Sailor Jupiter Pullip doll announced

Sailor Jupiter Pullip Doll

The Sailor Jupiter Pullip doll has been revealed on the Sailor Moon official site. The doll follows Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus and Princess Serenity which have already been released. Why do we keep getting Sailor Venus products before Sailor Jupiter products despite Sailor Jupiter being the first to appear in the manga and anime? Not sure. Maybe it has something to do with Sailor V or character popularity.

Pullip dolls are high quality oddly proportioned dolls with large heads and eyes. This one will retail for 16,000 yen, about $135 US. It’s expected to sell for the same amount as the dolls which have already been released. The Bandai Premium exclusive version will be more expensive and, based on the other releases, will likely come with Makoto’s school uniform. We’ll share photos of that exclusive once they are revealed.

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The Sailor Moon Crystal Original Soundtrack will be released December 24th

Sailor Moon Crystal Original Soundtracks

A Sailor Moon Crystal soundtrack will be released on December 24th in Japan. This soundtrack will feature background music from the entire first year of the Sailor Moon Crystal anime. This two disk set will include the Dark Kingdom story arc which will soon be completing as well as the Black Moon Clan story arc, sometimes referred to as the second season, which will begin in January 2015. The track information given on the Sailor Moon official site as well as the Evil Line Records site clearly shows it spanning until the end of the Black Moon Clan arc with 2nd disk titles including “Sad Black Lady” and “Through the Gate of Time”.

The cover art is included above. It includes Prince Endymion, Princess Serenity and Luna in a stained glass window style. You can order the CD from online retailers such as Amazon Japan, CD Japan or YesAsia. MSRP is 3000 yen, about $25 US.

As I have mentioned many times I do not speak Japanese but here is what I can piece together from the track listing with the help of Google Translate. I tried to make sense of the names but some of them are total guesses based on some broken English because translation software is impressive but we’re still in 2014.


Prelude: The Lengend
1. Legend of the Moon

Chapter I: Make Up!
2. Moon Prism Power Make Up!
3. Star Power Make Up!
4. In The Name of the Moon I Will Punish You!

Opening Theme
5. Moon Pride (TV Version)

Chapter II: Tuxedo Romance
6. Tuxedo Mask
7. Mamoru’s Theme

Chapter III: Sign of Phantom
8. Shadows lurking in the darkness
9. Beginning of the grotesque

Chapter IV: Pretty Guardians
10. Sailor Moon’s Theme
11. Sailor Mercury’s Theme
12. Sailor Mars’s Theme
13. Sailor Jupiter’s Theme
14. Sailor Venus’s Theme

Chapter V: Girls’ Holiday
15. Bright Sunlight
16. A New Day Has Begun
17. It’s Not Good, I’m Goofy ???
18. Every Day Wonderland ???

Chapter VI: The Ordeal of Love
19. Evil Tuxedo Mask
20. Conflicted Mind
21. A Deep Sorry
22. Love Again

Chapter VII: The Battle
23. Shock
24. The Darkness Attacks
25. Moon Healing Escalation!
26. The Sailor Guardians of Love and Justice

Chapter VII: Friendship
27. The Bonds of Love
28. Irreplaceable Friendship
29. Moments of Peace

30. Sailor V Game


Chapter IX: The True Face of the Sailor Guardians – Pretty Girls
1. Usagi’s Theme
2. Ami’s Theme
3. Rei’s Theme
4. Makoto’s Theme
5. Minako’s Theme

Chapter X: Small Stranger – Little Moon
6. Chibiusa’s The
7. Dazzling World
8. Dreamy Waltz

Chapter XI: The Return of Phantom
9. More Darkness Than Ever
10. Anxiety and Impatience
11. Tragic Battle

Chapter XII: Sad Black Lady
12. Black Lady
13. Quiet Sorry
14. Unleashed Anger

Chapter XXII: Through the Gate of Time
15. Door
16. Sailor Chibi Moon’s Theme

Chapter XIV: Determination
17. Omen of Doom
18. A Prayer to the Moon
19. Decision to Chest ???

