Hello Kitty/Sailor Moon inspired t-shirts on sale today at TeeFury

Hello Senshi and Hello Serenity shirts at TeeFury

Today and today only these cool looking Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty inspired shirts area available at TeeFury. These shirts are Hello Senshi, featuring Sailor Moon, and Hello Serenity, featuring Neo Queen Serenity. As with all TeeFury shirts these are available for $11 but only for one day so you can only pick these up until 11pm Easter Time on December 29th.

Hello Senshi t-shirt at TeeFury

The shirt’s artist is Gilles Bone who has done a lot of other Sailor Moon inspired designs we’ve posted about on this site. For more of his work check out his personal web site, Red Bubble store, Facebook, Twitter, deviantART or tumblr pages.

Hello Serenity t-shirt at TeeFury

“SailorPuff Girls” Sailor Moon/Powerpuff Girls shirt available today at TeeFury

"SailorPuff Girls" Sailor Moon/Powerpuff Girls shirt at TeeFury

Today, January 19th 2014, this “SailorPuff Girls” shirt will be for sale at TeeFury. This shirt features Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter drawn in the style of The Powerpuff Girls. As with most shirt a day sites this shirt will only be sold today, for 24 hours, for $11. The shirt is available in Royal Blue, Tahiti and Red.

The Powerpuff Girls

The shirt’s artist is Nik Holmes. For more of his works check out his personal web site, RedBubble Store or Facebook Page.

Girl Scouts inspired Sailor Scouts shirt on sale today at TeeFury

Sailor Scouts shirt at TeeFury

Today, November 30th only, TeeFury is selling this Girl Scouts inspired Sailor Scouts shirt for just $11. The name makes reference to the fact that the Sailor Guardians are referred to as Sailor Scouts in the English dub of Sailor Moon. This design is very similar to the Girl Scouts logo.

Girl Scouts

The shirt’s artist is Li Ro Vi. You can check out Li Ro Vi’s Facebook page for more.

Recently the Boy Scouts of America has threatened to sue a group called the Hacker Scouts for use of the name Scouts. This has led some to wonder if they might make a similar legal threat against the new Sailor Moon anime should they continue to use the term Scouts for the new series. This existing controversy may cause the translators to avoid the term and opt for Sailor Guardians instead, though this decision may be made independent of any impending legal threats. Thanks to Andrew from our Facebook page for bringing the Scouts article to our attention.

“Free Kittens” shirt at TeeFury features Artemis, Luna and Diana

TeeFury - Free Kitten - Featuring Artemis, Luna and Diana

Another shirt a day site, TeeFury, has a Sailor Moon inspired t-shirt, or at least one that is partially Sailor Moon inspired. This “Free Kittens” shirt includes a ton of anime cats including Sailor Moon’s own Luna, Artemis and Diana. The shirt is $11 for one day only, June 11th 2013.

Also included on the shirt are, and forgive me if I get any of these wrong, the Cheshire Cat, Kon, Kirara, Meowth, Hello Kitty, Gatomon and four cats that aren’t familiar to me.

The shirt’s artist is ramyb who also runs the t-shirt site Tee Turtle which has a lot of great designs.