The cast of Viz’s new Sailor Moon dub has been announced

Johnny Yong Bosch

This weekend at Anime Expo Viz Media announced the cast of their new Sailor Moon dub which will include all episodes, including the never before dubbed 5th season Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. Here’s a rundown of the cast:

Stephanie Sheh – Sailor Moon
Kate Higgins – Sailor Mercury
Cristina Vee – Sailor Mars
Amanda C. Miller – Sailor Jupiter
Cherami Leigh – Sailor Venus
Robbie Daymond – Tuxedo Mask
Michelle Ruff – Luna
Johnny Yong Bosch – Artemis
Danielle Nicole – Naru
Ben Diskin – Umino
Tara Platt – Ikuko Mama
Keith Silverstein – Kenji Papa
Nicolas Roye – Shingo
Cindy Robinson – Queen Beryl
Todd Haberkorn – Jadeite
Liam O’Brien – Nephrite
Lucien Dodge – Zoicite
Patrick Seitz – Kunzite

When it was first announced that Viz would be producing a new dub of Sailor Moon it was not clear who, if anyone, might be returning from the original cast. As we can now see this is an all new cast without any returning voice actors. Most of the cast seems comprised of voice actors having done other anime work. Let’s hope this new team does a great job!

Sailor Moon fans already planning to go to Unplugged Expo in Toronto this September 27th and 28th will be happy to see that Johnny Yong Bosch, who will be attending the convention, will be voicing Artemis in the new series.

Source: Moon Chase

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9 thoughts on “The cast of Viz’s new Sailor Moon dub has been announced

  1. I’m familiar with most of these actor’s works and I approve. I kind of wish Jonny Young Bosch doing his Lelouch voice for Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba, but I’m sure he’ll do a great Artemis.

  2. THE NEW CAST IS AWSOME!!! Viz did a great job of picking the new voices. Stephanie Sheh is perfect for Sailor Moon. I can’t believe Kate Higgins is voicing Sailor Mercury. And Michelle Ruff & Johnny Yong Bosch as Luna & Artemis! That really surprised me. I can already tell that this cast will be way better then the original. And remember no name changes, no gender swapping, and no turning lesbians into cousins (Thank God). All 200 episodes (including Sailor Stars) unaltered, redubed, and remastered! Can’t wait to see it! Just wondering when it’ll premiere on Hulu & Neon Alley though?

    • Hopefully before Christmas . I loved the old cast so these new ppl better bring their A game. sooooooo excited I wish sailor moon would aire every week instead every other week I’ll jus have to be patient then this is going to be really hard!!!!!!

    • Doing a reboot or re-dub of anything is like trying to reinvent the wheel. The Dic English dub cast is to Sailor Moon what Peter Cullen and Frank Welker are to Transformers, or what Don Adams is to Inspector Gadget. I think that because of this re-dub, one day Viz Media will pay a heavy price… in the form of fire insurance

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