“Tuxedo Returns” Batman/Tuxedo Mask shirt for sale today at ShirtPunch

"Tuxedo Returns" Batman/Tuxedo Mask shirt at ShirtPunch

Today only, January 21st, ShirtPunch is selling this “Tuxedo Returns” shirt which shows Tuxedo Mask looking a lot like Batman on a rooftop. As is always the case with ShirtPunch this shirt will be for sale for 24 hours for $10 before disappearing forever!

Batman on a rooftop

This shirt’s artist is TeeKetch who also recently did a shirt of the Sailor Senshi in front of the Moon which also sold on ShirtPunch. You can check out his Facebook Page or Twitter feed for more of his stuff.

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2 thoughts on ““Tuxedo Returns” Batman/Tuxedo Mask shirt for sale today at ShirtPunch

  1. Hey just so you know your site is very much appreciated I bought this t-shirt as my 1st anime t-shirt just wanted thank you it’s pretty cool!

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