Watch these new clips from the Sailor Moon Cosmos films in an annoying format

Sailor Moon Cosmos clip - Rei and her grandfather

Hey kids. Do you like Tik Toks? Do you like portrait orientation for your videos? Do you need to watch short clips which loop over and over because social media has destroyed your attention span? If you answered yes to all of these then you’ll love these recently uploaded clips from the upcoming Sailor Moon Cosmos films which are YouTube Shorts! The latest clip, embedded below, shows the Sailor Starlights.

In addition to this we got some other clips earlier this week. Below is a preview of Eternal Sailor Mars and Venus.

And here are Eternal Sailor Mercury and Jupiter.

And here’s some footage of Eternal Sailor Moon.

What a terrible way to see new footage from these movies which will be in theatres in Japan on June 9th and 30th. Still no news on a release outside of Japan but as soon as this is announced there will surely be a post about it!

Keep reading for some kind of annoying vertical screenshots from these clips.

Sailor Moon Cosmos clip - Seiya

Sailor Moon Cosmos clip - Taiki

Sailor Moon Cosmos clip - Yaten

Sailor Moon Cosmos clip - Usagi and Seiya

Sailor Moon Cosmos clip - Usagi and Yaten

Sailor Moon Cosmos clip - Usagi and Taiki

Sailor Moon Cosmos clip - Usagi

Sailor Moon Cosmos clip - Usagi

Sailor Moon Cosmos clip - Usagi and Mamoru

Sailor Moon Cosmos clip - Ami

Sailor Moon Cosmos clip - Makoto and Taiki

Sailor Moon Cosmos clip - Sailor Jupiter and Mercury

Sailor Moon Cosmos clip - Minako and Usagi

Sailor Moon Cosmos clip - Sailor Mars and Venus

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15 thoughts on “Watch these new clips from the Sailor Moon Cosmos films in an annoying format

  1. TikTok is one word, Adam. No space between tik and tok. Also, attention spans are overrated.

    Looks like Venus’ transformation sequence is still the same shitty version from Crystal S3 and Eternal with missing frames. The Cosmos production budget wasn’t enough to avoid recycling garbage and mistakes, and now it finally shows.

  2. TikTok is just an inexpensive way to cover more ground in the video advertising space, Adam. The same could be said for anything on YT or IG or Vimeo.

    Yes, TikTok is trash, but so are these clips. The only thing new or different in them is the Starlights’ transformation using their bras instead of mouthpieces.

    What actually bugs me is that these clips were supposed to be exclusive to this movie’s official TikTok account, but syndicating them to YouTube as shorts has rendered that exercise completely pointless. Toei is throwing everything and anything at the internet and hoping that at least some of it sticks.

  3. I’d also like to add that although anyone on Earth can access internet videos, these clips were 99% compiled for domestic audiences in Japan. TLDR what we think about these clips doesn’t matter in the least.

  4. seen the starlights one in a news article the other day and i cant stand how they use the cell phone look for the movies, i do hope they dont ruin all expectations of this movie but man…

  5. Maybe they thought ‘YouTube shorts’ would attract viewer attention. I just want to know when these will come to streaming, but that probably won’t be made public until after the theatrical release.

  6. Look like Kakyuu’s transformation animation is just making her dress disappear lolol

    Chibi Chibi’s transformation is like one of the babies from PreCure

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