Sailor Moon S episodes 106 and 107 are now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon S episode 106 - Haruka decides to become Sailor Uranus

The two latest episodes of Sailor Moon S are now available on Hulu and Neon Alley. This week with episodes 106 and 107 we get two stories of people who fell in love with Michiru! First is a flashback to the time when Haruka first became Sailor Uranus and then Chibiusa is in love with a classmate and they make a clay grail which looks just like a future transformation item.

Sailor Moon S episode 106 - Haruka meets Michiru

Episode 106, The Bond of Destiny: Uranus’s Distant Past, partially takes place in flashbacks, which is the only part of the story we really care about. As a runner who Haruka is friends with is targeted we get a look back at when Haruka and Michiru first met. Michiru had, at the time, already transformed into Sailor Neptune and Haruka was having visions of the upcoming apocalypse. Haruka was not interested in becoming a Sailor Guardian and Michiru supported this decision. When she saw how much Sailor Neptune needs help, Haruka had a change of heart and became Sailor Uranus and so a great romance was born.

Sailor Moon S episode 106 - Haruka holding Sailor Neptune

Sailor Moon S episode 107 - Masanori blushing at Michiru while Chibiusa creeps on him

Episode 107, Art Is an Explosion of Love: Chibi-Usa’s First Love, is one of the many first loves Chibiusa has. Let’s see… first there’s obviously Mamoru who she was so in love with that she turned evil and old to get him, but the status of first love is also given to the likes of Helios and Peruru later in the series. Chibiusa has made a pie for a boy she has a crush on, but the Sailor Guardians all eat it. In this scene we get a look at Usagi’s book shelf and can see that she has a bunch of Sailor Moon books in her library. The boy Chibiusa is in love with is Masanori Tsuzuki, but unfortunately he does not return her affections instead being interested in Michiru. Naturally Chibiusa is upset with this, but they still manage to be good friends. In an art class Chibiusa, with the help of Masanori, makes a clay statue of the Holy Grail, a transformation item which will appear later in the season. This is really odd as it doesn’t really come back. This is lifted from the manga in a later chapter which has Chibiusa making the grail which ties in a bit better to the actual Holy Grail which Chibiusa has some memory of due to time travel and such. In the original anime the early appearance of the grail is a bit random. Chibiusa saves Masanori from the monster of the week and while it seems like their relationship is about to blossom he is never seen again. Chibiusa’s important encounter which she was sent to the past to make, is still yet to come.

Sailor Moon S episode 107 - Masanori and Chibiusa make the Holy Grail

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Sailor Moon S episode 107 - Usagi has many Sailor Moon books

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10 thoughts on “Sailor Moon S episodes 106 and 107 are now available on Hulu

  1. Episode 106 is one of my favorite episodes in the show. I just love how positively they portray Haruka and Michiru’s relationship and the scene where Michiru saves Haruka always gives me the feels. The scene where Chibi-usa makes a clay Grail in episode 107 was always a bit strange. You’d think Chibi-usa would point out that her mother has the Holy Grail in the future when everyone is searching for the Messiah.

  2. Also, if Neo Queen Serenity has the Holy Grail in the future, why didn’t she use it to power herself up to beat Black Moon when they lost the Silver Crystal?

  3. I imagine the Holy Grail didn’t exist in the future, I think in the manga Chibi Usa says she saw a picture of it. It’s possible that in her timeline they found out about the Grail but it was never created in the way we knew it. Or it had changed into something else entirely by then.

    • I remember specifically in the English dub that Chibiusa says she once saw a picture of it in her mom’s room and always wanted one for herself. I can’t remember if they said that in the Japanese version but I’m pretty sure it was mentioned.

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