Watch Moon Animate Make-Up 2, a full episode of Sailor Moon reanimated by 300 animators

Moon Animate Make-Up 2 - Koan and Beruche

The second episode of Moon Animate Make-Up is here! This ambitious project has for a second time reanimated an entire episode of Sailor Moon, frame by frame, with new animation by a team of over 300 animators. The first Moon Animate Make-Up covered Japanese episode 43 which was actually dubbed episode 38, “Fracticious Friends”. This time the project reanimated the Japanese version of Sailor Moon R episode 68, Protect Chibi-Usa: Clash of the Ten Warriors, and covers the English version. This episode has Chibiusa attacked by the Ayakashi Sisters and Rebeus and the gang defend her.

Moon Animate Make-Up 2 - Chibiusa and Sailor Moon Sailor Moon R episode 68 - Chibiusa and Sailor Moon

The animation throughout the episode varies greatly, as it has a mix of original styles and some that are derivative of other source materials. All in all I think this one turned out great and I think Sailor Moon fans owe it to themselves to check it out. You can watch it on YouTube embedded below.

For more on the project check out the Moon Animate Make-Up Facebook Page and Tumblr. Keep reading for more screenshots of some of this episodes unique animation.

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Moon Animate Make-Up! reanimates an entire episode of Sailor Moon with 250 different animators

Moon Animate Make-Up! - Sailor Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Mercury as men

Some fans have accomplished a pretty amazing undertaking, reanimating an entire episode of Sailor Moon. This group effort was made by 250 different animators each doing a short piece of an episodes. The result is nothing short of remarkable as the entire episode can be viewed with this showcase of a wide variety of different animation styles. You can view it below.

The episode which was used is episode 38 of the original Sailor Moon anime “Fracticious Friends”. The audio included, and video which was used as inspiration, was that of the DIC English dub. It even includes special effect transitions and the Sailor Says segment that accompanies the episode. This corresponds to episode 43 in the Japanese ordering of the series. The plot for this episode has the Sailor Scouts faking a rivalry in order to infiltrate the Negaverse. To put it in context, for those what haven’t seen the series in a while, these events take place while Tuxedo Mask has been brainwashed and kept captive by the Negaverse and so the plot is done so that Sailor Moon can get access to him and break him out.

Moon Animate Make-Up! - Sailor Mars

This is a truly fantastic accomplishment. Everyone involved with this project should be very proud of what they’ve accomplished. Keep reading for a few more examples of the animation, but you really should just take the time to watch the whole thing to get an idea of what this is really about. To read more about this project check out their Facebook page or Tumblr.

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