Capsule toys for Sailor Moon transformation items, Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor V coming in 2014

Sailor Jupiter keychain and preview of Sailor V and Sailor Chibi Moon keychains

Bandai’s new Sailor Moon keychain capsule toys, also known as Gashapon, are now out in Japan! With these came inserts stating that two new keychains, Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor V, would be released in February 2014.

Sailor Moon transformation item capsule toys

Can’t wait that long? No problem. In January five transformation items will be released as capsule toys. The entire set can be preordered now from JList for only $22. The set includes Sailor Moon’s original transformation brooch from the first season, her Crystal Star Brooch from Sailor Moon R, her Cosmic Heart Compact from Sailor Moon S and her Crisis Moon Compact and Sailor Chibi Moon’s Chibi Moon Compact from Sailor Moon SuperS.

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New Sailor Moon capsule toy keychains

Sailor Moon capsule toy keychains

These new Sailor Moon key chains are set to go on sale in June, which is pretty much done, so we can expect to see them any day now I suppose. These are capsule toys sold in vending machines which are known in Japan as Gashapon. These tiny keychains are only about 1.5 inches in height. They’re priced at 1000 yen, about $10 US. They are available for pre-order from this link.

The keychains include the main 5 girls, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus as well as a Luna and Artemis set.

Source: Sailor Moon Collectibles