Even more Sailor Moon merchandise is coming as Toei Animation strikes more deals!

Toei Animation

A press release from License Global gives us an indication of upcoming Sailor Moon merchandise. There was certainly a time when we would go years without any official Sailor Moon merchandise being available in North America, requiring fans to look in niche comic book and hobby shops to find anything, but this is far from being true today! It seems like the ongoing trend of a lot of new merchandise being available in some fairly mainstream stores like Toys R Us, HMV, Hot Topic and GameStop will only continue. Toei Animation has merchandising deals with the following companies for the original Sailor Moon anime:

For whatever reason they’ve made a different set of deals for Sailor Moon Crystal merchandise which includes:

Fans will probably notice that most of these are brands which already sell Sailor Moon products, such as Great Eastern (GE) and Funko, but some of these are companies which haven’t previously sold Sailor Moon products such as Dyskami which is producing a couple of Sailor Moon games soon or Mimoco who’s battery charging devices have not previously been Sailor Moon branded.

Hold on to your wallet! Or don’t. Throw it away! You’ll probably find a Sailor Moon wallet soon.

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23 thoughts on “Even more Sailor Moon merchandise is coming as Toei Animation strikes more deals!

  1. I don’t care about this, or better say I don’t have to care about this as nothing special regarding to Sailor Moon is happening in Europe… But I would die just for few OFFICIAL words about Crystal future, even if it will be a confirmation of the hiatus until sometime in 2018

        • Are you the one that is begging in every comment section of every blog for a Sailor Moon Crystal official announcement. Like COME ON, stop being so naive. You can’t say for something that it’s a lie when you know it’s true.

        • Then if it’s a lie, tell me, where is the communication? If they are not terrible at communicating then what would you call it? Fabulous? Fantastic?
          While I admire loyalty, blind loyalty to a company is not something to be proud of.

        • Also, I could tell you to shut up, since I didn’t ask you anything either, and it was rude of you to attack Denis like that.
          But I won’t be like that.

          • I won’t tell you to shut up, what I’m saying is you shouldn’t be so rude to other people like that.

          • Don’t worry saintfighteraqua, i don’t really get offended by this kind of stuff, he just really doesn’t want to se the truth and thats what bugs me( I mean an apology wouldn’t be bad but not every single person i polite and i don’t really care about those bullshit stuff…). The point is that why is someone closing their eyes in a problem so masive like,it may seem small, but still we don’t deserve to be treated that way, we had to raise our voice so much, till they actually did something for season 1 and 2 (honestly, they didn’t even do that job right cuz they could have just paid better animators and not actually cheapen the animation but we can’t do nothing for that.Its still better tho, but still not the best as sailor moon deserves). Long story short, yes saintfighteraqua, they are pretty bad in communicating, and no Luke, I won’t shut up in a problem that is effecting us the fans and sailor moon in general

    • Haha, the same for me : too much Sailor Moon figures (nothing Funko though, I don’t like these ones), and I’d like to buy the Shitennou Petit Chara, even if it’s completely useless. I mean, what do plastic toys really bring to our everyday lives? Do they make us happier, richer, wiser? I’m some kind of a minimalist, and I really wonder if I have to keep on buying Sailor Moon toys. Also, when I see that Toei is trying to make more merchandising to keep on stealing our money, but don’t respect us when it comes to the quality of Sailor Moon Crystal, or even when it comes to give it a new season soon, I wonder if we are not taken for idiots or got owned by Toei… The more the time passes, the more I think that Toei resurrected Sailor Moon only as a cash cow. With the number of fans Sailor Moon has had in the world for more than two decades, obviously this show was the best to bring back to life in order to make money.

      • Sadly I have to agree on many of your points. :( Crystal is enjoyable to me only because it is Sailor Moon, but as a stand alone show it is possibly one of the most shallow stories I’ve experienced in anime, and as much as I enjoy the manga, it does not do direct translation well.
        Sailor Moon needs filler, maybe not 30 episodes of filler per season, but Crystal would have benefitted so much from an expansion to character roles (and not that mess they made with the Shitennou!)
        Most of all, their lack of communication is not only something Japanese companies are notorious for, but they have taken it up to a whole new level of bad.

        • In fact, we may be partof those who think the manga is so fast-paced that Sailor Moon, as a show, cannot be a success if some fillers don’t help the original story, without altering it.

          Ironically (correct me if I’m wrong), the manga is fast-paced because Naoko Takeuchi was forced to create other arcs (if I remember well, NT only wanted to do the first arc), because the show was produced at the same time… Finally, I wonder if the manga is not here only to give some material to the animated series, and if the animated series are not the “real” and “final” Sailor Moon material. From this, we could conclude by saying that the material given by the manga is a base for the show, but is not enough, and that this is why Sailor Moon Crystal desperately needs fillers. But this is my opinion, some people love Crystal for what it is and they don’t want any fillers to it. I understand :) .

          • If Sailor Moon got the budget some other shows got and would release at a better pace, I would be so happy for filler episodes. But at this rate, if they did filler we’d be old and gray by the time season 5 came out. XD
            Maybe one day Toei will give Sailor Moon the treatment it deserves.

  2. This is just my opinion, but Funko Pop! figures, to me, are about as cute and endearing as getting bitten by a rattlesnake. They are not cute to me. They are creepy. Those beady black eyes, those vacant stares, those deformed bodies… Which is an ironic criticism from me, considering my love for Professor Layton. But hey. lol I’m glad to hear about the other deals, though!

    • OMG that comparison killed me.Totally agree.They are not cute at all,in fact, they are in some way creepy,but as you said, Im excited for those other deals tho.

      • @ Denis Thank you! I’m glad my comparison amused you! But yeah, the other deals are more interesting to me, as well.

        @saintfighteraqua O_O My soul…?! There’s hardly enough of it that’s pure!

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