Eight new Sailor Moon shirts are available today at Pop Up Tee

I Heart Tokyo - Sailor Moon shirt at Pop Up Tee

Pop Up Tee has a ton of Sailor Moon shirts, some new and some old, for sale until 2pm on Monday June 22nd for $12.99 a piece.

Moon Queen - Sailor Moon shirt at Pop Up Tee

Two new shirts we haven’t seen before are I Heart Tokyo, with Usagi’s face for the heart, and Moon Queen, showing Usagi and Sailor Moon in a playing card like design. These two shirts are by artist Baznet. For more of his stuff check out his Redbubble store, deviantART page or tumblr.

Attack on Moon - Alien Advance - Sailor Moon shirt at Pop Up Tee

Other shirts similar to those we’ve posted before are Attack on Moon, a Sailor Moon/Attack on Titans crossover by artist Gilles Bone (Redbubble, Facebook, Twitter, deviantART, tumblr). We also have the full series of stylistic silhouettes by artist sigma astra (Facebook, Redbubble, Society6). There’s Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus.

Sailor Moon shirt at Pop Up Tee

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“Attack on Moon – Alien Advance” Sailor Moon/Attack on Titan shirt for sale at Qwertee today

"Attack on Moon - Alien Advance" Sailor Moon/Attack on Titan shirt for sale at Qwertee

Here’s another great shirt for sale at Qwertee today only. This “Attack on Moon – Alien Advance” shirt features Princess Serenity and Queen Beryl during the destruction of Silver Millennium in a design referencing the popular Attack on Titan anime and manga. The shirt is on sale until 6pm EST September 5th. The Japanese writing says “Shingeki no UchÅ«jin” which translates to “Attack of the Alien”. Queen Beryl would be the alien. She is from Earth but since she is attacking the Moon she is technically an alien from their perspective. The “Attack on Titan” image below should illustrate the similarity.

Attack on Titan

Miss the sale? That’s fine. You can always buy this design on Red Bubble. You can also check out the rest of the artist Gilles Bone’s Red Bubble store as well as his Facebook, Twitter, deviantART or tumblr pages.