Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22, Hidden Agenda – Nemesis, Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Black Lady

The latest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal, Act 22, Hidden Agenda – Nemesis, is now available to stream on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Niconico. This week we get teased a bit more with Black Lady but we still don’t get a really good look at her. Instead we focus on more exposition and freeing Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter who are trapped on Nemesis.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Black Lady

Why does it take us so long to finally get around to showing Black Lady? The flow of the past few episodes seems a bit weird but this is partly due to the fact that the manga was originally broken up differently. This was changed when the manga was reprinted around the time the live action Sailor Moon series was out. Originally the last episode, Act 21, and this episode were part of one manga chapter, Act 20 Complication – Nemesis. This happened once in the first arc and will happen once again with the final Act of the Black Moon story arc. All in all we will have 26 episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal for what was originally 23 chapters of the manga. The original story that covered these two episodes was very long, almost 100 pages, so it makes sense to break it up into two episodes but the pacing seems a bit odd as it takes us forever to tease out the appearance of Black Lady. Sailor Moon Crystal is a 23 minute show but a manga chapter had no such restriction which is why there were some very long stories some months.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Chibiusa takes Wiseman's hand

Next episode preview at the end of Act 21

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Chibiusa wearing the correct top, with symbol of the Black Moon Clan on her head

Intro for Act 22

Shirt gate continues! This show can’t seem to make up it’s mind on this thing. I know I’ve mentioned this time and time again but as long as they keep screwing it up I will keep harping on them for it. As you can see above, the next episode preview that played at the end of Act 21 showed Chibiusa with her long sleeved blue uniform which she should absolutely not be wearing at this point. This is the uniform she wore when she came from the future which she traded for a short sleeve white uniform when she started going to school. She wore this on her trip back to the future and did not bring a change of clothes. The animators consistently mess up the colour of Chibiusa’s shirt in next episode previews, fixing it before the next one comes out. We can clearly see in this how last minute this show is prepared. Another change that can be seen is that Chibiusa, pre transformation, is seen with the symbol of the Black Moon Clan on her forehead. This is new to Sailor Moon Crystal. In the manga and anime Chibiusa doesn’t get this symbol until she transforms into Black Lady.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Volume 19 sure is popular

A new location featured this week is the library which houses many books. Funny when you actually get a nice look at them it looks like there are just a bunch of copies of the same book. So many volume 19s of some kind of book all over these shelves! The original Sailor Moon manga was collected in 18 volumes. Perhaps the most precious thing collected in this library is more Sailor Moon manga! These books are so important that Venus is tasked with just watching them. Tuxedo Mask runs off to find Chibusa and she is stuck there to protect a bunch of books!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Sailor Venus has lips

If you’ve ever wondered what Sailor Moon characters look like with lips we now have an answer! With another funny face frame this week we get to see Sailor Venus with lips and she looks a bit like a frog!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Death Phantom

We get another look at the Death Phantom, the Earth criminal who became Wise Man. It’s mentioned that he has Beast Hand and Evil Eye, though there is no indication of what that is. He seems to have used some sort of supernatural power to kill a bunch of people, but he is said to be a human. Indeed Sailor Moon is full of these kinds of magical people but there really isn’t much in the way of detail about Death Phantom. It seems this could be a whole side story on it’s own which never really gets investigated.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - A building on Nemesis

Nemesis is such an odd planet. When we see it from space it’s surface seems volatile. It does not appear to have a solid surface but perhaps one of molten lava or some sort of gas or energy. It’s mentioned that the reactor is the only place which opens to the outside, yet we clearly see buildings with the reactor’s energy coming out of it. What exactly is going on here? Is this a building on the surface of Nemesis? Is this an underground cavern with buildings in it? This doesn’t seem all that efficient when a cavern isn’t really exposed to the elements. Perhaps this is the surface but above them is a thick cloud or energy layer that can’t be penetrated? This brings up a ton of questions. Who are the labourers of the Black Moon Clan who make these buildings? What is the size of their population? Where do they get their food? The manga never shows actual structures so some of this doesn’t really come up but an anime series like this needs to have proper backgrounds and a level of detail that isn’t shown in a manga series.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Rei and dead people

Finally Sailor Moon is able to transform. This isn’t really explained but the key is that the reactor connects to the outside. As another suggestion that they are underground, Sailor Moon’s powers are blocked where she is. Being close to the reactor allows her to get her power and in turn transfer that to her friends. How gross is the room Sailor Mercury, Mars and Jupiter are in? It’s just full of dead bodies.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - The Sailor Guardians return

Next episode preview at the end of Act 21

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - The Sailor Guardians with a new background

Act 22

As another change from the next episode preview once the Sailor Guardians show up the reactor’s energy is shown in the background more prominently and shining through a bit. This is a fairly minor change but yet another reminder that these episodes are tweaked right up to the last minute.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Black Lady

Next episode preview at the end of Act 21

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Black Lady

Act 22

Yet another change is this shot of Black Lady’s eyes. Originally all we see are Black Lady’s eyes in the next episode preview but here in the episode proper they are using the sort of blurring effect to hide her identity instead. It seems that the method of obscuring Black Lady’s identity was still being worked out after a couple of weeks ago’s airing.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Black Lady

