Fumio Osano mentions new “Complete Versions” of the Manga are coming

Fumio Osano tweet about the complete versions of the Sailor Moon manga

A Kanzenban or “Complete Version” of the Japanese Sailor Moon manga is in fact coming. A layout change will come with this printing which is likely to include colour pages not in previous releases. Sailor Moon’s editor Fumio Osano mentioned this on his twitter account recently. A translation appears below courtesy of the @OsabuP_English account:

Note: The aizoubon manga has a name change to kanzenban (complete version). The size + layout has changed too. More info in our next meeting

Since the 20th Anniversary event there has been talk of a new version of the Japanese manga in a different larger format. Numerous tentative release dates for this have come and gone. When new printings of the manga were released earlier this year it was not clear if these were in fact all we would get. It now appears that these were not the version we’d heard about but these Kanzenban versions are.

So what exactly is a “Kanzenban”? This term is used to describe special releases of a manga that are usually A5 sized which is 148x210mm or 8.5×5.8″ and will include all original chapter covers, colour pages and side stories. Many of the colour pages from the Sailor Moon or Sailor V manga were not included in any releases since their original inclusion in the magazines Run Run and Nakayoshi so this will be a real treat for completist fans. Original reports mentioned A4 sized comics which would have been double the size of the A5 size typical of Kanzenban releases.

Fumio Osano aka Osabu aka Osa-P

Thanks to Andrew Yu for mentioning this on our Facebook page.

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