Is Bandai working on a Sailor Moon video game for the Nintendo 3DS?

Sailor V video game

A few web sites have posted news about a rumour of a new Sailor Moon video game for the Nintendo 3DS game. I feel that it’s necessary to be specific about just how prelimenary this information really is. All that has happened is that “SAILOR MOON videogame for Wii/Wii U petition“, a Facebook group trying to petition to have a new Sailor Moon game made, made this post on the S.H. Figuarts Facebook page asking them to create a new Sailor Moon game. Their answer was “After the 2013 Anime aired, Bandai Namco games will make it. Probally for 3DS like Inazuma Eleven“. Keep in mind of course that S.H. Figuarts is a line of toys, including the new Sailor Moon figure that Bandai is releasing in August, and that they are not responsible for creating video games. Whether they have inside information about Bandai’s plans to create a 3DS game or that they are simply speculating about the creation of such a game is not clear at this point. When asked for more information they simply stated it was to be announced.

Sailor Moon 3DS video game rumour Facebook post

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Sailor Mercury, Jupiter and Chibi Moon plushies

New plush toys from GE Animation - Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Chibi Moon

GE Animation has finally unveiled the plushies for Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Chibi Moon. Previously only Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus have been available leaving fans to wonder when they would ever be able to complete their sets. GE Animation confirmed Sailor Mercury and Jupiter were in the works via Twitter in January but these pictures only surfaced last week.

Follow GE Animation on Facebook to keep up to date with some of their upcoming releases.

Source: Sailor Moon Collectibles

Stephanie Morgenstern to appear at Unplugged Expo in Toronto this October

Mina - Sailor Venus

Stephanie Morgenstern, the voice of Sailor Venus from the English dub of the Sailor Moon anime, will be the guest of honour at the Unplugged Expo October 26th & 27th in downtown Toronto. Watch this video featuring Stephanie Morgenstern for the full announcement:

The video teases “Wouldn’t it be great if we could get all the Sailor Scouts in one place at the same time?”. That certainly sounds like A Weekend of Awesome. We certainly hope more voice actors will be able to join this convention. We’ll let you know of any new developments as we learn about them.

Check out the Unplugged Expo official site and Facebook page to stay up to date on new updates.

Bandai’s S. H. Figuarts Sailor Mercury figure prototype

Sailor Mercury S. H. Figuarts prototype

We’ve got a new Sailor Mercury figure coming some time soon. A few pictures such as this one from the Sailor Moon German Facebook page, this one tweeted by Fumio Osana, Sailor Moon’s editor, and some seen on Japanese site Seaside Tears 2 show the prototype of Sailor Mercury’s figure. Since this is just a prototype figure there is no colour and it’s pretty unfinished, but it appears alongside Bandai’s existing Sailor Moon S. H. Figuarts figure which will be on sale soon. The tag in front of the figure clearly identifies it to be an S. H. Figuarts figure and that Japanese text reads “Sailor Mercury”. Here’s hoping we get Sailor Mars and other figures following this release!

Sailor Mercury S. H. Figuarts prototype

We will have more information on this figure as it becomes available.

Source: Sailor Moon Collectibles

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Pre-order Bandai’s new Sailor Moon figure

Bandai's S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon figure commercial - Sailor Moon with her Moon Stick

Since Wednesday pre-orders for Bandai’s new Sailor Moon figure are up. You can pre-order this figure at many different online retailers, including the Amazon link shown below which can also be found in the Amazon store in our sidebar.

If for whatever reason you would prefer not to order from Amazon, there are many other pre-order options that can be considered. Listed below are all of the ones we are aware of at the time of this post going online.

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Two Sailor Moon/Totoro shirts for sale today at The Yetee

"Lunar Express" shirt - Luna from Sailor Moon as the Cat Bus from My Neighbor Totoro

Today at The Yetee there are two shirts featuring a mix of Sailor Moon and My Neighbor Totoro. They are for sale today and today only for $11 each.

