Sailor Moon S episodes 124 and 125 and the dubbed version of the second half of Sailor Moon R are now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon S episode 124 - Sailor Moon and Evil Hotaru

We’ve gotten a lot more than usual added to Hulu and Neon Alley this week. Sailor Moon S is almost done as we wrap up most of the story with episodes 124 and 125, introducing us to Sailor Saturn. In addition fans can also watch the second half of Sailor Moon R, episodes 69 to 89, dubbed by Viz on Hulu. These episodes were added with this past Friday’s Moonlight Party 4.

Sailor Moon S episode 124 - Daimon

Episode 124, The Coming Terror of Darkness: Struggle of the Eight Guardians, is where a bunch of fighting happens before the epic finale. The Sailor Guardians are set to stop Mistress 9 and so they are storming the enemy stronghold. Sailor Pluto freezes time to prevent a helicopter accident and dies anticlimactically for breaking this taboo. Sound familiar? Indeed, this is taken right out of the Black Moon Clan story arc of the manga, only Sailor Pluto doesn’t die in Sailor Moon R and her returning for the SuperS movie and Sailor Stars is not ever really explained. So a ton of monsters show up. They are red proto Daimon type things which is what happens when you don’t put a Daimon seed in anything. They are quickly dispensed with. Inside the building Sailor Uranus and Neptune confront Professor Tomoe, or rather the Daimon Germatoid who is in control of him. The two are separated so that Germatoid can be dispensed with leaving Professor Tomoe as the good guy he once was. Sailor Moon has a fun confrontation with Hotaru, who tries to get the Holy Grail, because she’s really just evil Mistress 9 posing as an innocent girl. This doesn’t really work out as Mistress 9 is revealed once again!

Sailor Moon S episode 125 - Sailor Saturn returns Chibiusa's Pure Heart

Episode 125, The Shining Shooting Star: Saturn and the Messiah, features the very very brief appearance of Sailor Saturn. As Sailor Guardians go Sailor Saturn is the least shown one of the bunch as this it the only time we will see her until Sailor Stars and she is the only Sailor Guardian never to get an animated transformation sequence. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We’re still dealing with Mistress 9! She couldn’t get the Holy Grail from Sailor Moon in the last episode so she tries to get her father to get it which … works perfectly. Sailor Moon gives the grail to Professor Tomoe who in turn hands it to his daughter. But Mistress 9 puts it in the big Galaxy contraption thing to summon Pharaon 90, the big evil from the season that we haven’t really seen at all, but we are to believe he’s behind all the bad stuff. Things are going bad but… Hotaru turns into Sailor Saturn! This is great! She returns Chibiusa’s Pure Heart to her. Everything is looking up. Sailor Saturn can even go and kill Pharaon 90, too bad she’ll have to die to do it. The moral thought expedient continues! First we wanted to kill Hotaru to stop the end of the world but now she is willing to sacrifice herself to save the world. The end result is still Hotaru dying, but since she is willing it’s somehow better. Sailor Moon won’t have it though. She was not on board with killing Hotaru and she is not on board with letting Sailor Saturn kill herself and so she hurls herself into Pharaon 90 after Sailor Saturn. Emerging from the chaos is a battered Super Sailor Moon and a baby Hotaru. This pretty much ends the main story of Sailor Moon S. What follows next week are two kind of terrible episodes which follow the conclusion of the primary story arc.

Sailor Moon S episode 125 - Sailor Saturn and Sailor Moon

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Sailor Moon S episode 125 - Super Sailor Moon and Baby Hotaru

Sailor Moon S episode 110 and 111 are now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon S episode 110 - Haruka and Michiru

The two latest episodes of Sailor Moon S are now available on Hulu and Neon Alley. This week a ton is revealed as we get two of the better episodes of the season and one of my favourite episodes of the series as a whole. We find out who has a Talisman, we see the Holy Grail, Super Sailor Moon and even a new character who will be real important later this season. As of episode 110 we have a slightly modified intro. Sailor Chibi Moon and Hotaru appear where they did not in the intro for episode 109. They will both feature prominently for the rest of the season.

Sailor Moon S episode 110 - Usagi struggles with Haruka

Episode 110, The Death of Uranus and Neptune: The Talisman Appears, has Eudial finally discovering who’s Pure Hearts are Talismans. She contacts Haruka and Michiru to let them know about it. They are troubled by this, as to their understanding extracting these things will mean the death of those who have the Talismans, but they have been prepared all season to have blood on their hands to get them. Anything to stop the end of the world! Haruka is unhappy with Usagi being Sailor Moon, so she takes her transformation broach. There’s a lot of that going around. Everyone is off in helicopters of all things to meet Eudial. We learn that the Talismans are actually in Sailor Uranus and Neptune. As they were prepared to take the lives of others to save the world, they are equally prepared to take their own lives. First Sailor Neptune has her Pure Heart extracted, and then Sailor Uranus uses Eudial’s weapon on herself, extracting her own Pure Heart. All hope seems lost as Sailor Uranus and Neptune are seemingly dead with their Talismans revealed! To be continued!