Chapter XV: The Final Battle
20. The Final Battle

Chapter XVI: The Miracle of Love
21. Love Theme

Final Chapter: Finale: To The Future
22. A Refreshing Wind
23. The Story Will Continue Tomorrow ???

Ending Theme
24. Moonbow (Gekkou) (TV Version)

Sailor Moon R episodes 61 and 62 are now available on Hulu

Sailor Moon R episode 61 - Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon

The two latest episodes of Sailor Moon R are now available on Hulu and Neon Alley. This week we have episodes 61 and 62 which continues the story of Chibiusa and the Black Moon Clan.

Sailor Moon R episode 61 - Usagi crying

Episode 61, Usagi Devastated: Mamoru Declares a Break-Up, is a pretty sad episode. Now that Usagi and Mamoru have finally had their moment of happiness they are quickly torn apart. Mamoru is behaving strangely and decides to break it off with Usagi. Usagi is naturally confused by this sudden change in attitude, but when she learns that he is serious about this she is heartbroken. As Usagi breaks down crying in a phone booth we can really get a feeling for her pain. The Black Moon Clan then try to make her forget her trouble with makeup, which naturally doesn’t work.

Sailor Moon R episode 62 - Ami, Chibiusa and Mamoru at the airport

Episode 61, A Guardian’s Friendship: Goodbye, Ami, has Ami leaving! When I first watched this episode back in the day I really had no idea how this series would play out so I didn’t know if Ami really would go or not! The episode also features new transformation items for the girls. Ami’s friends are not able to meet her at the airport because they’re busy fighting evil, but when she gets their gift and letter she realizes she can’t go. And how could she? Who would be able to just leave the country while evil is threatening the city and the world? Who would give up on such a sacred duty? Mamoru does! But that’s over 100 episodes away and it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Sailor Moon R episode 62 - Sailor Mercury's new transformation item

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Sailor Moon Crystal Act 11, Reunion – Endymion, Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 11 - Endo and Mamoru are good friends

The latest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal is now available. Act 11, Reunion – Endymion, can be streamed on Crunchyroll, Hulu or Niconico. This week a mysterious familiar looking fellow named Endo shows up in Tokyo.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 11 - Endo is absolutely no Mamoru

So who is this Endo who looks exactly like Mamoru but has no costume? Everyone seems to very quickly notice that he is Mamoru but for some reason quickly discounts it because his eyes seem to look a bit different. It’s hard enough to accept the show’s basic concept that a tiny mask or tiara completely hides one’s identity. Indeed Sailor Moon Crystal, like the Manga, does a great job of not falling for this too much as people are pretty quick to recognize the true identities of other despite their costumes. Why is is that all of a sudden no costume and simply telling people your name is Endo is a perfect disguise? Then there’s of course the fact that the name Endo is clearly short for Endymion, but also the name of Motoki’s effeminate friend. I guess this is supposed to be a colossal coincidence since Evil Mamoru takes Endo’s name?

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 11 - Endo brainwashes Motoki

Endo instantly bonds with Motoki. His reason for targeting the arcade actually makes some sense. He senses something about the Sailor V video game, which is over the Sailor Guardians’ headquarters, and so he infiltrates the place by befriending Motoki. Endo and Motoki’s relationship in the Manga is a bit gay, most noticeably in a reach around arcade stick grab panel that is seen at one point, but generally in the way they hang off of each other. Brad from Moonkitty make an interesting observation on Twitter that it’s trouble to associate homosexuality with evil. Indeed the examples of homosexuality in the first arc of the manga and subsequently the first season of the anime, are amongst villains. Sailor Moon is fairly good about portraying their heroes as being gay or lesbian once Sailor Neptune and Uranus show up, as well as hinting at some same sex attractions amongst other characters earlier in the series. I like to think this early connection between evil and homosexuality was not intended as a correlation, but all things considered it’s nice to see it toned down.

