Sailor Pluto’s heart shaped Garnet Orb can be seen on new photos of Pluto

The heart on Pluto is Sailor Pluto's Garnet Orb

This morning NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft was a mere 12,500 km from Pluto. While approaching it took the above photo, the highest quality photo taken at the time, which reveals a large heart shape on the dwarf planet’s surface. No doubt this is Sailor Pluto’s heart shaped Garnet Orb which lies on top of her Garnet Rod. This Garnet Orb is one of the three Talismans, the other two being Sailor Uranus’s Space Sword and Sailor Neptune’s Deep Aqua Mirror.

Pluto has a heart on it

Sailor Pluto’s status as a Sailor Guardian has come into question since her planet was downgraded back in 2006. Despite more recent rumours to the contrary Pluto is still very much not a planet. That said the appearance of her Talisman across the surface of her dwarf planet’s surface is a big deal. Until now the only celestial body with something on it’s surface represented by the character was the rabbit on the Moon from which Usagi, who’s name is the Japanese word for rabbit, gets her name.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 19 - Sailor Pluto

One might also argue that Sailor Jupiter’s Flower Hurricane takes some inspiration from the Great Red Dot of Jupiter which is technically a anticyclonic storm. Storms are only called Hurricanes if they occur around North America. Those centered near Japan are actually called Typhoons, which makes one wonder why Sailor Jupiter’s attack would be named after something which can no occur where she lives.

Sailor Moon - Petite Étrangère - Sailor Pluto

Now we must ask ourselves how Naoko Takeuchi managed to know back in the 90s that Pluto had a heart on it’s surface even though we didn’t get these pictures until today. Time travel seems to be the most logical explanation though we must remain open minded to alternative theories until an official statement is made.

Sailor Moon R episode 75 - Sailor Pluto

Source: NASA

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6 thoughts on “Sailor Pluto’s heart shaped Garnet Orb can be seen on new photos of Pluto

  1. Hey there are Sailor Guardians for asteroids and for the Moon. Even if Pluto isn’t a planet, she’s still a Guardian. And Nemesis (or its real life counterpart, Eris), is a planet, but it has no Sailor Guardian, so what does that say?

  2. Amazing, no more evidence needed that Sailor Pluto deserves her place as a true sailor guardian!. She is one of my favorites and I truly love her in Crystal! brave, so awesome ..*cries

  3. Maybe perhaps Takeuchi Naoko has genuine knowledge. Ever think of the possibility that she might be a Sailor Senshi? セーラー戦士。 Sailor Pluto herself? As a scientist or theorist or anything of the sort must be considered. An open mind must be maintained. To in that mindset, therein lies a possibility that Takeuchi Naoko is a serasenshi セーラー戦士。 (Sailor Warrior). That’s my stand point. What do you think? Remember approach this theory with an open mind at least. Be objective and respectful. Please. お願いします。

  4. Let’s not assume that Takeuchi has some knowledge of the actual image of Pluto. The New Horizons mission’s first pic of Pluto that was first released in 1996, was pixelated. The heart-shaped frame of the Garnet Orb was just taken from the theme of “Love and Justice” in the manga & anime.

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