Sailor Moon S episode 110 - Haruka dies

This episode is full of great drama, and Haruka and Michiru first struggle with the idea of having to take someone’s life to save many, and then later have to sacrifice themselves to do so. It’s a moral question that is weighed over and over throughout the series. Is it worth the sacrifice of one life to save many? A twist of the classic trolley experiment. In the Utilitarian eyes of Haruka and Michiru the answer is yes, but Usagi feels much differently. No single life can be sacrificed to save others.

Sailor Moon S episode 111 - Eudial of the Witches 5

Episode 111, The Holly Grail’s Mystical Power: Moon’s Double Transformation, follows where episode 110 left off with Sailor Neptune and Uranus dead! Or are they? Eudial takes off with the two Talismans and there’s a silly bit where the Sailor Guardians get stuck in glue. Finally a familiar face shows up and reveals herself to be Sailor Pluto! Although Sailor Pluto appeared briefly in Sailor Moon R this is the first time we see her in her civilian form, Setsuna Meioh, and therefore the first time she is seen transforming. It turns out she could have saved us a bunch of trouble because she knew all about the Talismans and has one herself! Once the three are put together we get the Holy Grail. Why is Viz trying to spell it Holly Grail? No idea. It’s just nonsense. The Holy Grail is a well established religious item, the target of King Arthur’s quest, and holly is a kind of plant we decorate with around Christmas time. Luckily in the episode itself the item is referred to as the Holy Grail, not the Holly Grail. Anyway with the three Talismans together Sailor Neptune and Uranus’s Pure Hearts are restored and all is good! Now Sailor Moon can transform into Super Sailor Moon, allowing her to get a nice new outfit, and Sailor Chibi Moon gets these little things in her hair. Cool? With that Eudial is quickly defeated, but she does not die at the hands of Super Sailor Moon. Trying to drive away she learns from Mimete of the Witches 5 that her car has been sabotaged, causing her to fall of a cliff seemingly to her death. She is never seen again. Mimete is pretty much terrible. She will be the focus on the next bunch of episodes as she takes over as the main villain. We will be made to feel sorry for her later but try to remember this cold blooded murder when that time comes. A new character is seen in this episode as a young girl is seen screaming when the Holy Grail is created. This is Hotaru Tomoe, the daughter of Professor Tomoe. We’ll be seeing more of her real soon.

Sailor Moon S episode 111 - Super Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon S episode 111 - The Holy Grail

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Sailor Moon S episode 111 - Mimete of the Witches 5

Sailor Moon S episode 111 - Hotaru Tomoe

Super Sailor Moon, Sailor V, Sailor Pluto and Zoisite dressed as Sailor Moon S. H. Figuarts figures revealed

S. H. Figuarts Super Sailor Moon

There have been a lot of new S. H. Figuarts figures revealed since I last posted about them. A Super Sailor Moon S. H. Figuarts figure has been officially announced. It was originally revealed at the Wonder Festival 2015 Winter along with many other figures! Also revealed at this convention were the long awaited Sailor Pluto, Sailor V and Zoisite dressed as Sailor Moon S. H. Figuarts. In total this makes 4 different Sailor Moon S. H. Figuarts figures, 3 of which are mostly just different colours. This is likely the case because it’s much easier to reuse existing molds and change the colours of a figure than to make new molds and a completely new figure. A Sailor Chibi Moon figure had already been revealed which we posted about last year. All figures will cost about $40 to $50 once released in North America.

Sailor Pluto S. H. Figuarts

Super Sailor Moon has a few cool accessories with the Kaleidomoon Scope, her attack item from Sailor Moon S, as well as the Holy Grail which she originally uses to transform in to Super Sailor Moon.

Sailor V S. H. Figuarts

Sailor V looks great. No accessories are shown to be included though this doesn’t mean she won’t have any. The Sailor Venus figure came with a Sailor V mask but this is a drastically different costume. Zoisite dressed as Sailor Moon is from anime episode 33 in which Zoisite posed as Sailor Moon in order to lure in Tuxedo Mask. His colours are slightly different than Sailor Moon’s with a darker costume and green eyes. No accessories are shown here either, though Zoisite stabs Tuxedo Mask while in that costume in the anime. That might be something nice to include.

Zoisite as Sailor Moon S. H. Figuarts

Sailor Moon episode 33 - Zoisite as evil Sailor Moon

Sailor Chibi Moon is only in her original form, not her Super Sailor Chibi Moon form. She comes with her Cutie Moon Rod.

