets hope we get it the dreams arc episode 6 or 7 and at that point its when they have the sailor crystals so yeah…… im almost 100% sure if they were to give pluto a transformation scene it would most likely be just like the original but with the lazy no stick and just repaste of her original 90’s transformation, as for the battle talk about no consistency they give tellu the daimon transformation but said the big FU to the last 3????? o well at least were getting into the meat of the story and did anyone else find it weird that she calls her level off at 4O4 instead of 404??? maybe that was more of the fancy saying English instead of Japanese like so many animes do, personally give this show a higher rating vs the last few right up to the end credits which I cant like it when I personally love the last ending credits so much more, o well next week we get if memory serves right super sailor moon lets see how they fudge that up or use the old 90’s transformation on her, also suits all get changed since now the scouts will have hearts on there broches after this

    for the pluto argument, its a nasty plot hole since shes clearly dead in the last arc but she comes back and doesn’t know shes a sailor scout and then she knows everything including that shes bff with chibi usa??? plus when you see her in the stars arc in the manga she isn’t the final form but the super form in the future at the same time shes killed by galaxia so yeah is there 2 of em or 1 that walks out of the space time door and doesn’t give a rats ass about her job as the solitary guardian?? its a plot hole that really cant be explained at all no matter what you do to try and solve it, at least the 90’s version shes just bad assed and the rules just don’t apply to her at all

    • Only Eudial and Tellu transform into Daimon in the manga… and of course later Kaolinite and professor Tomoe… since Tomoe transform also in the first anime, probably so will he in SMC, but I don’t believe they would let Kaolinite to transform

      • Yeah, I was just about to ask that, I thought only Eudial and Telu had Daimon forms…thanks for clarifying that discrepancy, but chill with the Kaolinite and Professor Tomoe spoilers lol

  9. Does anyone remember how they were going to make some big announcement for a special Sailor Moon project? Did that ever happen? Was it just that gallery thing in Japan they were talking about? #SailorVOVA

    • Yes, I remember this announcement but I don’t think further revelations were given. Maybe it was this “gallery thing in Japan”, but I admit I absolutely don’t know if it was that or something else that hasn’t been revealed so far.

    • I’ve been wondering the same thing! I’m still hoping for Sailor V or an original movie, but we may have to wait even longer.

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