The Tao of Meow and Teen Romance Comics Sailor Moon shirts today at The Yetee

The Tao of Meow Luna and Artemis shirt at The Yetee

There are two new Sailor Moon shirts for sale today and today only at The Yetee. These shirts are only for sale on August 6th for $11. The first shirt, “The Tao of Meow” has Luna and Artemis posed like a Yin and Yang symbol lying on top of a bed of roses and various Sailor Moon transformation and attack items. The second shirt, “Teen Romance Comics” has Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask in an old American comic type design.

Teen Romance Comics shirt at The Yetee

The Tao of Meow shirt is designed by artist Gilles Bone. More of his work can be found on his Redbubble, Facebook, Twitter, deviantART and tumblr pages.

The Teen Romance Comics shirt was previously sold at Shirt Punch. This shirt’s artist is DiHA. Check out the original piece that this shirt was based off of. Check out her RedBubble store, Deviant Art and Facebook pages for more of her work.

Hello Luna Sailor Moon/Hello Kitty shirt for sale today at The Yetee

Hello Luna shirt at The Yetee

Check out this great looking Hello Luna shirt which is for sale today, June 21st, for one day only for $11 at The Yetee. The shirt shows Luna with a Moon Stick drawn in the style of Hello Kitty.

The shirt’s artist is Drew Wise. Check out his other works on his Redbubble store, Facebook Page, Twitter feed, tumblr or deviantART.

“Before the Storm” Sailor Jupiter shirt for sale today at The Yetee

"Avant la tempête" Sailor Jupiter shirt for sale at The Yetee

This great looking “Before the Storm” shirt is for sale today at The Yetee. As with most of these shirt a day sites it will be for sale for 24 hours only starting at 1am EST September 16th. This is one of many in the collection of art nouveau style Sailor Moon shirts by Eriphyle. We have previously posted about her Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus shirts. The writing on this shirt “Avant la tempête” is French for “Before the storm”.

There is a contest going on at the artist’s Facebook page to win a painting. Be sure to check out Eriphyle’s web site and etsy shop for more of her art including the Sailor Mercury art nouveau design which hasn’t popped up on a daily shirt site yet.

Two Sailor Moon/Totoro shirts for sale today at The Yetee

"Lunar Express" shirt - Luna from Sailor Moon as the Cat Bus from My Neighbor Totoro

Today at The Yetee there are two shirts featuring a mix of Sailor Moon and My Neighbor Totoro. They are for sale today and today only for $11 each.

My Neighbor Totoro - Cat Bus running

“Lunar Express” has Luna as a giant Cat Bus with Sailor Moon riding inside of her. The Japanese writing on the bus showing the destination says “Luna”. This shirt was done by Machmigo and you can find more of her art on her Facebook page.

"My Neighbor Luna" - Luna from Sailor Moon as Totoro

“My Neighbor Luna”, has a giant Luna taking the place of Totoro and a relatively small Sailor Moon in the place of Satsuki in the iconic bus stop scene from the film and it’s movie poster. This shirt’s artist is Karen Hallion. You can check out her Facebook page for more of her art.

My Neighbor Totoro Poster