Sailor Chibi Moon S. H. Figuarts

Source: Sailor Moon Official Site announcement for Super Sailor Moon, info about Anime Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Collectibles post about Super Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Collectibles post about Wonder Festival 2015 Winter

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Keep reading for more images of these figures.

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Soldier of Love and Beauty Sailor Venus shirt for sale until Sunday at Arteesel

Soldier of Love and Beauty shirt featuring Sailor Venus

From now until midnight on Sunday May 25th at Arteesel you can pick up a couple of great Sailor Moon shirts for $12 a piece. “Soldier of Love and Beauty” features a silhouette of Sailor Venus against an orange or blue background. “Usagi and the Starry Night“, which we posted about before, features Super Sailor Moon in a style reminiscent of Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Usagi and the Starry Night

The Sailor Venus shirt is made by artist sigma-astra. Check out her Facebook page, Redbubble store and Society6 store for more of her stuff. She’s done a set of five shirts in this style, which are also available at her RedBubble store.

The Van Gogh shirt is designed by Gilles Bonne. Check out his personal web site, Red Bubble store, Facebook, Twitter, deviantART or tumblr pages for more of his stuff.

“Pixel Moon Brooches” shirt available today at ShirtPunch

Pixel Moon Brooches shirt at ShirtPunch

This retro game style shirt featuring four of Sailor Moon’s items is available today at ShirtPunch. Like with all shirt a day sites this shirt will only be available for 24 hours today, January 29th, for $10. This shirt shows pixelated versions of Sailor Chibi Moon’s Crystal Carillon which she uses as an attack item in Sailor Moon SuperS, as well as three of Sailor Moon’s transformation brooches, the Crisis Moon Compact used to transform into Super Sailor Moon in Sailor Moon SuperS, the Cosmic Heart Compact from Sailor Moon S and the Eternal Moon Article used to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon in Sailor Stars.

Sailor Moon's Crisis Moon Compact

The shirt’s artist is Ashley Hay who also did this Moon Geisha shirt and Sailor Moon Pie shirt, both of which have been previously sold at ShirtPunch. For more of her stuff check out her personal web site, Twitter Feed or Facebook Page.

South Park’s Kenny receives Sailor Moon’s Crisis Moon Compact

South Park's Kenny receives Sailor Moon's Crisis Moon Compact

This week’s newest episode of South Park, “A Song of Ass and Fire”, featured a great Sailor Moon reference as Sony’s President gives Kenny Sailor Moon’s Crisis Moon Compact, the item which she uses to transform into Super Sailor Moon in the Sailor Moon SuperS season of the anime. The President of Sony gives Kenny this item so that he can become an official Princess. He then becomes Princess Kenny who has anime eyes and can shoot rainbows from his hands. While the item isn’t exactly identical to the Crisis Moon Compact and has some qualities resembling some of her other transformation items it seems to most closely resemble this with it’s wings, crown and heart shaped crystal.

South Park's Kenny receives Sailor Moon's Crisis Moon Compact

Americans can watch this episode of South Park on Comedy Central’s web site. The reference is near the end of the episode. Thanks to Yosenex from Go Robo Now and Christopher on our Facebook page for spotting this and bringing it to my attention.

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Van Gogh inspired Usagi and the Starry Night shirt for sale today at Shirt Punch

Usagi and the Starry Night

This “Usagi and the Starry Night” Sailor Moon shirt is for sale today, November 15th only, at Shirt Punch for just $10. The shirt features Usagi as Super Sailor Moon in a style similar to Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting Starry Night.

Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night

This shirt’s artist is Gilles Bonne who also designed the Attack on Moon shirt which we posted about in September. For more of his work check out his personal web site, Red Bubble store, Facebook, Twitter, deviantART or tumblr pages.

Gold and silver rings, a wall scroll and a mini towel from Bandai

Sailor Moon Wall Scroll from Bandai

Bandai has announced a bunch of new Sailor Moon items. We have a Sailor Moon Wall Scroll, a Sailor Moon Microfiber Mini Towel and gold plated rings in the style of Super Sailor Moon’s Crisis Moon Compact.

Sailor Moon Mini Microfiber Towel from Bandai

The wall scroll is 51.5×72.8cm (about 20×29″) and is priced at 3150 yen ($33 US). The microfibre mini towel is tiny at 20x20cm (only 8×8″) and sells for 600 yen ($6.30) so don’t expect to be bringing this towel to the beach. Both the wall scroll and towel will be released in July.

Sailor Moon rings - Crisis Moon Compact

The rings are most interesting. They are not toys but real jewellery designed after Sailor Moon’s Crisis Moon Compact which she uses to transform into Super Sailor Moon. Both are made of silver and the gold coloured ring is actually coated in 18k gold. The gem is a pink Swarovski crystal (Swarovski is a brand, not a type of gem) though I understand it lacks any magical properties. The rings are priced at 15,750 yen which is about $166 US. This item will be on sale in August.

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