Keiko Kitagawa on Japanese talk show “Shabekuri 007″

Keiko Kitagawa on Shabekuri 007

This past Monday Keiko Kitagawa, Sailor Mars from the live action Sailor Moon series, appeared on the Japanese talk show Shabekuri 007 (しゃべくり007) to promote her new series Akumu-chan. I can’t say I’ve ever seen this show before or really know much about it. In fact I can’t really tell what the title even means. This seems to have a game show type format with a number of Japanese comedians but without any real points or prizes at stake. I’m sure it’s quite hilarious if you know what they’re saying… maybe…

The show has been uploaded to YouTube in six parts. I’ve put those into a playlist and embedded it below for your convenience:

I’d watch Keiko read the phone book so I’m happy to watch this too.

I understand the first episode of Akumu-chan is in the process of being translated. We’ll post more information about that when this is complete.

Keep reading for Keiko’s new Citizen watch commercial …

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Sailor Moon biker shirt for sale at OtherTees

Moon's Angels - Sailor Moon biker shirt at Shirt Punch

A “Sailor Soliders Motorcycle Club” shirt is for sale today only at OtherTees. This shirt was previously sold at Shirt Punch back in August. The sale will only be on for another 15 hours, ending at 5pm EST on October 14th. It sells for $12 plus shipping.

As we mentioned last time this shirt was for sale the artist is Méchante Fille Art & Design (tumblr, Redbubble) and if you miss your chance to pick it up you can always order it from Don’t Blink Tees for full price.

Kodansha announces a Sailor Moon art book at New York Comic Con

Sailor Moon art books announced at Kodansha comics USA panel at NYCC 2012

Today was the Kodansha Comics USA panel at New York Comic Con. The big announcement they had was that there would be a new Sailor Moon art book released in the US as well as in six other countries in 2013. This will not be a translation of any of the existing art books but rather a compilation taking art from all of the existing books that will also include some previously unpublished material. There were originally seven Sailor Moon art books in Japan which collected art from the manga. This includes volumes I through V, the materials collection and the Infinity art book. None of the existing art books have ever been published in North America.

Sailor Moon art books

The panel also included a message from Naoko Takeuchi herself. She confirmed that the box set of the new versions of the Sailor Moon manga will be released for Thanksgiving, November 20th. This message as well as the art book press release can be found below along with pictures of some of the Kodansha booth swag.

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Momoiro Clover Z’s new song about Furby

Momoiro Clover Z - Furby commercial

Momoiro Clover Z, the band that will be performing the theme song for the new 2013 Sailor Moon anime, are currently promoting the new line of Furby toys! That’s right, Furby’s back! The new Furby toys are actually pretty amazing. I picked one up last week and they can do all kinds of awesome things and now have an iOS app that can interact with them to feed them, translate and stuff.

So basically the band Momoiro Clover Z has released a commercial and music video all about Furby in which they are dressed up like Furbies and they … well sing and dance! These girls are no strangers to elaborate colourful costumes, and this excuse seems as good as any to get colour coordinated and have some fun.

Here’s their latest music video “Wee-Tee-Wee-Tee” which according to my Furbish dictionary means “Sing Sing”. Is this the first song title to be in Furbish? I certainly hope so!

How do you like the song?

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Sailor Moon and Goku t-shirt for sale today at Ript Apparel

Idols shirt - Sailor Moon as Wonder Woman & Goku as Superman - Ript Apparel

Today only at Ript Apparel this t-shirt featuring Sailor Moon as Wonder Woman and Dragon Ball Z’s Goku as Superman will be on sale for $10. As is the case for most of these t-shirt sites the shirt is on sale for only 24 hours, which will be until 1am EST October 8th.

This shirt’s design was done by GoldenLegend. Here we have who are arguably Anime’s most prolific man and woman portraying North American comics’ counterparts. Check out more shirts by this artist in his Redbubble store. If you missed your chance to pick up this shirt or are looking for a different colour you can get it from Redbubble for the shirt’s full price.

More info about Keiko Kitagawa’s new series Akumu-chan

Keiko Kitagawa's new series Akumu chan starts October 13th

Keiko Kitagawa’s new TV series “Akumu-chan” will begin airing in less than two weeks on October 13th at 9pm (Japan Standard Time). Now that the show is a little closer to air more has been made available including information about the theme song and some footage.

Momoiro Clover Z - 9th Single - AngelsMomoiro Clover Z - 9th Single - Demons

The artists that are performing the theme song should be familiar, they’re none other than Momoiro Clover Z, the all girl group that’s going to be singing the theme song for the 2013 Sailor Moon anime. This is their 9th single which you can read more about on their official site (translation). It will be released on November 21st. Part of the theme song can be heard in the video embedded below which also features clips of the show:

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