Capsule toys for Sailor Moon transformation items, Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor V coming in 2014

Sailor Jupiter keychain and preview of Sailor V and Sailor Chibi Moon keychains

Bandai’s new Sailor Moon keychain capsule toys, also known as Gashapon, are now out in Japan! With these came inserts stating that two new keychains, Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor V, would be released in February 2014.

Sailor Moon transformation item capsule toys

Can’t wait that long? No problem. In January five transformation items will be released as capsule toys. The entire set can be preordered now from JList for only $22. The set includes Sailor Moon’s original transformation brooch from the first season, her Crystal Star Brooch from Sailor Moon R, her Cosmic Heart Compact from Sailor Moon S and her Crisis Moon Compact and Sailor Chibi Moon’s Chibi Moon Compact from Sailor Moon SuperS.

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Many Sailor Moon references in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic

The latest issue of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Micro Series comic, issue #8 featuring Princess Celestia on the cover, includes a few familiar faces for Sailor Moon fans! Inside these pages are pony versions of Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune (pictured above), Sailor Saturn and Sailor Chibi Moon (pictured below) and Sailor Pluto (in the third photo).

Sailor Saturn and Sailor Chibi Moon in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic book

The similar colours and hair styles aren’t the only similarity as these ponies also have very specific cutie marks which are the symbols of their respective planets and in Sailor Chibi Moon’s case a heart with moon in it which is similar but not identical to any single one of her transformation brooches.

Sailor Pluto in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic book

In addition to these ponies we can also see the Moon Stick sitting on Princess Celestia’s night stand. The other item could be Sailor Neptune’s Deep Aqua Mirror but I’m unsure if this is an intentional reference or not.

The Deep Aqua Mirror and Moon Stick in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic book

This issue’s artist, Amy Mebberson, is a Sailor Moon fan. Check out more of her work, including some Sailor Moon sketches, on her deviantART page, tumblr or Twitter. Also be sure to check out her web comic Pocket Princesses.

Below I’ve included the full panels which include these references for context. The comic hit store shelves this past Wednesday so if you’re interested in picking it up your local comic book store may still have it in stock.

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New Sailor Moon necklaces from Bandai will have you selling your car

Sailor Moon accessory series necklaces by Bandai

Bandai will be releasing a series of very nice looking very expensive Sailor Moon necklaces which are made to resemble some of Sailor Moon’s transformation items. From left to right on the larger image we have gold and silver versions of Sailor Moon’s original Transformation Brooch from the first season, a pink and silver version of the Crystal Star Brooch from Sailor Moon R and Sailor Chibi Moon’s Prism Heart Compact and Sailor Moon’s Cosmic Heart Compact from Sailor Moon S.

The Sailor Moon Cosmic Heart Compact Necklace from Bandai is Tiny

These are high end items! Like the rings we reported on earlier they are real jewelry. All are made of silver and some are gold plated. They’re sold at real jewelry prices! Each necklace is currently price at 12,600 yen which equates to about $125 US. Go ahead and get approval for that loan if you’re hoping to get all six! As you can see from the model wearing one these are quite small. No this is not a gigantic Japanese model wearing a life sized broach, they are about 3/4 of an inch in diameter.

Our baller readers may pre-order these items now through Bandai’s store. Keep reading for a close up look of all of the necklaces.

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Sailor Mercury, Jupiter and Chibi Moon plushies

New plush toys from GE Animation - Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Chibi Moon

GE Animation has finally unveiled the plushies for Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Chibi Moon. Previously only Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus have been available leaving fans to wonder when they would ever be able to complete their sets. GE Animation confirmed Sailor Mercury and Jupiter were in the works via Twitter in January but these pictures only surfaced last week.

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Source: Sailor Moon Collectibles

Hello Kitty/Sailor Moon shirt available today at ShirtPunch

Hello Sailor Scouts - Sailor Moon/Hello Kitty t-shirt at ShirtPunch

This neat looking “Hello Sailor Scouts” t-shirt, crossing the worlds of Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty, is available at ShirtPunch today, April 9th, from midnight to midnight EST. Pick it up in the next 24 hours for $10 because after that it’s gone forever!

The characters on this shirt, obvious parodies of Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon, are named Sailor Meow and Sailor Mini Meow! Sailor Meow is shown with the Spiral Heart Moon Rod, which makes sense given this is the item Sailor Moon has when Sailor Chibi Moon first appears. To be a bit nitpicky Sailor Meow’s broach and tiara are consistent with earlier designs as neither of these items coexisted with the Spiral Heart Moon Rod or the presence of Sailor Chibi Moon. This version of Sailor Moon would have had a heart shaped broach and a crescent moon on her tiara. Sailor Mini Meow’s Pink Moon Stick is the one that Sailor Chibi Moon had in her Sailor Moon S form, prior to her transformation into Super Sailor Chibi Moon, so that is consistent as well.

The shirt is designed by Jelly Soup Studios. You can check out her web site Jelly’s Sketchbook for more of her art.

Stephanie “Sugar” Lyn Beard interview at Anime Revolution

Stephanie "Sugar" Lyn Beard, voice of Rini, at Anime Revolution

Here’s an interview with Stephanie “Sugar” Lyn Beard, the voice of Rini aka Sailor Mini Moon from Anime Revolution 2012 in Vancouver. Sugar talks about her early days on the radio, working on the zone and her work on Sailor Moon. She also plugs her new movie “For a Good Time, Call…” which is now playing in select theatres. You can watch the interview at the Anime Revolution site. It’s also embedded below for your convenience.

Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Panel at Anime Revolution

Sailor Moon voice actor panel at Anime Revolution featuring Vince Corazza, Stephanie "Sugar" Beard, Ron Rubin, Terri Hawkes, Susan Roman and Katie Griffin

Last month at Anime Revolution in Vancouver there was a 20th Anniversary celebration including a panel featuring six of the cast members from the English dub. From left to right this panel includes Vince Corazza, voice of Tuxedo Mask, Stephanie “Sugar” Beard, voice of Rini, Ron Rubin, voice of Artemis, Terri Hawkes, voice of Sailor Moon, Susan Roman, voice of Sailor Jupiter and Katie Griffin, voice of Sailor Mars. The video is split into two parts. The quality isn’t perfect but the sound does come through pretty well so it’s well worth a listen.

Part 1 and Part 2 cover the entire panel. The third clip included below covered a half hour in the middle and is of higher quality. The voice actor portion begins 37 minutes into the first clip as it’s preceeded by some Karaoke and clips of many incarnations of Sailor Moon.

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