3 thoughts on “Sailor Moon R episode 61 – Usagi crying

  1. among us sad animation
    mini crewmate and crewmate was on skeld map
    but then an impostor wants to kill yellow aka banana
    and wants to have banana’s son be sad FOREVER aka lemon sour lemon geez
    so then the crewemates and the impostor were together
    the crewmates didn’t know that pink aka your mom was the impostor
    then brown aka poop got killed by your mom
    banana and lemon didn’t see
    because they were running away from the impostor
    then lemon gets shocked to see a dead body
    he then asks his father
    there’s a dead body
    then banana replied
    don’t worry
    we’ll just
    report the body
    i hope something like this NEVER happens to my dad
    lemon says quietly
    then the other crewmembers talk openly to find the impostor
    the body was outside electrical
    they didn’t know it was your mom
    then mr pepperoni mam accues them
    then lights came off
    banana dies
    lemon starts crying
    then they ejected jeff
    then your mom was the impostor
    they fought
    and crewmates win
    THE END :)

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