More news about the new Sailor Moon Anime may be coming this Sunday

Usagi tired

This Sunday, August 4th, there will be a live web video event on the Niconico site. This was announced on the official Sailor Moon site. This event is going to be similar to last year’s event where the anime was first announced. They will be discussing the new Sailor Moon anime, the upcoming musical and other new merchandise. The update on the musical will include a performance by the cast. We’re certainly hoping to get some concrete information about the new anime since very little has been officially announced since last year’s event. The event will occur at 5pm local time in Japan which is 4am Sunday morning here in Norther America’s Easter Standard Time zone.

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If you are interested in following the show live I would suggest heading over to the Miss Dream web site. They will have a live stream of the show with live translations over twitter. In addition once complete they plan on subbing it for all to enjoy. It was following Miss Dream’s twitter account that I first learned about the new anime moments after it had been announced last year.

We’ll be sure to update this site with any relevant information as it comes in. Posting on the site might not be my top priority at 4 or 5 in the morning on a Sunday but I will strive to share information as it is relevant and urgent as time permits. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages for information that’s breaking and not yet posted to the blog. At the very least I will be retweeting and posting short updates about anything important on those social media sites. As always we encourage our readers to join the conversation on those pages.

The new Sailor Moon anime is set to begin airing in December or January??

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News about many things came in today but I first wanted to share the latest about the new Sailor Moon anime that we’re all very excited for. A flyer for the new Sailor Moon keychains also listed some other upcoming Sailor Moon related dates. Miss Dream has been great in translating the relevant information and reveals that the show is currently in production and set to start airing some time around December 2013 or January of 2014. This lines up with earlier information we heard about the show being delayed until winter. More specifically the small calendar at the bottom of this flyer has an entry in December and January stating that the new anime will start then, but it is punctuated with not one but two question marks! What could it mean? Well it probably means this date is not set in stone.

Sailor Moon keychain flyer - Anime delayed until November, December or January

Needless to say the original date of “Summer 2013″ is no longer something fans should be expecting. This is great, but not terribly definitive news! A delay may not seem ideal but now we some fairly reliable information that the show is underway and a rough idea of when to expect it.

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Toru Furuya, the voice of Tuxedo Mask, to appear at Anime Revolution in Vancouver

Toru Furuya, the voice of Tuxedo Mask

Toru Furuya, the original Japanese voice of Tuxedo Mask from the Sailor Moon anime, will be making an appearance at the Anime Revolution anime convention in Vancouver August 16th to the 18th 2013.

Toru Furuya not only provided the voice of Tuxedo Mask as well as many other anime characters but he is also slated to reprise his role in the new Sailor Moon anime which was originally scheduled to be released this summer. He will be the guest of honour at the Anime Revolution convention, which last year played host to a number of Sailor Moon voice actors from the English dub in their celebration of the 20th Anniversary.

Memories of the 80s panel at Anime North 2013 featuring Sailor Moon’s John Stocker and Susan Roman

Memories of the 80s panel from Anime North 2013 featuring John Stocker and Susan Roman

This past weekend at Anime North 2013 in Toronto Sailor Moon voice director John Stocker and the voice of Sailor Jupiter Susan Roman got together for a Memories of the 80s panel and we’ve got a full video of it. This panel is not Sailor Moon themed but with their shared background on the show and the room’s general interest in the series a lot of the discussion ended up being around their experiences dubbing the Sailor Moon anime. These two have had long careers in the industry and offer some great insight into working in voice dubbing in Toronto during the 80s, through the time Sailor Moon was airing and today.

FUNimation does not hold the license for Sailor Moon

FUNimation logo

Yesterday we shared a video from Anime North 2013 where John Stocker mentioned that he had heard that FUNimation was going to be doing the dub for the new Sailor Moon anime. Some clarification has now come from the FUNimation Facebook page stating simply that “FUNimation does not hold the license for Sailor Moon.”.

This is pretty straightforward. Whether or not some future deal has FUNimation doing the dub for the new anime is something we can only speculate about. As of now they simply do not hold the rights. There is not currently any indication of anyone holding the rights to the Sailor Moon anime, old or new, in North America. Should we get any reliable information to the contrary we will be sure to let you know about it.

We regret having shared a rumour that did not turn out to be correct but as always we attempt to present such information in it’s full context so that you the reader can make your own informed decision as to whether or not to believe such claims. If there is ever any evidence that is contrary to something that is posted on this site please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know about it so that we can post corrections when necessary in our ongoing effort to keep you informed about all things Sailor Moon.

John Stocker mentions that FUNimation will dub the new Sailor Moon anime

John Stocker mentioned that FUNimation will dub the new Sailor Moon anime

May 29th Update: In response to this claim FUNimation has mentioned that they do not hold the license for Sailor Moon.

With no official announcement about this information it should be treated as a rumour, but this clip is being provided as the full context for this comment. John Stocker, voice director for the Sailor Moon S and SuperS series of Sailor Moon as well as the movies, mentioned at a “Memories of the 80s” panel at Anime North 2013 that FUNimation has the rights to dub the new Sailor Moon anime. A short clip including this is shown below.

This is not an official announcement but it should be considered that John Stocker works in the voice acting industry and that this is the kind of information he may very well have come by when dealing with his professional contacts. Note also that it is mentioned that this has been in the works for three years now. If this is the case this may be referring what is or once was a redubbing of the original Sailor Moon anime rather than the new show, though it would stand to reason that regardless of what that means that whoever holds the rights to dub the original anime may very well also have the rights to dub the new Sailor Moon anime which we are currently expecting to begin airing later this year or early in 2014.

