Both Codename Sailor V Complete Edition manga books are out now

Codename: Sailor V - Complete Edition Manga - Covers

Following the last release of the Sailor Moon Complete Edition manga we now have all of Codename Sailor V released in Japan in this same format. The Complete Edition of the Sailor Moon, and now Sailor V, manga are high quality collector’s editions of the manga with larger, brighter pages and which include all colour pages previously only seen in pages of Nakayoshi and Run Run. While Sailor Moon appeared in Nakayoshi the Codename Sailor V manga was often serialized in another magazine, Run Run. The Codename Sailor V manga was also written by Naoko Takeuchi and it predates Sailor Moon, though it continued to be written alongside it and it’s final story was actually written after Sailor Moon’s run had been completed. It tells the story of Minako when she was Sailor V in the days before she joined Sailor Moon as Sailor Venus. Chronologically the entire story takes place prior to the first issue of the Sailor Moon manga.

Codename: Sailor V - Complete Edition Manga - Comparison with original manga

This complete edition was released on Thursday May 29th. Unlike the Sailor Moon releases of this manga there is no new art for the covers but instead the art of the original books for Codename Sailor V volumes 1 and 2 are used for these. As you can see by the comparison to the original manga releases these ones are a bit larger and feature a much larger image of the volume 2 cover art. These books are Japanese only. You can order them from Amazon Japan (vol. 1, vol. 2) or CD Japan (vol. 1, vol. 2).

Codename: Sailor V - Complete Edition Manga - Colour pages - Gym uniform

Keep reading to see more of the colour pages included in this release.

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Unplugged Expo’s Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary voice actor panel – Day 1

Unplugged Expo Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Panel - Day 1

Here’s the first of two Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary panels from Unplugged Expo in Toronto last weekend. This is the Saturday panel from October 26th. On this panel we have Jill Frappier, the voice of Luna, Ron Rubin, the voice of Artemis, Roland Parliament, the voice of Melvin and voice director for the first 65 episodes of the dub, Julie Lemieux, the voice of Sammy, Katie Griffin, the voice of Sailor Mars, Susan Roman, the voice of Sailor Jupiter, Stephanie Morgenstern, the voice of Sailor Venus, Terri Hawkes, the voice of Sailor Moon and Toby Proctor, the voice of Tuxedo Mask. The MC at the podium is me, Adam Gardner.

The Sunday panel was recorded as well. It included Ron Rubin, Susan Roman, Terri Hawkes and Toby Proctor. It will be posted online as time permits in the coming days.

Thanks to Kate for helping out with the camera. Check out her Sailor Moon screenshots on Instagram or Twitter.

“L’amour & la beauté” Sailor Venus shirt available all day Thursday at Ript Apparel

L'amour et la beauté - Sailor Venus short at Ript Apparel

This great looking Sailor Venus art nouveau shirt will be available beginning at midnight on January 17th. The shirt will be $10 at Ript Apparel for one day only.

This shirt is designed by Eriphyle who previously designed many shirts including similar styled art nouveau Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars shirts. I have both those shirts and am quite happy with how they turned out. Check out Eriphyle’s web site and facebook page for more of her other art and to keep up to date with new stuff.

This shirt features not only Sailor Venus but also Sailor V as well as Artemis. The caption “L’amour et la beauté” is French for “Love and Beauty”. If you missed the 24 hour window you can order this shirt and others like it from this Redbubble store.

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Kodansha Comics press release about the live event

Kodansha Comics logo

Kodansha Comics USA has posted this press release about the 20th anniversary show that took play last Friday, July 6th. Much of the information has already been covered on this site but a few new bits of information were included.

A new 10 volume collector’s edition of the Sailor Moon and Codename: Sailor V manga are going to be released in Japan. It’s mentioned that these will be faithful reproductions including the colour pages. Does this mean the content will be the original art rather than the slightly modified versions from the 2003 rerelease that is currently being released in North America? We can only hope so!

An anime memorial DVD collection, each featuring a different character, will be released. These were at one point though to be the Sailor Moon memorials which exist on VHS and laser disc, but those each focused on a season of the show, so this appears to be something new.

Sailor Moon Memorial laser discs

The character memorials will not be these ones, but may be something similar

Both the manga and DVD collections will be released one volume at a time on a monthly schedule beginning in October 2012.

Check out the full press release below.

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S is for Sailor Moon


This article was original written for a series called Powet Alphabet for the web site Every week Powet would write an original article on a subject starting with a certain letter, cycling through the alphabet. Check them out for more articles in this series.

Sailor Moon is not a building block of what makes me a geek. It’s the whole building, and whatever else makes me a geek is maybe a broom closet in that building. I first caught Sailor Moon on TV at age 17 back in 1995 when it was dubbed and playing about a billion times a week up here in Canada. This began my love affair with anime. People would tell me that Sailor Moon was a great gateway anime, and that when they would watch other stuff they would realize that it was only the beginning. Well that never happened for me. I’ve watched a lot of anime in my life, but I’ve just never seen anything that measured up to Sailor Moon. To me it is, without question, the greatest story ever told. So bear with me as I talk about that one element of geek culture that I truly have an unparalleled passion for.

Rei, Usagi and Ami having ice cream

I’ll be giving a full franchise overview for those not intimately familiar with Sailor Moon, but I’ll also try to thrown in some rare content that some hardcore fans will hopefully not have seen before.

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