Sailor Moon S is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray starting November 15th

Sailor Moon S Part 1 - Blu-ray

After waiting for an entire year we finally have some concrete details about Viz’s release of Sailor Moon S. This weekend at Anime Expo it was announced that the first part of Sailor Moon S is coming to home video on November 15th 2016. You can pre-order this set from Right Stuf Anime for $62.99 US. This first set will include episodes 90 to 108 of the series which is a few episodes before Hotaru first shows up. Box art seen above shows that this will look a lot like earlier releases and include a full colour booklet with a lot of art and other information about the series. This set will include the show both in Japanese and English dialogue with optional subtitles. This will have Viz’s new English dub of Sailor Moon S. An extended trailer showing many new English clips from the early episodes of Sailor Moon S have been released which you can watch below.

For a limited time pre-orders from Right Stuf will come with a collectible gold coloured coin showing Sailor Moon’s Cosmic Heart Compact, her transformation item during the S season of the anime. The set is exclusively available to pre-order from Right Stuf for now but it will be available from other retailers prior to its release.

Though no details about a Moonlight Party were mentioned, it seems likely that one will take place at some point to give us a sneak peak of some dubbed episodes of Sailor Moon S. This has typically been done before all sets are released as a way to advertise the upcoming release. We’ll be sure to share any information about such events or dubbed episodes being added to Hulu as we learn about them.

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23 thoughts on “Sailor Moon S is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray starting November 15th

  1. Got Verdammt! I have to wait till November? I hope Stephanie’s right about getting the streaming version in August!

    Okay, enough of my angry German shouting. Trailer is wonderfully epic, and right when the captions say it’s a groundbreaking season. Haruka sounds like a young man when she’s a civilian, but somewhat mannish as a Sailor Guardian (I guess that’s the point?). And Michiru sounds okay, like how I might imagine how she sounds. And Professor Tomoe? Veeery insane. I like it.

    *sigh* I hope this season comes soon. The wait is going to kill me.

  2. I wanna pre order it from Amazon but they only put the pre order link on Rightstuf
    When do you think they’ll put the link to pre order it on amazon?!

  3. For the disc images for the day when we hear of part 2 I think disc 1 will have Super Sailor Moon on it. The second disc will have Chibimoon and the 3rd will be Sailor Pluto or Sailor Saturn.

  4. Finally Finally after all of this waiting wondering and anticappating when would the Sailor Moon S? And we finally found out, for me it feels like forever that Sailor Moon R Part 2 was released. Due to some waird recall or somethig. Can’t wait I’m looking forward to the released of Sailor Moon S, I hope it doesn’t get recall. For any waird reason.

    • so season r part 2 was recalled due to a timing in the video issue on one episode, they had to do a fix and it got bad enough that they just reissues that set, now this set I cant wait to get my greedy hands on im so ready to see how good u and n sound and how much better the dub will be in being closer to the actual story line vs what we had with the serina version, also hope we don’t have to wait too long for the 2nd half of this season or the last 2 arcs either since im so ready to hear how fighter maker and healer will sound will they be like Uranus and sound like a male with a female voice or flat out 2 separate voices from there civis over senshi outfits

  5. Anyone know if this set will have the “Nice to meet you Cream Stew” episode? I want to see how they adapted it.

    • It should, since it’s the last episode on the third disc, episode 108. I’m just anxious to see how episode 104 will be where the Shin Chan boy acts weird to Chiba-Usa. I hope Laura Bailey will voice him, since she also did Shin Chan.

  6. Excited for this set! Kinda sad to see the last episode is in the middle of Eudial’s schemes. Either way really hyped to here more of the new voices and see it in HD. I’ll probably watch it on Hulu once it comes out first, but still, very hyped. The box art also seems to be getting better with every new set.

  7. The reason Sailor Moon S was delayed for so long was due to Viz FINALLY dealing with the quality issues affecting the other sets. They posted on Twitter, I believe, that they were rethinking their whole process and taking our comments into consideration (errrrm, finally?). Here’s hoping the visual quality has increased, this is my favourite arc!

  8. Does anyone know if the bluray quality will be better this time around, or if we should expect more dvd quality for a higher price?

    This season is my absolute favorite of the series, and I’d LOVE to get it on Bluray. But I don’t want to pay double for bluray if it’s going to be the same quality as the dvd.

    • These will still be upconverted from standard definition source. Though the quality of the releases will likely increase a bit throughout the series as the source material gets better there won’t be a huge jump in quality. Just look at the quality of the streaming releases on Hulu as an example. These are highly post processed to look like high definition but ultimately the masters they have to work with weren’t the best.

  9. So will the 3rd arc be English dubbed? Because it’s on hulu but it’s just subbed. Seasons 3-5 are all subbed, no dub and that really sucks…

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