PROPLICA items based on Sailor Moon Eternal, Figuarts Mini and an Eternal Sailor Moon S. H. Figuarts are being revealed at this weekend’s Tamashii Nations event

Tamashii Nation 2019 - Sailor Moon Eternal PROPLICA and Figuarts MiniThis weekend, October 25th to the 27th, is the Tamashii Nations event in Japan, an exhibit where they unveil many upcoming toys. At this year’s event we’re seeing a ton of Sailor Moon figures and toys which includes three PROPLICA toys based on Sailor Moon Eternal, an S. H. Figuarts Eternal Sailor Moon and five Figuarts Mini figures. This was revealed on the official Sailor Moon site and as the event has started, people have already gotten a look at these.

PROPLICA, a portemanteau of prop and replica, is a series of high quality show accurate props. We previously saw many transformation items and broaches based on the original Sailor Moon anime series from this collection. We now have the first PROPLICA items based on Sailor Moon Crystal as the “Eternal Edition” items which are based on the Sailor Moon Eternal films are being released. This includes the Crisis Moon Compact, Sailor Moon’s transformation item, the Chibi Moon Compact, Sailor Chibi Moon’s transformation item, and the Moon Kaleidoscope, Sailor Moon’s attack item from this arc. These are all based on the Dream arc of the manga, which is what is being adapted as the Sailor Moon Eternal films which are coming to Japan starting on September 11th 2020. Note that the name Moon Kaleidoscope is the manga name which we can confirm is being used for Sailor Moon Crystal, though that particular item was referred to as the Kaleidomoon Scope in the original Sailor Moon anime.

Tamashii Nation 2019 - Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Figuarts Mini and Eternal Sailor Moon S. H. Figuarts

The latest figure in the S. H. Figuarts line is Eternal Sailor Moon. This figure is not specifically branded as being a Sailor Moon Crystal figure and is listed as being part of the Sailor Moon series, that meaning the original Sailor Moon anime. Though we have gotten S. H. Figuarts and Figuarts Zero figures based on Sailor Moon Crystal, these are specifically branded as such. This is a nice looking figure, as all of the S. H. Figuarts have been.

Finally we have a lot of Figuarts Mini figures from both the original Sailor Moon anime as well as from the Sailor Moon Eternal films. From Sailor Moon Sailor Stars from the original anime we have Sailor Star Fighter, Maker and Healer. From the Sailor Moon Crystal films Sailor Moon Eternal we have Super Sailor Moon and Sailor Sailor Chibi Moon. It seems feasible that we would also be seeing an Eternal Sailor Moon in this series at a later date, perhaps when the second film’s release approaches.

I had some wild speculation about what the black rectangle in the first image might be concealing but after seeing footage of the event it seems it’s just a monitor showing images we’ve seen.

Do you plan on buying any of these? Are you taking out a mortgage to do so?

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! is a Sailor Moon inspired Magical Girl anime with boys

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! - Group shot

A new anime series started in Japan this week and it has more than a passing similarity to Sailor Moon. Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! (Binan Koukou Chikyuboeibu LOVE!), often referred to simply as Boeibu or Earth Defense Club, is a lot like other magical girl anime series only its main cast are all boys. This is quite a departure from the standard tropes of magical girl anime as they, as the name suggests, are usually about girls! If you’re curious about the series you can watch it for free on Cruncyroll. The first episode is up now for premium users. Free users can watch episodes a week after release. Episode 1 will therefore me up on Tuesday January 13th.

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! - Transformation sequence

The characters in the show are not cross dressing or transforming into women. They are young men, students in high school, and they transform using magical bracelets which cause them to dress in pretty clothes that, although feminine, are still boys’ clothes. In this state they get a number of magic items and perform magical attacks.

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! - Attack item

Though not the first to be referred to as a magical girl series, Sailor Moon was instrumental in popularizing the genre, pioneering the concept of a team magical girls. Most magical girl series to follow it derive some inspiration from it. It’s interesting that an all boy series would inspire itself from Sailor Moon and similar shows when Sailor Moon itself was attempting to be an all girl version of a super sentai series, shows like Power Rangers, which is a type of show mostly marketed towards boys and who’s ranks were primarily filled with men.

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! transformation bracelets and Sailor Moon's Crisis Moon Compact

The similarities are obvious upon the most basic investigation. Just looking at their transformation bracelets they look quite similar to Sailor Moon’s Crisis Moon Broach from the Sailor Moon SuperS episodes of the anime and corresponding Dream arc of the manga. The various transformation sequences, poses, attack items and the attacks used have a lot of similarity as well. The monsters for example will be healed after combat, restoring them to their original human form, in an attack quite similar to Moon Healing Escalation. A comparison clip was made by a fan comparing the transformation sequences to those from Sailor Moon SuperS, embedded below, and those similarities can’t be denied.

The show even has a talking animal who guides the boys on their quest, similar to Luna in Sailor Moon, this pink talking Wombat controls one of the teachers as a sort of puppet to remain free of suspicion. If this sounds ridiculous it’s because it is, and the show it quite funny. With new episodes released every Tuesday this new series is definitely one that Sailor Moon fans will want to pay attention to. With Crunchyroll releasing episodes for premium users as they are released in Japan and a week later for free, it’s quite easy to keep up with this show.