My Neighbor Totoro - Cat Bus running

“Lunar Express” has Luna as a giant Cat Bus with Sailor Moon riding inside of her. The Japanese writing on the bus showing the destination says “Luna”. This shirt was done by Machmigo and you can find more of her art on her Facebook page.

"My Neighbor Luna" - Luna from Sailor Moon as Totoro

“My Neighbor Luna”, has a giant Luna taking the place of Totoro and a relatively small Sailor Moon in the place of Satsuki in the iconic bus stop scene from the film and it’s movie poster. This shirt’s artist is Karen Hallion. You can check out her Facebook page for more of her art.

My Neighbor Totoro Poster

“Battle For The Moon” shirt for sale today at ShirtPunch

"Battle For The Moon" shirt at ShirtPunch

This “Battle For The Moon” shirt is available at ShirtPunch today and today only, April 7th, for $10 after which it will be gone forever! This shirt features Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus literally fighting over the Moon.

The shirt’s artist is Donnie. You can check out his web site, blog or Facebook page for more of his works.

Sailor Moon animation director Kazuko Tadano confirms a delay of the new anime series in an interview at Cartoonist 2013

Kazuko Tadano from the Sailor Moon anime

Kazuko Tadano, animation director and character designer for the original Sailor Moon series, confirmed in an Italian interview at the Cartoonist 2013 convention in Nice, France that the new Sailor Moon anime series would be delayed, potentially up to December. While Kazuko Tadano will not be working on the new anime series she stated that nothing was in the works, that there will be a large delay and that it will probably be ready in December. While this is once again not an official announcement of a delay this adds to a mountain of evidence that has already suggested a delay is happening. It should also be considered that since Kazuko Tadano is not associated with the show this isn’t first hand information but likely something she’s heard from someone else in the industry. We can’t make any definitive conclusions about the idea that the delay could be until the end of the year, though this does match up with the winter 2014 estimate that was given by a European distributor for Toei a few weeks ago.

Kazuko Tadano and Hiromi Matsushita as students from the Sailor Moon anime

Beyond this news she also discussed her work on Sailor Moon. When asked about leaving the series after two seasons of doing character designs and animation direction she mentioned that it was difficult to work with Toei and that she wanted to work on other projects. She also talked about Ail and An, the two aliens from Sailor Moon R, and how they were original characters of her own creation.

Ail holding An in Sailor Moon R

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Bandai’s new commercial for their S. H. Figuarts Sailor Moon figure

Bandai's S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon figure commercial - Sailor Moon with her mouth open

Bandai has released this fantastic commercial for their upcoming S. H. Figuarts Sailor Moon figure. The commercial features the voice of Sailor Moon from the original anime Kotono Mitsuishi and features a number of different parts that are included with the figure. You can watch it below.

The figure will be officially up for pre-order on May 8th, though as we have mentioned some sites have already started taking pre-orders for the figure. Once more details about the pre-orders and the figure are announced we’ll be sure to share them with you.

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“Crystal Clear Hero” Tuxedo Mask shirt available today at ShirtPunch

Tuxedo Mask shirt at ShirtPunch - Crystal Clear Hero

May 2nd update: This shirt was first available on February 7th but it has been listed again today, May 2nd, at the same site. Check out this highly requested reprint if you missed it the first time around.

This nice looking Tuxedo Mask t-shirt is available for $10 only on February 7th at ShirtPunch. Sites like ShirtPunch sell a new shirt every day for one day only for a low price. This is the first Tuxedo Mask shirt I’ve seen on one of these sites. Be sure to pick one up!

The title “Crystal Clear Hero” could be a reference to the dub episode title “A Crystal Clear Destiny” or just a similar pun about Tuxedo Mask’s searching for the Crystal in the first season.

The shirt’s artist is inkOne. He’s done a lot of other shirts for sites like this. Some of his designs can be found at this online store. You can also follow him on Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date with his stuff.