Why is Sailor Moon on this Russian book cover?

Andrei Belyanin's "The Little Sister From Hell" book cover featuring Sailor Moon

Oh the things that can be found in the recesses of the Internet. I stumbled upon this thing today as it was shared with me by my friend Dave who in turn got it from his friend Shouri. This isn’t photoshopped, this is a real Russian book in which Sailor Moon appears to be beating up an Aztec man. The art is a bit all over the place as Sailor Moon’s costume seems more in line with what she wears in the first season but a lot of the details don’t fit. There is a heart on her tiara, which is similar to what Sailor Chibi Chibi has. Her boots boots look different, she has shorter hair and her weapon looks like the Kaleido Moon Scope despite the fact that this form of Sailor Moon should only have the Moon Stick. Cycyn from the Sailor Moon Obsession Blog also noticed the character’s resemblance to Angelina Jolie, which fits the time frame of the book’s release.

The Little Sister from Hell title page featuring Tuxedo Mask

After a little research I discovered this 2001 book is “The Little Sister from Hell” by Andrei Belyanin, a Russian author. The book is the second in a series “My Wife is a Witch” in which a poet marries a librarian who turns out to be a witch! A thorough overview of the book can be found at it’s Russian Wikipedia page (English translation).

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