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! - Wombat

Keep reading for more screenshots from this episode.

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“Pixel Moon Brooches” shirt available today at ShirtPunch

Pixel Moon Brooches shirt at ShirtPunch

This retro game style shirt featuring four of Sailor Moon’s items is available today at ShirtPunch. Like with all shirt a day sites this shirt will only be available for 24 hours today, January 29th, for $10. This shirt shows pixelated versions of Sailor Chibi Moon’s Crystal Carillon which she uses as an attack item in Sailor Moon SuperS, as well as three of Sailor Moon’s transformation brooches, the Crisis Moon Compact used to transform into Super Sailor Moon in Sailor Moon SuperS, the Cosmic Heart Compact from Sailor Moon S and the Eternal Moon Article used to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon in Sailor Stars.

Sailor Moon's Crisis Moon Compact

The shirt’s artist is Ashley Hay who also did this Moon Geisha shirt and Sailor Moon Pie shirt, both of which have been previously sold at ShirtPunch. For more of her stuff check out her personal web site, Twitter Feed or Facebook Page.

South Park’s Kenny receives Sailor Moon’s Crisis Moon Compact

South Park's Kenny receives Sailor Moon's Crisis Moon Compact

This week’s newest episode of South Park, “A Song of Ass and Fire”, featured a great Sailor Moon reference as Sony’s President gives Kenny Sailor Moon’s Crisis Moon Compact, the item which she uses to transform into Super Sailor Moon in the Sailor Moon SuperS season of the anime. The President of Sony gives Kenny this item so that he can become an official Princess. He then becomes Princess Kenny who has anime eyes and can shoot rainbows from his hands. While the item isn’t exactly identical to the Crisis Moon Compact and has some qualities resembling some of her other transformation items it seems to most closely resemble this with it’s wings, crown and heart shaped crystal.

South Park's Kenny receives Sailor Moon's Crisis Moon Compact

Americans can watch this episode of South Park on Comedy Central’s web site. The reference is near the end of the episode. Thanks to Yosenex from Go Robo Now and Christopher on our Facebook page for spotting this and bringing it to my attention.

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Capsule toys for Sailor Moon transformation items, Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor V coming in 2014

Sailor Jupiter keychain and preview of Sailor V and Sailor Chibi Moon keychains

Bandai’s new Sailor Moon keychain capsule toys, also known as Gashapon, are now out in Japan! With these came inserts stating that two new keychains, Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor V, would be released in February 2014.

Sailor Moon transformation item capsule toys

Can’t wait that long? No problem. In January five transformation items will be released as capsule toys. The entire set can be preordered now from JList for only $22. The set includes Sailor Moon’s original transformation brooch from the first season, her Crystal Star Brooch from Sailor Moon R, her Cosmic Heart Compact from Sailor Moon S and her Crisis Moon Compact and Sailor Chibi Moon’s Chibi Moon Compact from Sailor Moon SuperS.

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Pre-order options for the new Brooch, Rings, Nail Polish and Sailor Mercury Figure

Sailor Mercury S. H. Figuarts figure by Bandai

With all of these products coming out soon Sailor Moon fans are all wondering what options they have for purchasing these items in North America. Luckily between online stores YesAsia and J-List a lot of these products are currently up for pre-order.

Sailor Moon rings - Crisis Moon Compact

YesAsia currently has pre-orders up for the Crystal Star Brooch “Sailor Moon R Moon Miracle Romance Shining Powder” as well as the Star Power Stick nail polish “Sailor Moon R Miracle Romance Nail Collection”. J-List has pre-orders available for the Crisis Moon Compact gold and silver rings and Bandai’s new Sailor Mercury S. H. Figuarts figure.

Bandai's Sailor Moon Crystal Star Brooch

None of these stores are affiliated with ours so we make no guarantees but they are well established online stores that have been operating for years. Since these are import toys you will notice that you are paying a premium price for being able to order any of these.

Gold and silver rings, a wall scroll and a mini towel from Bandai

Sailor Moon Wall Scroll from Bandai

Bandai has announced a bunch of new Sailor Moon items. We have a Sailor Moon Wall Scroll, a Sailor Moon Microfiber Mini Towel and gold plated rings in the style of Super Sailor Moon’s Crisis Moon Compact.

Sailor Moon Mini Microfiber Towel from Bandai

The wall scroll is 51.5×72.8cm (about 20×29″) and is priced at 3150 yen ($33 US). The microfibre mini towel is tiny at 20x20cm (only 8×8″) and sells for 600 yen ($6.30) so don’t expect to be bringing this towel to the beach. Both the wall scroll and towel will be released in July.

Sailor Moon rings - Crisis Moon Compact

The rings are most interesting. They are not toys but real jewellery designed after Sailor Moon’s Crisis Moon Compact which she uses to transform into Super Sailor Moon. Both are made of silver and the gold coloured ring is actually coated in 18k gold. The gem is a pink Swarovski crystal (Swarovski is a brand, not a type of gem) though I understand it lacks any magical properties. The rings are priced at 15,750 yen which is about $166 US. This item will be on sale in August.

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