What is the Sailor Moon Eternal Edition Manga that is coming in January 2018?

Sailor Moon Complete Edition Manga

A listing can be now found on Amazon.com for the first volume of the Sailor Moon Eternal Edition Manga which will be out on January 30th 2018 and will sell for $15.19. What is it? This English translated version of the manga will likely be a localized version of the Kanzenban or Complete Edition of the manga which was published in Japan starting in 2013. We don’t know the specifics of this version but we can look at what the Japanese version which has already been released in its entirety to get an idea. Note that we aren’t guaranteed that all of these features will be included in the upcoming new English releases.

Sailor Moon Complete Edition Manga comparison

The Complete Edition of the Japanese manga was a slightly larger version of the manga as can be seen by the above photo which compares the Complete Edition (centre) it to the original Japanese manga (left) and the recently released English version (right). The Amazon listing mentions it is a larger version which supports the idea that this is the basis for the release. This was meant to be the definitive version of the manga including everything a fan could want contained in a complete release.

Sailor Moon Complete Edition Manga colour pages

These versions included new cover art drawn by Naoko Takeuchi, glossy magazine style pages instead of the usual matte paper most books have and all of the colour pages which originally appeared in Nakayoshi and Run Run. Previously releases often included a handful of colour pages, usually only those at the beginning of the manga, but not all of them, as are included with the Japanese Complete Edition release. There are also a number of mostly minor updates to the art throughout the manga as is usually the case with new editions of the Sailor Moon manga. More pages in each volume also means less volumes to collect as the entire series is spread across 10 volumes instead of the original 18. I posted about these versions as they were released, two at a time, in Japan. You can check out the Complete Edition tag for all posts related to those which includes a number of photos of the covers and colour pages.

Sailor Moon Complete Edition Manga spines

The Amazon listing mentions that this version includes a new updated translation which should please some fans which took issue with some of the choices in the version we got in English starting in 2011. Do you plan on picking this version up? Now that I already have 6 sets of the Sailor Moon manga across three languages and many versions I have no reservations about adding another to that list!

Sailor Moon Complete Edition Manga volumes 1, 2 and 3

Sailor Moon Complete Edition Manga colour pages

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15 thoughts on “What is the Sailor Moon Eternal Edition Manga that is coming in January 2018?

  1. ME! I’ll be getting it! I’ve been holding off on buying the previous release of the manga in the off-chance we get a translation of the kanzenban (and also because of the horror stories I heard regarding printing errors, inconsistent translations, etc).

  2. I feel so stupid I bought the 2011 version was year. And it was not easy at all to import it in Bulgaria. Now I regret it so much…

  3. I guess these will be comparable to Darkhorse’s CCS release in terms of size (well, height not width), the colored pages and the paper quality. Aka, really nice!

    Too bad I already have the 2011 editions (not to mention most of the original ones too). Seems like bit of a scam to me, releasing these so soon after the 2011 ones (which wrapped up, what 2015?)

    How about a new arc Naoko!?


  4. The eternal edition will be published in Germany this year. Because one book is about 25 Euro (28 dollar) I asked myself if I really should spend this much money for just one volume. Does this edition contain new pictures (I mean the coloured ones) or are they identical to the pictures already being published many ago in the Sailor Moon Artbooks?


    • They contain all of the coloured pictures from the original Nakayoshi magazines. Some of these were in other versions of the manga, but generally not all of them. Usually we would get the first colour pages of the first story but not the ones within the book. These include both art pages, most of which are reproduced in art books, as well as some actual full colour pages of the actual story. Whether it’s worth it or not isn’t something I can answer! It surely is expensive but this is really the most complete version that’s been released.

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