Sailor Moon’s Moon Cycle toy now available in FarmVille

Sailor Moon Moon Cycle toy - FarmVille Mooncycle

A new toy has appeared in FarmVille. It’s called the “Mooncycle” and it has a rabbit riding it. It looks identical to a North American Sailor Moon toy called the “Moon Cycle”. What a strange reference…

Mooncycle FarmVille Sailor Moon reference

The rabbit riding the Mooncycle is likely a reference to Sailor Moon’s character Usagi who’s name literally means rabbit. The Moon Cycle never made an appearance in the Sailor Moon anime or manga. It’s existance as a toy always confused fans. Looking at the Toon Makers’ Sailor Moon pilot we can see some similarities between the design of the Moon Cycle and some of the vehicles used in that show such as Sailor Moon’s Sky Flyer.

Sailor Moon and Luna on her Sky Flyer

This appears to be a decoration and as I understand it this toy will only be available for a limited time. Looks like you can only buy it with FarmVille money meaning you need to spend real money to get it, it’s not something you buy with in game currency. Although I don’t play FarmVille someone did make a farm on my account so here’s my farm showing the item for sale for 7 FVs:

Mooncycle costs 7 FarmVille dollars

I bought a Moon Cycle toy from a clearance aisle years back but unfortunately I’ve been unable to locate it. I was really looking forward to taking photos of my rabbit on the thing. Here’s a scan of the box:

Sailor Moon - Moon Cycle box

It is quite strange that Sailor Moon is called “Lune Marine” in French despite her name as Sailor Moon being long established in France by the time this toy was released.

Here’s an old commercial for Sailor Moon toys featuring the Moon Cycle:

Thanks to Sailor Moon Forums poster SailorDonut for spotting this one.

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