Kodansha Comics giveaway and new Sailor Moon artbook info

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Sailor Moon Collectibles has the scoop on information about the Sailor Moon artbook. We haven’t heard much about this book since the original announcement at New York Comic Con last October and though there were a lot of answers that weren’t really answers, here’s what we’ve learned from Kodansha Comics USA.

The art books will all be printed in Japan and distributed around the world. We previously learned that they would be sold in seven countries, which includes Japan and the United States but we still don’t know what those five other countries are. We have learned that each country will have it’s own unique bonus materials meaning it will be quite expensive for completists to get every last one if they want all of the bonus content.

The Kodansha Tumblr page will be having a giveaway tomorrow, May 1st. Prizes, which will include Sailor Moon merchandise, will be manga, pins, calendars, posters and more.

Osa-P with a Kodansha bag

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