Black Lady is seen but not really seen throughout. In the manga she appears as a sort of ghostly whisp but here she’s just sort of blurry. Perhaps she has that same problem Bigfoot has where you can’t take a clear picture of him. We can see her clothes in Sailor Moon Crystal which is a first, this is something that normally wouldn’t show up until the next episode. She doesn’t do a ton but does manage to kill Rubeus which tells us she isn’t really on board with the Black Moon Clan but instead has some other agenda.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Wise Man Kawaii emoticon eyes

Wise Man has the most ridiculous eyes in this episode. Every time Black Lady does something amusing he gets these emoticon type eyes which look like something out of those letters that scroll across a Niconico feed. OMG! #kawaii ^_^; @_@;

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 23 - Black Lady

Next in 3 weeks on June 6th is Act 23, Covert Maneuvers – Wiseman. This time we’ll get a proper look at Black Lady without any blurriness.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 23 - Covert Maneuvers - Wiseman

Keep reading to see more screenshots from Act 22 and the next episode preview for Act 23.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Venus stays in the library

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Droids Veneti and Aquatici

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Saphir tries to kill Usagi

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Usagi as Queen Serenity

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22 - Black Lady

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 23 - King Endymion watching Black Lady

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 23 - Black Lady

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 23 - Luna P

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 23 - King Endymion and Artemis

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 23 - Sailor Moon meets Black Lady

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18 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal Act 22, Hidden Agenda – Nemesis, Review

  1. Yeah, I had some problems with this episode as well. And here’s my question: Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter have been underneath Nemesis for quite a while now. They shouldn’t know what’s been going on with Sailor Moon and the rest. But the moment they get their powers back and escape the cavern, they know Sailor Moon’s been possessed by her future self. Huh? When did they find that out?

    Now I can get Neo Queen Serenity sending out some sort of pulse-signal to alert King Endymion and Tuxedo Mask that something’s wrong with Pluto and Chibiusa. I can get that she possessed Sailor Moon temporarily, seeing as that’s her past self. I’m sure in the course of a thousand years, this magical queen has learned quite a few tricks. But maybe they could’ve explained how the three Guardians who have been out of the picture until now know about Neo-Queen Serenity (and by implication, everything else going on)? Was there some sort of knowledge transfer when Sailor Moon used the power of the crystal to give them their powers back? They could explain that more!

    Honestly I love Crystal and I want a second season that explores the next three arcs. But these inconsistencies are getting ridiculous. Yes, the manga is written in a way where these inconsistencies aren’t so much a problem, but here they’re annoying and confusing, to say the least. The production team really needs to get better at this.

    Also, what’s with the corpses? They show up for three seconds, nobody on screen notices them, and then they’re gone without impacting the story in any significant way. I ask you, what was the point of including them if you’re not going to use them?

    • I seem to remember the corpses attacking the senshi in the manga. Would’ve made a neat fight scene.

    • In episode 21, they show Usagi making some sort of prayer like posture while she speaks all the Sailor Soldiers’ names and then everyone wakes up, so maybe Usagi and the Soldiers gained some sort of telepathic praying powers or something? Prayer does seem to have some effect on the Sailor Soldiers powers as we’re shown at the end of the Dark Kingdom arc so maybe that has something to do with it? What I want to know is why do they still have phsyical books in the future? We have independent book stores struggling to survive in our modern era of Kindle books yet somehow in the 30th century the preservation of these books is of the up most importance, as though it’s impossible to make copies of these books in the future. Why do they have all the books on the planet stored in one place in Tokyo in the future anyway? Is there nowhere else on the Earth in the future where they can store books and make copies?

      • Actually studies show that book sales are doing just fine despite the availability of e-books. People still love a good, physical book, I guess.

    • Perhaps Rubeus told Mars, Mercury and Jupiter about NQS before leaving them to rot in that chamber? In Act 16 Rubeus says he couldn’t extract info from Mars, so he was talking to her for a great while I suppose, and given how these guys like to hear themselves talk…

  2. If we get to the next arc I really hope the team behind Crystal gets their “acts” together.

    Do you think maybe Nemesis is somehow related to Nehelenia’s kingdom? It’s never implied in the manga, but Dead Moon/Dark Moon/Black Moon.

    I’m glad they toned back the funny face panels. One or two an episode is fine, but that episode where they were first introduced went crazy with them.
    I’d kind of like a remastered version of the anime once it’s complete that gives the team a chance to fill in without any time restrictions all of the plot holes, extra scenes and lingering mistakes.

    Speaking of Bigfoot, had their been a fifth Ayakashi sister, I imagine her gimmick could have been Bigfoot or el Chupacabra related. XD

    • Yeah, she probably would’ve been into Cryptids. Thank God Takeuchi didn’t feel the need for a sister to be the polar opposite of Sailor Moon.

    • By Stars there is an attempt to bring all together into one evil. The previous 4 villains being controlled or directly part of chaos is a way to bring it together.

      Dead Moon is from the eclipse. It’s still our Moon, just when it’s masked. Black Moon being Nemesis which is a total other planet.

      As for cryptids why not? There was the lake monster from the first season when Usagi went to the hot springs and Mamoru was allowed to roam free with partial memories.

  3. Is it just me or does Wise Man seem much less threatening (and less animated) in the new anime? Maybe it’s just because I keep comparing his new voice to the Dic dub voice which never seemed innocent because it was always deep and threatening.
    Those emoticon eyes remind me of those robot pets with digital faces you could get about 10 years ago.

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