Sailor Moon SuperS Part 1 will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on April 10th

Sailor Moon SuperS Limited Edition Blu-Ray and DVD

Yesterday was Sailor Moon Day at Anime NYC in Manhattan. Viz Media held a Moon Panel with the cast of the English dub of Sailor Moon at which they revealed long awaited details about Sailor Moon SuperS on home video! The Blu-Ray and DVD release will be out April 10th and is currently available for pre-order from Right Stuf for $71.99. A Right Stuf exclusive coin is included for the Limited Edition. Though the release isn’t named “Part 1″ the episodes listed are only episodes 128 to 146, the first 19 episodes of the season, even though Sailor Moon SuperS runs up to episode 166, leaving 20 episodes for the eventual second part.

Sailor Moon SuperS Special - Haruka and Michiru during SuperS

Fans who attended the panel mentioned that the set would also include the Sailor Moon SuperS Special though this isn’t specified on the product listing. This special has never seen a release in English before. The Sailor Moon SuperS Special originally aired on Japanese TV between Sailor Moon SuperS episodes 131 and 132. Since it’s not standard episode length and doesn’t have an episode number it isn’t really considered to be part of the show proper. It also doesn’t continue the story of the Dead Moon Circus but instead involves a few flashbacks and some side stories. The first side story shows us what Sailor Uranus and Neptune were up to during this season and the other tells the story of a Vampire girl Lilica who is one of Chibiusa’s classmates. This story is an adaptation of the first of Chibiusa’s Picture Diary from the manga. It makes sense to include these with the TV series if that is indeed what is going on here. The Japanese DVD release included the SuperS Special along with the first SuperS DVD. One would expect they will be doing the same when Sailor Moon SuperS gets its upcoming Blu-Ray release in Japan.

Back of poster with confirmation that the Sailor Moon SuperS Special will be included

Update: A poster handed out at the event confirms that the “Never-before-seen TV Special” will be included in the set. This would be the Sailor Moon SuperS Special. This can be seen in photos of the pamphlet on Twitter. Thanks to Liza from our Facebook page for finding this confirmation.

Sailor Moon SuperS Special - Lilica Hubert

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13 thoughts on “Sailor Moon SuperS Part 1 will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on April 10th

    • It says it will include a never-before-seen TV special on one of the images, which means it’ll be on the third disc on special features.

    • I realize I’m a bit late to this, but F4L did a near-professional quality fandub of the Uranus/Neptune special along DiC lines–

      It should ultimately make for an interesting comparison with Viz version…

      (And I just have to ask how the heck Deep Submerge managed to dig a three-foot deep crater in the floor of a second-storey room without punching through the ground level ceiling.)

  1. wow the mini episodes are included in this?? wonder if that means the mercury mini episode will make an official appearance just after this as I love that where she has a different attack and all, the Uranus Neptune mini episode ive seen before and its very funny and puts some light as to where every ones favorite “cousins” were after they took baby Saturn away until events in stars come to light, talk about a happy holiday here with the date, now I can safely buy the season 3 of crystal and the return of simpsons to physical media before worrying about getting this set in spring, also this saves me as I just got done getting a ton of games for the holidays so sigh of releif

  2. I wish they released this sooner. It’s taking too long between sets. I do appreciate the specials being included, but it just reminds what a bad idea it was to not include the outers in that season.

  3. SuperS was mostly filler I know, but I really enjoyed this series. I have mine all pre-ordered and ready to add to my Viz Collection. I’ve really been loving this new English dub. And while I like sailor moon crystal and all, I really hope they take their sweet ass time on their installment of movies so Viz doesn’t have to take another hiatus off of Sailor Moon Classic. I’d rather wait for more crystal and hopefully we can Have the first set of Sailor Stars next April. That would be amazing.

  4. I do hope that Viz doesn’t fuck up and do that same old mistake those dicks at Dic who just reject the remaining two seasons which were never dubbed in English nearly twenty years ago.

  5. I’m hoping that Part 2 gets a standard DVD only release.. cause that’s how I got all the rest..

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