This information is consistent with what was mentioned by John Stocker in our interview with him at last year’s Fan Expo when he mentioned that he had heard about Houston as the place for this dub to happen but didn’t know if this was true. Since then he certainly seems much more sure of his answer.

Joining John Stocker in this panel is voice actor Susan Roman who provided the voice of Sailor Jupiter. The rest of this “Memories of the 80s” panel as well as the “Sailor Moon Voice Actors Q&A” recorded at Anime North 2013 in Toronto will be posted to the site as soon as possible.

Is this Sailor Moon personal organizer giving us bad news?

Sailor Moon schedule book covers


Oh did you want more detail than that? There are new Sailor Moon schedule books coming out next year that have been mentioned on the official Sailor Moon site. There are more details about these on the JList online store. This has caused some concerns amongst a number of fans related to delays in the anime. Since the schedule book is for 2014 many are claiming this means the show is delayed until 2014. While there is certainly ample evidence of a delay for the show and 2014 is a possibility, there doesn’t seem to be a good reason to believe that this product is any indication of this. Many franchises have calendars and planners made every year and the time frames they cover have little to no significance beyond the functionality of the product. It should also be considered that the art contained in these is from the original Sailor Moon anime and has nothing to do with the new anime series originally scheduled to air this summer. These are generic Sailor Moon products, not new Sailor Moon anime products.

Sailor Moon schedule book - Sailor Pluto, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus - "Will we be making a return in 2015?"

Oh but there’s more! On one page that we can see there is an image of Sailor Pluto, Neptune and Uranus with writing that says “Will we be making a return in 2015?”. What could this completely vague statement mean? Some have taken this to mean that the new anime is delayed until 2015. If this were really the case I think it’s far too early to be making such a long term prediction. Others are expecting that the new anime will be scheduled in such a way that these three characters will finally be making an appearance some time in 2015. Again this seem like a fairly specific prediction to be making so early in the life cycle of this new anime. Somewhat more plausible are interpretations by such people as the Sailor Moon video game petition who made guesses such as Sailor Moon S airing that year, a new planner book featuring them more prominently or something completely different. This is again not new art but the cover of the Sailor Moon S vol. 8 laser disc.

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Sailor Moon animation director Kazuko Tadano confirms a delay of the new anime series in an interview at Cartoonist 2013

Kazuko Tadano from the Sailor Moon anime

Kazuko Tadano, animation director and character designer for the original Sailor Moon series, confirmed in an Italian interview at the Cartoonist 2013 convention in Nice, France that the new Sailor Moon anime series would be delayed, potentially up to December. While Kazuko Tadano will not be working on the new anime series she stated that nothing was in the works, that there will be a large delay and that it will probably be ready in December. While this is once again not an official announcement of a delay this adds to a mountain of evidence that has already suggested a delay is happening. It should also be considered that since Kazuko Tadano is not associated with the show this isn’t first hand information but likely something she’s heard from someone else in the industry. We can’t make any definitive conclusions about the idea that the delay could be until the end of the year, though this does match up with the winter 2014 estimate that was given by a European distributor for Toei a few weeks ago.

Kazuko Tadano and Hiromi Matsushita as students from the Sailor Moon anime

Beyond this news she also discussed her work on Sailor Moon. When asked about leaving the series after two seasons of doing character designs and animation direction she mentioned that it was difficult to work with Toei and that she wanted to work on other projects. She also talked about Ail and An, the two aliens from Sailor Moon R, and how they were original characters of her own creation.

Ail holding An in Sailor Moon R

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Fumio Osano, Sailor Moon’s editor, confirms a delay for the new Sailor Moon anime

Usagi crying in a phone booth

Following last week’s post about a potential delay in the airing of the new Sailor Moon series we have received more specific confirmation from Fumio Osano, editor of the Sailor Moon manga, that the new Sailor Moon anime originally scheduled to air this summer is delayed. There has still been no official announcement and there are no specifics as to the extent of this delay, but this does seem to indicate that the show will not be released on it’s original schedule. As always I want to stress that nothing is official but given this is coming from Fumio Osano who was involved in the original announcement, it should be considered to be more than a simple rumour.

Fumio Osano confirms that the new Sailor Moon anime has been officially delayed

The tweet that Fumio Osano, @osabu8 on twitter, made to confirm was simple. A user asked “Please confirm. Has the new anime officially been delayed?” and he simply said “yes.”. Further to this another user asked if it would indeed be broadcast in Winter 2014 as we’ve heard, to which his answer was “not 2014.perhaps.“. I have no way to properly determine the full meaning of this comment. It could mean that it is delayed but not until 2014. Fumio Osano is not a fluent English reader or writer so all of this information is subject to errors in translation.

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The new Sailor Moon anime may be delayed

Will Sailor Moon be this old when the new anime airs?

Although there has still been no official announcement confirming this there is growing evidence that there could be a delay in the release of the 2013 Sailor Moon anime which was originally meant to be released this summer. The main sources for this are a tweet from Fumio Osano, the Sailor Moon manga’s editor, word from Toru Furuya, the voice of Tuxedo Mask, and word from a European distributor for Sailor Moon. Once again there is currently no official confirmation of a delay, but as there is growing evidence that this could be happening we are presenting you with all of the evidence that exists at this time and what those sources are so that you can make your own informed opinion as to what this means.

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