“Spirit of Fire” Sailor Mars shirt for sale today at ShirtPunch

Sailor Mars - Art Nouveau - Spirit of Fire shirt by Eriphyle

Today only you can get this great looking Sailor Mars shirt for $10 from Shirt Punch. The shirt is on sale for 24 hours, only on November 27th, so pick it up while you can. The shirt includes the French words “Esprit du feu” which translate to “Spirit of the Fire” or “Spirit of Fire”. The flowers look suspiciously like casablanca lilies, Rei’s favourite flower, mentioned in a side story of the Sailor Moon manga named “Casablanca Memory”.

The art style may look familiar to you. This would be because this is the same artist that also did a similar shirt design of Sailor Moon. The shirt’s artist, Eriphyle, has done all kinds of great Sailor Moon designs. You can check out her web site and facebook page for more. I’m hoping we see a shirt of her Sailor Venus design real soon!