“Sailor Planets” t-shirt available at ShirtPunch today

Sailor Planets shirt at ShirtPunch

This hilarious looking shirt featuring actual planets as Sailor Soldiers is on sale at ShirtPunch for $10 today, April 16th, only.

This shirt features a crescent Moon as Sailor Moon, the Earth as Tuxedo Mask, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter as their respective Sailor Soldiers and what seems to be a satellite for Artemis and a rocket ship for Luna.

The shirt’s artist Odysseyroc colaborated with Walmazan for this design. You can check out Odysseyroc’s Twitter, Facebook and Big Cartel pages and Walmazan’s Facebook page or personal web site for more of their stuff.

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One thought on ““Sailor Planets” t-shirt available at ShirtPunch today

  1. I love the design and really wanted to order, but ShirtPunch has such a bad reputation on the (people waiting months for their shirts, terrible customer support, in some cases – no shirts or refund) that I’m just too scarred to place an order.

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