Volume 12 of the Sailor Moon manga is out now

Sailor Moon manga vol. 12 - Cover

Volume 12 of the Sailor Moon manga was released today! It is now available in stores and online. Buy it from the Amazon link included below to support the site.

This story concludes the main story of the Sailor Moon manga. This is it! Will Sailor Moon beat all the bad guys or will she be killed along with all her friends? You’ll have to read the book to find out! There will be two more books of short stories which are aside from the main continuity which will be released in the coming months.

Included as always are some nice looking colour pages.

Sailor Moon manga vol. 12 - Colour pages

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Volume 11 of the Sailor Moon Manga is out now


Sailor Moon Manga Vol. 11 cover Sailor Chibi Chibi

Volume 11 of the Sailor Moon Manga’s new English edition by Kodansha is in stores and available online today. This book features Sailor Chibi Chibi on the cover, a character so shrouded in mystery that if I were to tell you who she is I would spoil the whole story for you! This book covers the beginning of the “Stars” arc, the final story arc of the Sailor Moon manga to be completed with the next volume. In this book we have the appearance of Chibi Chibi as well as the Sailor Starlights posing as the Three Lights. Buy this book through the Amazon link below to support our site.

The book as always comes with some nice looking colour pages. Check out a couple of previews of that below.

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Kodansha Comics giveaway and new Sailor Moon artbook info

Kodansha Comics logo

Sailor Moon Collectibles has the scoop on information about the Sailor Moon artbook. We haven’t heard much about this book since the original announcement at New York Comic Con last October and though there were a lot of answers that weren’t really answers, here’s what we’ve learned from Kodansha Comics USA.

The art books will all be printed in Japan and distributed around the world. We previously learned that they would be sold in seven countries, which includes Japan and the United States but we still don’t know what those five other countries are. We have learned that each country will have it’s own unique bonus materials meaning it will be quite expensive for completists to get every last one if they want all of the bonus content.

The Kodansha Tumblr page will be having a giveaway tomorrow, May 1st. Prizes, which will include Sailor Moon merchandise, will be manga, pins, calendars, posters and more.

Osa-P with a Kodansha bag

Volume 10 of the Sailor Moon manga is out now

Sailor Moon manga volume 10 - Sailor Saturn

In case you haven’t picked yours up yet volume 10 of the Sailor Moon manga hit stores last Tuesday, May 26th. You can pick it up at your local book store or on Amazon using the link below.

This volume features Sailor Saturn on the cover and includes stories leading up to the end of the conflict between the Sailor Soldiers and the Dead Moon Circus.

Volume 9 of the Sailor Moon manga is out now

English Sailor Moon manga vol. 9 - Sailor Pluto

The 9th volume of the new English release of the Sailor Moon manga was released today. This version features Sailor Pluto on the cover. You can purchase the book through the amazon link below to support this site.

This book covers acts 2 to 6 of the “Dream” arc, which is the equivalent to the Sailor Moon SuperS season of the anime. This focuses on the story of Pegasus/Helios. In the final chapter of this book we see the return of Sailors Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn. Be sure to check it out!

Volume 8 of the Sailor Moon manga is out now

Sailor Mars reading Sailor Moon manga vol. 8 - Sailor Neptune cover

Volume 8 of Kodansha Comics’ English release of the Sailor Moon manga hit stores yesterday. You can pick it up from many comic and book stores or from Amazon at the link below. These books will also be available on the sidebar of the main page. Ordering from these links will help support the site which is greatly appreciated.

This volume has the lovely Sailor Neptune on the cover. In this book we see the conclusion of the “Infinity” arc involving Sailor Saturn and Mistress 9 and move on to the “Dream” arc which introduces us to Pegasus. Keep reading for a few photos of the inside of the book.

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Sailor Moon portion of the Kondansha panel at New York Comic Con 2012

Kodansha panel Sailor Moon announcements at New York Comic Con 2012

A Sailor Moon fan has recorded a part of the Kodansha Comics USA panel from last weekend’s New York Comic Con which includes the portions relevant to Sailor Moon. The video embedded below has been cued up to when the Sailor Moon discussion begins.

This panel began with the announcmeent of a new Sailor Moon art book for 2013 that we previously discussed on the site. This art book is being put together in Japan and the details are sparse. The Sailor Moon manga box set was then mentioned. These are not new versions of the books, though typos and errors are corrected with reprints so some minor issues may be corrected in these. This followed with a reading of a letter from Naoko Takeuchi to American fans.

Thanks to Senshi_chan for recording the video.

Kodansha announces a Sailor Moon art book at New York Comic Con

Sailor Moon art books announced at Kodansha comics USA panel at NYCC 2012

Today was the Kodansha Comics USA panel at New York Comic Con. The big announcement they had was that there would be a new Sailor Moon art book released in the US as well as in six other countries in 2013. This will not be a translation of any of the existing art books but rather a compilation taking art from all of the existing books that will also include some previously unpublished material. There were originally seven Sailor Moon art books in Japan which collected art from the manga. This includes volumes I through V, the materials collection and the Infinity art book. None of the existing art books have ever been published in North America.

Sailor Moon art books

The panel also included a message from Naoko Takeuchi herself. She confirmed that the box set of the new versions of the Sailor Moon manga will be released for Thanksgiving, November 20th. This message as well as the art book press release can be found below along with pictures of some of the Kodansha booth swag.

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Sailor Moon manga book 1-6 box set coming in November

Sailor Moon Manga Volumes 1-6 Box Set

A box set collecting the English versions of the first six books of Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon manga will go on sale November 20th. This set is already up for pre-order on Amazon. This set was first made known when it went up for pre-order on Right Stuf’s web site a few days ago. This was confirmed by Kodansha on Twitter. The box art is only now being made available. It looks like a sheet of cards, bookmarks or stickers comes with the set. The books themselves look like the ones we already have judging by the spines.

The box art, of which we can only see one side, is an image of Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon originally used as the cover of the second volume of the manga. Does the first volume cover appear on the other side which we can’t see?

Sailor Moon manga volume 2 original cover

Support this site by pre-ordering the box set through the link below.