One thought on “Sailor Moon R The Movie DVD

  1. I literally clicked on that website and it doesn’t seem that have released a cover art for the BD version as of it, or at the very least when click on the link the image would say “Image Not Available” at least it did when I clicked on it.

    But as for DVD Cover Art it’s good as is. But I was hoping for something that doesn’t feel like the Orginal American Release. But I was also hoping instead of Tuxido Mask and Feory it would be something different, like either Princess Sarinaty covering most of the background and or, the Silver Crystal in the form of the Flower Covering most of the background and you could only see a little bit of the Brain Controling Flower Covered Astroid. And in addition I would have made Sailor Gauardins look like they are sitting in and around that Sillver Crystal.

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