Check out the box art for Sailor Moon R The Movie on home video

Sailor Moon R The Movie DVD

We previously announced that Sailor Moon R The Movie, recently released to theatres in North America, was coming out on home video April 18th. We now have a look at the box art for this release! The above image showing the cover art and the image showing a bit of the spine are on Right Stuf’s listing for the DVD. This is new art likely made by artist Marco Albiero who did cover art for many international releases of the original Sailor Moon anime. (Update: Marco Albiero has confirmed that he did not in fact make this cover) It includes Tuxedo Mask, Fiore and the Sailor Guardians. Some fans have some not terribly wonderful things to say about this art. What do you think?

Sailor Moon R The Movie DVD

The Blu-Ray version is also posted on Right Stuf’s web site but the cover art isn’t included. It seems likely that the image used will be similar.

Sailor Moon R The Movie poster

Some fans have said that they’d prefer to have seen the original Japanese poster for Sailor Moon R The Movie used. An image of that poster is included above. This poster has the distinction of being included in the liner notes of a U2 CD.

U2 in front of a Sailor Moon R The Movie poster

The Sailor Moon Crystal Set 2 video release has been delayed a week to February 28th

Sailor Moon Crystal Set 2 Limited Edition Blu-Ray

Sailor Moon Crystal Set 2, covering the Black Moon story arc, was meant to be released yesterday, February 21st, on DVD and Blu-Ray. Unfortunately fans will have to wait up to an additional week to see the set which now has a release date of February 28th. The release date has been updated on sites such as Amazon and Right Stuf.

Update: This delay only affects the Blu-Ray version. Fans have already found the DVD version on store shelves.

Sailor Moon Crystal Set 2 Limited Edition Blu-Ray

Right Stuf posted an updated to their Twitter account on February 21st stating that the release was delayed due to a manufacturing issue. The following day, February 22nd, they posted again saying that the sets were in and would be shipping shortly. I would expect that stores will also be getting their sets early next week, around February 28th. Let us know when you get yours!

If you haven’t pre-ordered your set yet you can support the site by buying it from Amazon using the links below.

Sailor Moon R: The Movie will be released on video April 18th

Sailor Moon R The Movie on DVD

As Sailor Moon R: The Movie premiered in Los Angeles tonight anime retailer Right Stuf added the film to their online store. The listing, currently only including a DVD option priced at $17.98, lists a release date of April 18th 2017! The film will include Japanese and English audio tracks with English subtitles. For now we only have a promotional image for the cover. (Update: a Blu-Ray DVD combo option has been added to Right Stuf’s web site for $26.98)

The film will be playing in theatres starting next weekend. A full list of theatres can be found on the Eleven Arts web site. If you’re not lucky enough to have the film showing in your city you will still have a chance to see it when it’s released on video in April. Do you plan on picking this release up?

The first English Sailor Moon Crystal Blu-Ray Set will be released August 16th

Sailor Moon Crystal set 1 limited edition Blu-Ray

The first North American home video release of Sailor Moon Crystal is coming August 16th. This set will include the first 14 episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal, which covers the entire Dark Kingdom story arc and concludes with the appearance of Chibiusa. The set is currently up for preorder from Right Stuf for $63 US. It will likely be available for preorder at other stores soon. The set includes the episodes in Japanese and English, with optional subtitles, some extras, a full colour booklet and some art cards.

Sailor Moon Crystal set 1 limited edition Blu-Ray - Art cards

The box art looks like a lot like the Japanese releases and the included cards feature individual cover art for those releases. With the Japenese Blu-Rays including only 2 episodes a piece and costing as much as this entire set, this is quite a bargain for fans who have been enjoying the show. Right Stuf preorder will include an exclusive sun catcher.

Sailor Moon Crystal set 1 limited edition Blu-Ray - Suncatcher

The animation will almost certainly be the updated animation used for the Japanese home video release and English dub of Sailor Moon Crystal, which features minor changes from the original subtitled streaming version.

A trailer to announce this release is included below.

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The original Sailor Moon anime will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray starting November 11th

Sailor Moon first season box art

This past weekend at Anime Expo Viz Media announced at their panel that the original Sailor Moon anime would be released on DVD and Blu-Ray starting November 11th. This release will include the original Japanese audio with English subtitles as well as Viz’s new English dub. The voice actors for the new dub were revealed along with the first two episodes at the convention on Saturday.

Sailor Moon DVD and Blu-Ray limited edition coin

The first release will include the first half of the first season which covers 23 episodes. It will come in a chipboard box with room for the second half of the first season which will be released at a later date. Special features will include a full colour 88 page booklet, a dub recording behind the scenes featurette, art galleries and convention featurettes. Online retailer Right Stuf is offering a 1.5″ collectable coin to customers buying the limited edition set. Their price for the set is $56.99.

Sailor Moon DVD and Blu-Ray limited edition coin

Source: Moon Chase! and Crunchyroll