“Pretty Guardian Trainer Mars” Sailor Moon/Pokémon shirt for sale today at ShirtPunch

"Trainer Mars" Sailor Moon/Pokémon shirt for sale today at ShirtPunch

This “Pretty Guardian Trainer Mars” shirt, which mixes Sailor Moon and Pokémon, is for sale today and today only at ShirtPunch. This shirt is only $10 but will only be for sale for 24 hours on September 16th. It features Sailor Mars as a Pokémon trainer along with Zoroark, Charmeleon, Chingling and Sailor Mars’s crows Phobos and Deimos as Murkrow.

This is the second in a series of shirts by artist Kinkwink who has previously done a “Pretty Guardian Trainer Venus” shirt which is available at KinkWink’s Redbubble store along with her other past designs. If you missed your chance to pick up this shirt keep an eye on that store. We’ll be sure to let you know when other shirts in this series go on sale.

Pretty Guardian Trainer Venus Sailor Moon/Pokémon shirt for sale today at ShirtPunch

Pretty Guardian Trainer Venus - Shirt Punch

Today Shirt Punch is selling this “Pretty Guardian Trainer Venus” shirt which is a mash up of Sailor Moon and Pokémon. The shirt is sold for $10 for but only for a 24 hour period, September 2nd. Unfortunately I only got around to posting this with 6 hours or so left in the day. The shirt has Artemis as Meowth, Ninetales, Rapidash with a moon on it’s forehead (also Artemis?) and an Ampharos which is so obscure I actually had to look up it’s name.

This shirt is designed by Izzy Faith who previously designed this “Winning Love” Sailor Moon shirt. For more of her stuff you can check out her modelling page or her new artist page. She has mentioned that this is the first in a series of sailormoonXpokemon designs so we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more like this.

Sailor Moon/Looney Tunes shirt available at ShirtPunch today

The Silver Age Scouts - Sailor Moon/Looney Tunes t-shirt - ShirtPunch

Today and today only this “Silver Aged Scouts” shirt is available for just $10 at ShirtPunch. The shirt features Sailor Moon and the rest of the main group of Sailor Soldiers inside the iconic Looney Tunes logo.

Looney Tunes logo

The shirt’s artist is Josh Mirman of Zen Monkey Studios. You can find more of his work at his personal web site, Facebook and Twitter pages.

“Justice Underpants” Sailor Moon shirt for sale today at ShirtPunch

"Justice Underpants" Sailor Moon shirt for sale at ShirtPunch

ShirtPunch has a racey shirt on sale today only for just $10. “Justice Underpants” shows us a Sailor Moon panty shot and a somewhat embarrassed Luna.

This shirt’s artist is Dooomcat. If you like her stuff you can check out her comic “Bear Nuts“, like her Facebook Page or buy some of her prints.

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“Battle For The Moon” shirt for sale today at ShirtPunch

"Battle For The Moon" shirt at ShirtPunch

This “Battle For The Moon” shirt is available at ShirtPunch today and today only, April 7th, for $10 after which it will be gone forever! This shirt features Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus literally fighting over the Moon.

The shirt’s artist is Donnie. You can check out his web site, blog or Facebook page for more of his works.

“Crystal Clear Hero” Tuxedo Mask shirt available today at ShirtPunch

Tuxedo Mask shirt at ShirtPunch - Crystal Clear Hero

May 2nd update: This shirt was first available on February 7th but it has been listed again today, May 2nd, at the same site. Check out this highly requested reprint if you missed it the first time around.

This nice looking Tuxedo Mask t-shirt is available for $10 only on February 7th at ShirtPunch. Sites like ShirtPunch sell a new shirt every day for one day only for a low price. This is the first Tuxedo Mask shirt I’ve seen on one of these sites. Be sure to pick one up!

The title “Crystal Clear Hero” could be a reference to the dub episode title “A Crystal Clear Destiny” or just a similar pun about Tuxedo Mask’s searching for the Crystal in the first season.

The shirt’s artist is inkOne. He’s done a lot of other shirts for sites like this. Some of his designs can be found at this online store. You can also follow him on Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date with his stuff.

“Sailor Planets” t-shirt available at ShirtPunch today

Sailor Planets shirt at ShirtPunch

This hilarious looking shirt featuring actual planets as Sailor Soldiers is on sale at ShirtPunch for $10 today, April 16th, only.

This shirt features a crescent Moon as Sailor Moon, the Earth as Tuxedo Mask, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter as their respective Sailor Soldiers and what seems to be a satellite for Artemis and a rocket ship for Luna.

The shirt’s artist Odysseyroc colaborated with Walmazan for this design. You can check out Odysseyroc’s Twitter, Facebook and Big Cartel pages and Walmazan’s Facebook page or personal web site for more of their stuff.

Hello Kitty/Sailor Moon shirt available today at ShirtPunch

Hello Sailor Scouts - Sailor Moon/Hello Kitty t-shirt at ShirtPunch

This neat looking “Hello Sailor Scouts” t-shirt, crossing the worlds of Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty, is available at ShirtPunch today, April 9th, from midnight to midnight EST. Pick it up in the next 24 hours for $10 because after that it’s gone forever!

The characters on this shirt, obvious parodies of Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon, are named Sailor Meow and Sailor Mini Meow! Sailor Meow is shown with the Spiral Heart Moon Rod, which makes sense given this is the item Sailor Moon has when Sailor Chibi Moon first appears. To be a bit nitpicky Sailor Meow’s broach and tiara are consistent with earlier designs as neither of these items coexisted with the Spiral Heart Moon Rod or the presence of Sailor Chibi Moon. This version of Sailor Moon would have had a heart shaped broach and a crescent moon on her tiara. Sailor Mini Meow’s Pink Moon Stick is the one that Sailor Chibi Moon had in her Sailor Moon S form, prior to her transformation into Super Sailor Chibi Moon, so that is consistent as well.

The shirt is designed by Jelly Soup Studios. You can check out her web site Jelly’s Sketchbook for more of her art.

“Moon Geisha” shirt available today at ShirtPunch


Here’s a great looking shirt showing Sailor Moon as a Geisha which is on sale today only from ShirtPunch.  There sure are lot of Sailor Moon shirts popping up on these sites this week!

The shirt’s artist, Ashley Hay, also designed the Sailor Moon Pies shirt we posted about last year. Check out her web site for more of her work.