More clips of Viz’s new Sailor Moon dub including Usagi, Ikuko Mama, Jadeite and Beryl

Sailor Moon opening - Queen Beryl in the Dark Kingdom

Two new clips of Viz’s new Sailor Moon dub have been leaked. These feature the beginning of episodes 1 and 2. You can hear the voices of Usagi, Ikuko Mama, Jadeite and Queen Beryl. These were recorded at Anime Expo on July 5th. Viz premiered the first two episodes of their new dub at a panel where they unveiled the new cast. Recording was not allowed at the panel which is why the video is not visible. Because these only included audio I’ve embedded the YouTube clips to only include the progress bar.

The first clip is the beginning of episode 1, The Crybaby: Usagi’s Beautiful Transformation. You can hear Usagi’s opening monologue followed by the scene where she wakes up late for school and talks to her mother. Usagi is voiced by Stephanie Sheh and Ikuko Mama is voice by Tara Platt.

In this second clip we hear the first bit of episode 2, Punishment Awaits: The House Of Fortune Is The Monster Mansion. It starts out with side characters talking about the fortune house but then contains a brief exchange between Jadeite and Queen Beryl. Jadeite is voiced by Todd Haberkorn and Queen Beryl is voiced by Cindy Robinson.

Thanks to Dakota from our comments for finding these clips.

Source: Baillie Puckett‘s YouTube channel.

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13 thoughts on “More clips of Viz’s new Sailor Moon dub including Usagi, Ikuko Mama, Jadeite and Beryl

  1. Wow, they all sound fantastic. Sheh’s convinced me she can be Sailor Moon (though I’ll always have a soft spot for Terri Hawkes). And Jadeite and Beryl sound veeeery sinister, though I prefer Naz Edwards as Beryl. Ah, c’est la vie!

    Oh, unintended PGSM reference!

  2. Oh my god, that flat “thanks, Mom >_>” at the end of the first clip is priceless! Stephanie Sheh’s take on Usagi is too cute. I love it. Ikuko Mama and Jadeite both sound fine, and Beryl sounds less over-the-top than her DiC counterpart, but still fits the role with her cool and commanding tone. Can’t wait to get the Blu-rays and watch this whole dub~

  3. I dislike her take on Usagi. As I said in a previous post, it sounds very artificial and like she’s forcing herself. Terri / Tracey didn’t have that problem. It was the same issue I had with Linda and the reason I stopped watching the dub.

    At least Beryl and Jedite are awesome. Ikuko Mama kinda stinks too. ):

        • I had thought so as well (she reminds me of Keiko Han’s Beryl actually!), but I’m happy to see you now think that too. :) Sometimes giving them a chance is all it takes! Hopefully after a few episodes some of the ones you dislike will improve more to your liking as well!

          • Usagi’s voice will take a lot of effort on my part, as the way she’s portraying it is a pet peeve of mine.

            I want to give her a chance but blah, haha.

        • Like I said, it’s possible she might change her portrayal some after a few episodes, Linda did the same thing. She’s a very talented actress, so I’m sure she can nail those dramatic scenes (like Classic’s two-part finale) at least.

          Haha I understand. It’s too bad you might not warm up to her, but at least it’s dual-audio, so you can just watch the sub if the new dub isn’t to your liking. :)

  4. Thanks for posting Adam! Glad I managed to stumble upon that thanks to Tumblr so I could share with everyone. :)

    I have to say, I really like the sounds of the redub so far! It’s already sounding pretty good and this is only the first two episodes. The dub should only continue to improve the farther along they get, which makes me really excited to hear more.

    And thankfully we’ll be getting the subbed version alongside this new version, so fans of it (including me) or anyone who doesn’t like the new dub should be satisfied as well.

    Sadly due to complicated legal issues there’s no re-release of the old dub for fans of it, but at least it’s available via the internet and old DVDs/VHSes. And you never know, another company might eventually be able to put out a release of it one day!

  5. I can’t wait to watch the dub. I’m certainly not in love with any of the voices but I’m sure they will all grow on me.
    It’s just that initial weird feeling of hearing beloved characters with strange new voices.
    I wish I could have heard Beryl and Jadeite better. I am glad people are excited but I still don’t get why people have to try and out scream one another at these kind of things. It prevents them from hearing it too.

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