Sailor Moon Manga Act 11 - Reunion, Endymion - Endo's suggestive reach around arcade stick grab

Motoki’s heterosexuality is also present in this episode as we get a better look at Reika, Motoki’s love interest. We originally saw a brief glimpse of her in act 3 but this is the first time she is fully present. She seems a bit miffed at Endo and Motoki’s affections for each other.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 11 - Reika

This week we get a look at Ami’s apartment, which we are supposed to be really impressed with because it is fancy looking. Perhaps this is a cultural difference but I find the fact that Usagi’s family lives in a full on house in crowded Tokyo to be more impressive and desirable than Ami’s apartment living. Minako humorously asks if her carrying around a sword in an apartment lobby is conspicuous and everyone thinks it is. The sword’s strength is demonstrated as Minako then uses it to destroy one of Ami’s mother’s diamonds.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 11 - Does this sword make me look sketchy?

As things develop the headquarters is infiltrated by Makoto who is herself brainwashed into stealing the Silver Crystal. When things get serious I guess there wasn’t much to fill the episode as we painstakingly watch every character’s transformation sequence. There is a lot from the original anime that I miss but excessive stock footage is not one of those things! In the original manga publication this act and the next were actually a single story but they were split for later publications. This is why they likely needed to fill a bit of time. During the ensuing battle Venus uses her “Venus Love Me Chain” attack for the first time and Rei kicks evil Tuxedo Mask.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 11 - Sailor Mars kicks Tuxedo Mask

Beryl shows up and it’s revealed that Endo is actually Mamoru, and for some reason people are surprised by this. Does anyone actually ship Beryl and Mamoru? I mean, I love to ship all kinds of people and relish in how much it annoys fans but this coupling just doesn’t work for me.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 11 - Sailor Moon comforts an injured Luna

Luna and Usagi’s relationship has some attention this week. She console’s Usagi at the beginning of the episode and later, after being attacked by a very evil Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon hugs her once more. Their complex relationship is obviously much more than owner/cat dynamic and closer to one of mentoring and close friendship.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 12 Preview - Evil Tuxedo Mask and Queen Beryl

Next time is act 12, Enemy – Queen Metaria. As I mentioned this next story was originally part of act 11 in the first manga publication. During the 2003 rerelease of the manga the story was split in two. Sailor Moon Crystal is following those chapter breaks for episodes.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 12 - Enemy - Queen Metaria

On December 20th we’ll be seeing more of evil Tuxedo Mask, some Mamoru/Queen Beryl shipping and some pretty violent shocking events.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 12 Preview -

Keep reading for more screenshots from this episode and the next episode preview.

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Watch Sailor Moon Crystal Act 11, Reunion – Endymion, starting December 6th at 5am Eastern Time

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 11 Preview - Usagi sees Endo

Tomorrow morning, December 6th, the 11th episode of Sailor Moon Crystal will be available on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Niconico starting at 7pm Japan Standard time, 5am Eastern Time and 2am Pacific Time. Act 11, Reunion – Endymion, has Mamoru returning to Tokyo. No wait, that’s not Mamoru! It’s Endo who only looks exactly like Tuxedo Mask but is a totally different guy.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 11 - Reunion, Endymion

The manga has Endo acting very friendly with Motoki and wearing some pretty weird looking shirts. How much of this will make it’s way into the anime? Find out soon!

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 11 Preview - Endo

Sailor Moon Crystal Deluxe Limited Edition Blu-Ray vol. 2 review

Sailor Moon Crystal Deluxe Limited Edition Blu-Ray vol. 2 - Inside

The latest volume of Sailor Moon Crystal was released on Deluxe Limited Edition Blu-Ray on November 12th (Amazon Japan, CD Japan, JList, YesAsia) while the regular edition Blu-Ray (Amazon Japan, CD Japan, YesAsia) and DVD (Amazon Japan, CD Japan, YesAsia) will be released on December 10th. This release, like the first one, only included two episodes. This month we have Act 3, Rei – Sailor Mars, and Act 4, Masquerade Dance Party. To celebrate Sailor Mars’s appearance we have Sailor Mercury on the cover and a Sailor Mercury charm included. Each Deluxe Limited Edition set comes in a fancy box with a special book and a charm to add to the charm bracelet which was included with vol. 1. This charm is of Sailor Mercury’s transformation pen.

