Sailor Moon Petit Chara Christmas figures

Sailor Moon Petit Chara Christmas figures

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Nearly 5 months before actual Christmas Bandai enveiled these Christmas themed Sailor Moon Petit Chara figures at Wonder Festival 2015. These variant figures of Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Chibi Moon are in their Sailor Guardian forms but with Santa Claus hats and outfits matching their colours. In addition many of the Sailor Guardians have a special item. Sailor Mercury has a book of carols. Sailor Mars is holding a candle. Sailor Jupiter has a bag of gifts. Sailor Venus has angel’s wings. A mini Artemis which resembles a small snowman accompanies Sailor Venus, though no Luna appears to be included in this set.

Sailor Moon Petit Chara Christmas figures

Why now? Why not at Christmas time? Well the toys will actually be released in November, they’re just being announced now. Wouldn’t these toys make great Christmas decorations?

Sailor Moon Petit Chara Christmas figures

Sailor Moon Petit Chara Christmas figures

Source: Sailor Moon official site (Post 1, Post 2)


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A Super Sailor Mercury S. H. Figuarts figure has been revealed

Super Sailor Mercury and Super Sailor Moon S. H. Figuarts

This past weekend, on July 26th, the Super Sailor Mercury S. H. Figuarts figure was revealed at the Wonder Festival 2015 Summer in Chiba, Japan. This was also announced on the official Sailor Moon site. Super Sailor Mercury does not differ greatly from regular Sailor Mercury. The differences are the little semi transparent flaps on her shoulders, a heart shaped gem in the middle of her bow to replace the round one, a star on her choker, a larger bow on the back of her skirt and three ear rings per ear instead of one.

Previously Super Sailor Moon had been announced but this is the first of the other Sailor Guardians to be revealed in their powered up forms. One would expect that, following this figure’s release, the rest of the Sailor Guardians will also be released in Super forms. If the original release schedule is any indication we will next be getting Super Sailor Mars followed by Super Sailor Venus, then Super Sailor Jupiter. While it would certainly preferable to get more unique characters at this point instead of slightly different releases of existing characters, this certainly makes some sense from a business point of view. It’s a lot easier from a manufacturing and design aspect to make a new Super Sailor Guardian body mold and use mostly unchanged head and face molds from existing figures than to make entirely new figures that do not resemble any others.

There is currently no release date for Super Sailor Mercury though we can expect that this figure will be priced similarly to already released figures. You can buy some of these figures from Amazon using the links below.

A look at the Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus Figuarts Zero figures

Sailor Venus, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury Figuarts Zero

A few weeks ago at Wonder Festival 2014 we got a look at the colour versions of the Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus Figuarts Zero figures. We had previously only seen the colour version of Sailor Moon and the prototype for Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Mercury Figuarts Zero

Sailor Venus Figuarts Zero

These 1/8 scale figures are non posable statues which stand at 8.5″ or 22 cm in height and aren’t cheap. The Sailor Moon figure will sell for 8800 yen and is listed on Amazon for $89.99. Sailor Moon goes on sale March 31st in Japan and April 22nd in North America. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus do not yet have release dates.

Wondering when they will reveal Sailor Mars? Me too.

Source: Ami Ami blog‘s Facebook page via Sailor Moon Collectibles

Sailor Saturn S. H. Figuarts prototype revealed at Wonder Festival 2014

Sailor Saturn S. H. Figuarts Prototype

This weekend at Wonder Festival 2014 in Chiba Japan Bandai revealed their prototype for the Sailor Saturn S. H. Figuarts figure. After Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus had been revealed it was not clear who would be next, but we now know it will be Sailor Saturn. This prototype is not painted so it is only grey.

Sailor Saturn S. H. Figuarts Prototype along with Sailor Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Moon and Mercury

Why Sailor Saturn? This seems like an odd choice given earlier figures were released in the order of their appearance in the manga and anime, though we seem to be getting Sailor Venus before Sailor Jupiter. The next obvious choice would have been Sailor Pluto or perhaps Sailor Uranus or Neptune or even Tuxedo Mask or Sailor Chibi Moon but not Sailor Saturn, based on order of appearance alone. Regardless, Sailor Saturn is a popular character and her Silence Glaive accessory looks great. Looking forward to seeing more of this figure and what other Sailor Moon characters will come in the S. H. Figuarts line. I wouldn’t chance a guess at who we’ll see next at this point.

Sailor Saturn S. H. Figuarts Prototype

You can already buy Sailor Moon, Mercury and Mars using the links below. Sailor Venus will be released on May 21st in North America and on April 30th in Japan.

Source: Ami Ami Blog’s Facebook Page & @t_features on Twipple via Sailor Moon Collectibles.

Bandai’s Sailor Mars S. H. Figuarts figure in colour

Sailor Mars S. H. Figuarts in colour

The colour version of Bandai’s S. H. Figuarts figure was unveiled last weekend at Wonder Festival 2013. We don’t really have more details about this figure at this point but the price should be similar to the Sailor Moon and Mercury figures which we already know more about.

Source: Plastic Ronin and Sailor Moon Collectibles

New Sailor Moon R Figuarts ZERO figure

Sailor Moon R Figuarts Zero figure

Here’s yet another Sailor Moon figure that was spotted at Wonder Festival 2013 Summer held this weekend in Chiba, Japan! This is from Bandai and Volks’s Figuarts ZERO line of figures. These are not posable like the S. H. Figuarts line but rather single piece immoveable figures. These are very detailed high quality figures. Here we see Sailor Moon with her Cutie Moon Rod, her weapon from the Sailor Moon R season of the anime.

Sailor Moon R Figuarts Zero figure

Source: @figureadictos, @ho_shiraya and Sailor Moon Collectibles.

As is often the case we’re only seeing a prototype at first. If all goes well we’ll be seeing the completed version in colour soon.