Sailor Moon SuperS Part 2 will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray November 13th

Sailor Moon SuperS Part 2 Blu-Ray box art

Sailor Moon SuperS Part 2 has been officially announced. It is set to be released on November 13th. We have a good look at the box art which was posted on RightStuf where the set is available for pre-order. As I understand it this set was announced at the Moon Panel at Anime Expo last weekend. Though I did not attend or watch this panel I did attempt to follow along with #moonpanel on Twitter but I didn’t see anything related to this mentioned. Since SuperS Part 1 was released in April of this year this is a decent turnaround between sets. Fans have certainly had to wait longer between releases before! Let’s hope that the Sailor Stars sets aren’t far behind!

Sailor Moon SuperS Part 2 Blu-Ray - Postcards

Pre-orders from RightStuf will include the postcards you can see in the image above. These postcards feature the Sailor Team, Chibiusa, Zirconia, Nehelenia, Helios, the Amazon Trio and the Amazoness Quartet. Are you planning to get this set?

Thanks to Chad for bringing this to my attention.

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17 thoughts on “Sailor Moon SuperS Part 2 will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray November 13th

  1. That means, if all goes well, we’ll have Stars next year!
    Hmmm. I don’t think i’ve ever seen the art on the cards for Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Helios.

  2. omg this was some of the better news I heard all day…. I cant belive that this turn around will be so short this time especially after we had to wait a full year or so to get the whole set of S so with this going on and the final 2 movies with English dubs va how much longer do we have to wait to hear who will play as the three lights??? or iron mouse as im sure those will be the only few other then galaxia with the remaining 3 animamates and princess kagura coming in the back half of stars

  3. I am happy to see the whole series finally being dubbed. As much as Stars was not my favorite it has good moments I am looking forward to. I just hope we can get the crystal movies when stars is released. I hope it won’t be long because the wait for S was too long.

  4. I dunno if this has happened to any other Best Buy location, but mine basically said, “Goodbye, anime section!” Oh, well. Amazon it is!

    • My Best Buy basically went from 5 or 6 rows of DVDs and Blu-Rays to less than one row. I don’t go anymore. I go to Sunrise Records which bought out HMV stores in Canada. They have a great anime selection.

  5. For the next set I really hope after Chibiusa leaves they let Sandy Fox continue on in the series as Chibi-Chibi. She could throw her voice to sound a bit different when voicing her.

    • For the anime it might make sense to have whoever voices Galaxia to do the voice. For Crystal it would make sense to have Stephanie Sheh do it. Of course for consistency they should have the same voice actor for both so… remains to be seen!

      • Sandi Fox would still have a part in the first arc of season 5. In the Japanese version, it’s the actress who plays Usagi who did the voice for chibi chibi.

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