Sailor Moon Crystal Deluxe Limited Edition Blu-Ray vol. 2 - Sailor Mercury Charm

The disk itself is similar to the first one. Episodes are included in HD with great image quality. Some of the scenes which originally had some pretty bad animation have been touched up. The Blu-Ray is region A, which will play in a North American Blu-Ray player, however the audio is in Japanese and there are no English subtitles. An audio commentary is included, also in Japanese, so I don’t have any real details on what they talk about!

Sailor Moon Crystal Deluxe Limited Edition Blu-Ray vol. 2 - Box

The box also comes with a special 24 page book. This includes a summary and images for act 3 and 4, interviews with Atsutoshi Umezawa, executive producer for Sailor Moon Crystal, and Hisako Kanemoto, the voice actress for Sailor Mercury, character art for Sailor Mercury and other characters, backgrounds and a special page by Osabu, Fumio Osano, editor of Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon Crystal Deluxe Limited Edition Blu-Ray vol. 2 - Book - Act 3 - Rei - Sailor Mars

The set is expensive for only including two episodes, but has a lot of cool extras. It may be of interest to collectors but if you’re just looking to watch the show, you may want to stick with the free and totally legal streaming version.

Keep reading for more images from this set including photos of all pages of the included book.

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Sailor Moon R episodes 59 and 60 are now on Hulu

Sailor  Moon R episode 59 - Ail and An

This week’s new episodes of Sailor Moon R on Hulu and Neon Alley end one arc and start another. We see the last of Ail, An, the Makaiju and the Moonlight Knight in episode 59 and we see the introduction of Chibiusa and the Black Moon Clan in episode 60. As with every week these two new episodes are in Japanese with English subtitles by Viz.

Sailor  Moon R episode 59 - Ail and An as children

Episode 59, True Love Awakens: The Makai Tree’s Secret, wraps up the story of the Ail and An. The seemingly evil tree has trashed a building and is attacking everything. It kills An, causing her and Ail to realise how much they love each other, but is then cut short of killing Ail too when it hears Sailor Moon’s call to stop. The Makaiju communicates and tells us it’s origin story. Ail and An were part of a species of aliens born from the tree on a distant planet. They are seen coming from the same pod, which means they are not only siblings but in a way twins. What a scandalous Luke and Leia twincest affair they have! The aliens fought for the tree but it turned out it was love that nourished it! What a hilarious misunderstanding that resulted in many deaths and injuries. We then learn the true identity of the Moonlight Knight. Who knew he was actually Mamoru? But wait… how are they always seen together? The Moonlight Knight is just a spirit born from Mamoru’s desire to protect Usagi despite his blocked memories. Sailor Moon heals the tree, leaving nothing but a little sprout. An is revived and her and Ail go off to live in the lonely depths of space. This concludes the Makaiju story arc. Fans have mixed feelings on these episodes but I always thought they were fantastic.

Sailor  Moon R episode 59 - The Moonlight Knight is Mamoru

Sailor  Moon R episode 60 - Chibiusa crashing Usagi and Mamoru's date

Episode 60, Angel or Devil? the Mysterious Girl from the Sky, introduces us to Chibiusa! Usagi and Mamoru are very briefly happy in this episode as they share their first consensual kiss! The only time they actually kissed in the first season was when Mamoru took advantage of an unconscious Sailor Moon who was unable to consent. Once their past lives were revealed Tuxedo Mask was injured and wisked away to be made evil. Since Usagi didn’t kiss his dead body and didn’t get any action while his memories were blocked, this is the first kiss they actually exchange. Not content to keep them together their happiness is soon thwarted by Chibiusa who literally falls from the sky kissing Mamoru. She then pulls a gun on Usagi in a hilarious scene. Chibiusa proceeds to brainwash everyone into thinking she’s Usagi’s cousin after which Usagi gets her revenge by spanking her. So what is this girl’s secret? Surely by now most people know the full story but unlike the secret identity of Princess Serenity or The Moonlight Knight, this one isn’t terribly obvious from the beginning. The Black Moon Clan also show up this week but they aren’t interesting for another few episodes.

Sailor  Moon R episode 60 - Chibiusa pointing a gun at Usagi

Sailor  Moon R episode 60 - Usagi slapping Chibiusa

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