Sailor Moon S episodes 98 and 99 are now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon S episode 98 - Sailor Moon crushing on Sailor Uranus

The two latest episodes of Sailor Moon S are now available to stream on Hulu and Neon Alley. This week Mamoru’s two main love interests are shown to be attracted to other people, first as Sailor Moon is attracted to Sailor Uranus and then as Rei is attracted to Haruka and to a lesser extent Yuuichirou.

Sailor Moon S episode 98 - Sailor Uranus and Sailor Moon

Episode 98, To Save Our Friends: Moon and Uranus Join Forces is all about shipping Usagi and Haruka. The target is some motorcycle guy but we don’t care about him. Haruka does dirt biking and gets targeted by some thugs. This, combined with Usagi missing a bus, is a good excuse to have them ride a bike together and share some romantic moments. Once conveniently separated and transformed, Michiru falls into a waterfall leaving them together and alone, again. To make things even more intimate the Diamon ties them together with handcuffs, leading to great intimacy. The two hide in a cave where they do a little bonding, do a little scratching and then do some hugging. Sailor Moon notices that Sailor Uranus has a sent very similar to Haruka’s, but this moment of enlightenment is interrupted once again by the enemy. Unimportant monster fighting follows.

Sailor Moon S episode 99 - Rei crushing on Haruka

Episode 99, A Man’s Kindness: Yuichiro Heartbroken by Rei, continues the abusive relationship between Yuuichirou and Rei! Rei is seen flirting with someone who Yuuichirou believes to be a handsome man but who is actually Haruka, a handsome woman. He is heartbroken by this and no one really does anything to clear things up as he decides to leave town, knowing he can not compete with such an attractive man. He almost boards a train but it happens to become a monster at the last moment. The episode wraps up with Rei and Yuuichirou not really getting together once again! So this episode has some Rei and Haruka shipping and some not quite so satisfying Rei and Yuuichirou shipping. A song not included in any Sailor Moon soundtrack is played while Yuuichirou is leaving. This is a song from 1977 named Azusa Nigou by the band Karyudo.

Sailor Moon S episode 99 - Heartbroken Yuuichirou

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12 thoughts on “Sailor Moon S episodes 98 and 99 are now available on Hulu

  1. I really hope that if Crystal does adapt the Infinity arc that they’ll keep the scene from the manga where Haruka and Usagi kiss.

    • I’m going to leae out the shipping joke I had in mind and admit I would like to see that scene too. There was definitely a bit of tension in the manga between Mamoru and Usagi after that, if I remember right. It’d be interesting to see how they’d bring that to life in SMC. Well, we’ll have to cross our fingers and hope that they decide to do 13-14 more episodes after they wrap up the Black Moon arc.

  2. Refresh my memory: didn’t the original dub have Rei/Ray decide to pursue a relationship with Yuiichiro/Chad and it was rarely touched upon ever again? Or am I getting more confused as finals approach?

    • I think at the end of this episode the dub Rei had said something similar to that “you are the only one for me” yet this was the last episode that Yuiichiro is actually in so….

    • He’s a rock star in the dub. Why not? I only watched S and SuperS in English the one time as I’d already been exposed to the sub by then so I don’t recall the specifics.

  3. I always felt bad for Yuuichiro, but at the same time I don’t think he would ever be happy with someone like Rei, nor would she be happy with him.
    It’s a shame that Sailor Moon Stars didn’t give us closure for all of the characters like him throughout the series.
    Maybe they didn’t know it was the last season until near the very end?

    • I think they probably just didn’t know what to do with his character since he was an anime only character. I’m surprised he lasted as long in the show as he did given that he doesn’t appear in the manga any. I wish they had spent more focus on fleshing out Ami and Ryo’s relationship as they had some actual chemistry together but the show just completely forgot about Ryo after season one.

      • I agree with you there, especially about Ami and Ryo. One consistent failing of the original anime was the way they created memorable characters that showed up in only a handful of episodes (if they were lucky, most only got 1!) before they’re never seen or mentioned again.

        • It’s interesting because as a kid I loved Rei and Yuuichiro together and I still love Yuuichiro as a character but rewatching these episodes as an adult, I can see the problems with their relationship. I’m not sure I would ship Rei with Mamoru though myself. If I’m gong to ship Rei with anyone, I’d much prefer to ship manga and PGSM Rei with manga/PGSM Minako.

          • I think the guy who writes this blog is going to have a few things to say about Rei and Mamoru when he sees your comment.

    • We are his loyal blog followers so he can agree to disagree on Rei not bieng the right girl for Mamo.
      In a alternative universe a girl with Emis intellectual and brains would be right for him with a hint of Usagi loves and charisma.

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